Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I baked muffins!

The other day I wanted a snack, had a massive sweet tooth so decided to make some muffins.  I had this recipe I got from Meals For You (click the highlighted link it will take you to the exact recipe, lets give credit where credit is due shall we!) that was for a Date Oatmeal Cake.  Initailly about a month ago I had made it as a cake as it was the first time I had done this recipe.  I wasn't happy with the result as a cake but figured it would make great muffins so that's what I did this time.  I followed the recipe exact but when it came time to put the batter into a cake pan, I poured it into muffin tins and baked for the same time only keeping an eye on the muffins to ensure they didn't over or under cook.  They are deliciously sweet and extremely healthy and Tony tasted them and liked them too! 

What I like about thi recipe is it contains 4g of fiber which is what I need to keep my pipes working properly.  I can't be bothered with the calories.  The website has great recipes and all of them have the nutritional information included with each.  I've added this recipe to my baking book and made a pencil note to bake them as muffins! 

The recipe made 18 medium size muffins - missing one from the photo because I ate it - but I could have filled the tins more and made only a dozen large ones so perhaps next time!

Wanted: battery for smoke alarm

I've taken on the task of trying to learn how to cook.  I figure with all the wonderful blogs about cooking and recipes with easy step by step how-to instructions there should be no way I could go wrong  - but then again this is ME we're talking about eh! 

I admit I have taken pretty well to baking!  Ya, hard to believe eh, ya I'm surprised too.  I'm pretty good with the cookies & muffin things and not bad with apple pie either.  I haven't tried bread or biscuits yet, could be because I know they'll never measure up to the scrumptious taste of Mom's but I'm willing to give it a whirl.   

I'm more interested in making dinner meals though.  I've already done the magical omlette... oooh ahhhh!  That's become our Saturday morning thing now, for breakfast Tony and I have a western type omlette with a hash brown, beans, toast and chicken bacon (we don't eat pork).  Now I really need to get moving on the dinner menu with a variety that he'll eat.  Actually I'm honestly surprised the man is still alive given my culinary skills are lacking big time.  He's not a picky eater - not really. 

I'm putting together a binder of recipes I find and actually tried!  Right now the book is empty except for the pricetag stuck on the inside cover if that counts.  I've done that with the baking I do - I took a binder and each time I printed out a cookie recipe from the internet or cut one out of a magazine and tried the recipe, I typed it up nicely and put it in the binder for future use.  Since I bake tons of cookies at Christmas for my neices & nephews they're getting lots of use.  So all that's left is to cook real meals and skip the snacks.  I doubt I'll post pictures of my kitchen attempts but as long as I keep this blog rolling along you'll know I haven't burned down the kitchen while in it, or been sent to prison for poisoning or starving my husband to death.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sometimes I think the hand symbol on these crosswalk signs should just give us the middle finger and be done with it.  Never fails, half way across the street the little man disappears and the hand lights up telling you to stop. 

Now seriously, if I really did pay attention to that sign I'd be stopping in the middle of the street and left awaiting the oncoming traffic to plow me over.  Thus I feel that having the sign give us the middle finger would be more appropriate. 

Picture this if you will, you're waiting on the corner, the light changes to the little man telling you it's ok to cross, so you do, not too slow but not running across either, you're simply going about your normal routine of crossing the street.  You get halfway across and the little man disappears and the hand - giving you the finger - appears while you are in the middle of the street with car engines roaring to life waiting to score two points for running over the piedestrian (three points if you have a purse, briefcase, backpack or umbrella, four points if you have grocery bags, ten points if you are a senior or are pushing a stroller or shopping cart). Now doesn't that seem to fit the situation accordingly?!

Mean Jelly Bean

Like pretty much every junk food junkie, I love jelly beans for Easter.  Though I'd much rather have gummy bears, they don't really have an "occasion" associated to them so I eat them every day.  The thing with jelly beans is, though please note this is just my miss-know-it-all opinion and not written-in-stone fact, gourmet jelly beans like the Jelly Belly ones taste awsome.  Now I'm speaking only of the ordinary flavors like lemon, lime, mint, licorice, you know, the "normal" ones, not the mocha, coffee, chocolate, and other fancy-smancy flavors ok.  Anyway, the gourmet beans taste awsome.  The ones that cost more than a buck and a half taste pretty good too but the nasty crusty looking ones you may find in corner stores for fifty cents taste awful.  Yes, beware, if the jelly bean looks crusty, it'll likely taste awful. 

Now, moving it along... my preference is the yellow jelly bean, they have a nice lemony flavor to them.  I also prefer the black licorice ones too even though they turn my tongue and teeth black.  The pink and purple ones taste like soap.  No matter who makes them, they always taste like soap.  Whenever I eat a pink or purple jelly bean I stop and think if whether or not I said a bad word during the course of the day.  I don't usually get stumped because I don't usually swear - it's just not lady-like and mom would wash my mouth out with a  real bar of soap. Every time I munch a pink or purple jelly bean I comment on their awful taste then dig my hand in and grab another one... a glutton for punishment I suppose.

