Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Montreal Tulips

You know spring is here when the tulips begin to bloom!  Don't they look lovely for this time of year.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did you know?

The other evening I was listening to the John Tesh radio show (over the internet) and he gave me some knowledge about bacterias.  Do you know he pretty much threw out that five second rule - you know, the one when food falls on the floor you've got five seconds to blow it off before it gets contaminated.  Ya well apparently somebody made that rule up somewhere along the way!    

According to John Tesh's source, the dirtiest places with bacteria are the bathroom floor (obviously or should I say especially if your man can't aim straight - mine can thank goodness because that kind of mess would seriously creep me out).  The next bacteria infested place is the kitchen counter!  Yup, you need a new sponge.  But what shocked me the most is that the toilet seat is the cleanest with regards to bacteria.  Now having said that, I made the mistake of forwarding that information to a friend of mine, she nicely replied back that the five second rule would nicely apply then if food were dropped on the toilet seat rather than on the floor since there are less bacteria on the seat.  That is just beyond nasty...I had no reply for that I was too grossed out shocked.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Yo in Yogurt

I never was a big fan of yogurt. The only time I ever ate yogurt was if I was on some fad diet and it was an ingredient in a nice fruit smoothie because personally, I'd rather eat gummy bears. Why am I telling you this now? Because I've suddenly developed a mad massive craving for the stuff (unfortunately I have yet to find gummy bear flavor).

The other day the grocery store had every brand of yogurt on sale - or at least it looked like it was every brand. I purchased that Activia yogurt specifically because I hoped it would give me a belly dancer tummy the commercial on tv is so annoying and I read an article that claims it's supposed to help keep your "pipes" healthy.... let me tell you something, at this stage of the game, my pipes need all the help they can get. Sure a friend of mine said I was just getting old since I love oatmeal and developed a taste for prunes too alongside my metamucil, so now adding yogurt to the list is like preparing for retirement.

She thinks she's funny but she's not. 

Anyway, when I was in the grocery store I purchased the strawberry yogurt. I figured the strawberry one would have a nice sweet taste and take away from the slime taste that my sick twisted imagination mind conjured up. I found it too sweet surprisingly so. I took some in a cup and stuffed it in the freezer for a bit you know, like frozen yogurt you buy at the mall.... dang that was delicious!

Made me feel like I was doing something bad! I bought some more!

The apple & muslix flavor was delicious as well as the raspberry and cherry flavors. I've got blueberry in the fridge for tomorrow.

I wonder if I can find a coffee flavored one? I'm going to take a minute in the store tonight to find out if there is one and give it a whirl, why not since I'm living on the edge of sanity.

Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend I finished the cross stitch I was making for a lady at our church who is about to become a grandma for the first time. 

Since the child has yet to be born I was unable to stitch a name on it so left it with just a Bible verse. 

I took the pattern from Precious Moments Miniatures and the verse I took from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.  The booties are stitched with blue metalic thread so it sparkles under the light and the diaper is stitched with plastic white thread and is enclosed in a 6 inch frame covered with "pillow edging" and lace.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brain Games

It's been quite some time since I've worked on a jigsaw puzzle.  I used to love doing puzzles in my spare time.  The 500 piece ones of animals were my favorites because they were somewhat quick to complete but difficult because there always seemed to be endless pieces for the body of the animal or the surrounding greenery. 

I once worked on a two thousand piece puzzle with my sisters.  Now this is going way back in time.  We had it set up on the kitchen table of one of my sisters and every friday night we'd get together, put on some music, order pizza and get working on that puzzle for hours.  If memory serves me correct, it was an autum woods scene, thus quite difficult with all the leaves!   I can't recall if we ever finished it though!  

The last puzzle I worked on was about 6 or 7 years ago.  The puzzle was a winter painting of kids playing ice hockey with a city in the background.  It was a thousand piece puzzle I was putting together alone and was almost done until one night Tony accidently knocked half of it off the board.  I'd been assembling it on the flip side of a pretty big laminated print that I had intended to throw away but opted to keep it to build the puzzle on since it was a sturdy board.  That night when my eyes had tired I left the board on the edge of the table but a piece of the board was unbalanced and hung off the edge and when Tony skimmed the edge of the board it shifted and half the puzzle slid nicely onto the floor.  He felt bad, I felt angry and chucked the board, and puzzle in the trash. 

This afternoon I stumbled on a box set of puzzles my sister gave me a few years back.  I forgot I had them!  They're Thomas Kindade scenes, I think I'll start putting one of them together!