It's 4:05am

Monday, March 29, 2010


So tonight I was walking down the street on my way to grab the bus and I noticed something out the corner of my eye - probably only because the headlights of a car beamed on it - a real big raccoon crossing the street!  I was so close to it and wasn't creeped out or nothing only because it wasn't a bug now that's a first because he was pretty big, the size of a small dog...seriously!  Guess it's safe to say the folks in the neighbourhood have to make sure their trash is properly covered and the doggy doors are locked!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strike a pose!

I opted not to use my camera phone to take photos this time around, and decided I'll just lug around the digital camera to get the good shots.  There are some days when I'm not in la la land loitering about and I stare at something in the distance and say to myself "wow, that would make a nice photograph".  This morning just shortly after the light dusting of wet snow we had, I glanced at a tree frozen in ice, with the street lights reflecting off of it, so beautiful BUT I DIDN'T HAVE THE CAMERA!  

The way I see it is this - If I'm going to get busy with an atempt at digital scrapbooking then I may as well get camera happy right?  Who knows, maybe some strangers in the street won't mind me taking their photograph and posting them up on Flickr.  I've got that Flickr thing activated and whatnot, and will link it on over to my other sites since there's no denying I'm also a blogaholic so that all my "works of art" can be seen world wide. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hair today gone tomorrow.

Rememeber the other day I mentioned my Halle Berry hot mess of a hair cut... well here's a follow up to that!

The short haircut would be a great thing in the heat of summer but the coolness that was this mornings breezy snowfall made my brain shiver. 

Yes that's me over there without my makeup glasses on and I could attempt to put a curl or two on top of my head since that's the part that is actually an inch long so the curling iron can get hold of it.  Problem is I've got a large brain forehead to cover and should have had a bit of bangs but the happy scizzors cut em off so I have to make due with what I got.  I kind of grew to like it a bit because I don't have to maintain it like the lazy person I am.

Growth of an addiction

For Christmas I received one of those gourmet coffee gift baskets.  It came with a delicious variety of coffee, a pair of mugs, biscotti cookies and gingerbread.  Needless to say my sister-in-law knows how to feed my addiction! 

Because I was making the "new-brew", I felt compelled to wash out the coffee maker - you know, to remove the traces of "cheap coffee" so that I could get the full flavor of that rich blend.  Problem with me making a full pot of coffee is I always drink the whole pot!  Tony doesn't drink coffee so in my opinion MORE FOR ME! 

Now, the reason I'm writing this blog about it is because I'm down to the last package of coffee that came in this lovely basket.  This morning I had a mug of instant coffee - to kind of ease my taste buds back to reality.  The truth of the matter is I'm trying not to head on over to the coffee shop to buy some more.  It's almost as if my sister-in-law has become my pusher...I'm about to go into withdrawl if I don't get more of that rich blend coffee.  This instant stuff just doesn't measure up any more!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Short and sweet?

So here's the thing.... about two weeks ago I went to the salon and got a haircut.  Figured the weather was getting warmer and I could ditch the knit cap I'd been wearing because I'd only really been wearing it to cover the hot mess that was my hair. 

I hadn't had a haircut since the last week of November to be exact so my hair pretty much grew in like crazy over the winter all the while keeping my brain warm from the winter sub-zero temperatures.  Initally I intended to get something that looked like Halle Berry, you know the short wavy pixie like (sort of like that photo at left).

Well I really don't know what happened. Somewhere along the way there must have been a mis-communication or I was speaking a foreign language, who knows.

Well my hair is really short now... shorter than I had intended actually.  Now I'm wearing my hat to keep my head warm from the ever so slight breeze and still to cover the hot mess that is my hair.  I joked that my husband has more hair on his head than I do so he went out and got a haircut too.

Somewhere along the way the scissors got happy and took advantage of my hair thus leaving me with less than I intended, it's actually shorter than the photo over here if you can beleve that!  Anway, I wasn't angry I mean what's the point right?  Not like getting angry would grow the hair back instantly.  So I just shrugged it off... grumbled about it at home every time I had to go out in public but two weeks later it's actually looking half descent or I've convinced myself that I am Halle Berry... only problem is now with no bangs, my grey hairline is showing oops!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A minute in Susan's mind

Lately I've been eyeballing the idea of scrapbooking.  I've got quite a "stash" in my craft collection to get started on something afterall, I did create one full 12x12 scrapbook of a trip we made to New York.  I don't have photos (yet) but give me a minute sheesh, I just got back to blogging eh!    I admit I tried the facebook thing for a whole of two seconds but due to user difficulties decided to delete that site.