Sheff Susan Strikes Again

So here's the deal...Tuesday night I made Shepherd's Pie and it tasted fabulous!  Now when I say "fabulous!", I'm saying it in my "Samantha Jones from Sex and the City" voice while smiling and raising my plucked eyebrows. 

I had all the ingredients, and the recipe I pretty much knew from Mom so I chucked everything together and topped the potato topping with a bit of garlic powder and some shredded cheese before baking it in the oven.  Tony enjoyed it with a smile on his face much to my surprise.  I probably should write down the recipe so that I'll remember it next time.  I'm kind of surprised I remembered it this time around come to think of it, I haven't made Shepherd's Pie in a while.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jiffy Cinnamon Rolls

Tonight I had this ultimate urge to bake cinnamon rolls.  I'm not a top chef so when it came to finding a recipe on line I was utterly surprised to find one that didn't require dry yeast.  Shocking!!   I used the recipe for Jiffy Cinnamon Rolls from Allrecipes (click highlighted link for recipe, let's give credit where credit is due).

The ingredients were simple and already had them all in the cupboard so didn't have to go shopping for anything new. 
I intentinally wanted to get them going early in the day but spent most of the day asleep (worked last night) and then when I woke up realized that I'd forgotten to take the butter out to soften up.  Genius!

Anyway, some time later I managed to get the recipe going and was a bit surprised that it calls for a muffin pan once the rolls are sliced.  Not such a bad idea once they were done.  My only problem is I over cooked them so they'll be a bit crispy. 

I managed to get Tony to sample a piece of one and he survived that without making a face so that means they're good.  I'm going to give this recipe another go some time this week and hopefully the second time around they will come out soft enough.  I followed the recipe correctly, but overshot the baking time by who knows how long! 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Got Migraine?

Sleep is NOT a symptom of caffeine deprivation... MIGRAINE is.

Ok so 40 hours and 47 minutes without coffee has resulted in me having a major migraine, but I also had a case of the chills too but it did get cooler outside so that could be the reason.  I had stomache cramps but only because I was really hungry going into my first 12 hours but after that I adapted thus 40 hours without food isn't helping my migraine go away either!  Sometime around hour 25 or 26 I suffered with gag reflexes wanted to throw up but I convinced myself there wasn't anything solid in the belly so don't waste the gag.   I slept sort of ok today so won't really complain.  This is tougher than I thought.

Caffeine Deprivation

I must admit, I didn't think I would make it this far!  I've been 27 hours and 20 minutes without coffee.  Oh ya sure I was 27 hours and 20 minutes without solid food too but I miss the coffee more. 

I barely slept yesterday.  I kept waking up every 90 minutes so eventually got out of bed just after only really sleeping for about three hours.  

I've been suffering from insomnia big time for the past week and apparently I'm told that sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.  I certainly am deprived of my caffeine dose that's for sure.  

When I woke up my belly was grumbling as per usual looking for breakfast which usually on a work day consists of a super size big extra large jumbo hot coffee and maybe a piece of toasted home baked bread but since I am off the caffeine trail for the next couple days I had to settle for a cup of green tea which sucked big time and a slice of home made nothing.  I also had some vegetable juice and then had to have orange juice later on because I was getting a migrane and needed the sugar rush but would have loved a coffee instead.  Finally after what seemed like a lifetime of torture, my belly stopped  grumbling.  I hid the coffee up in the cupboard so that I wouldn't be tempted but had to go into the cupboard shortly thereafter and oooohhhhhh what a wonderful smell of coffee I got when I opened that door!  Oh the delight in such small pleasures.  Personally I think I'm going to lose my sanity before the week is through.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've been caffeine free for 14 hours and 33 minutes so far and it's driving me insane.  I've never ever gone this long without coffee.  I miss the coffee more than I miss the food.  The growling in my belly could easily cease if I just drank one really large coffee with two sugars and two creams added, stirred it up nicely, a bit hot but would still go down nicely....

Spring Cleaning

With it now being spring and the ineveitable "spring cleaning" just around the bend, I figured I better get myself cleaned out first.  Yup, my inner-pipes are all backed up and giving me grief.  Sure I over ate this weekend and that could account for my bloated belly but lets face it, I need a good detox. 

Seems lots of people pick this time to detox however I'm NOT doing that nasty lemon-hot pepper juice one.  Gross!  I tried that two years ago and my gag reflexes got the workout of a lifetime in just one day!  Ya that's right one day is all I lasted on THAT nastiness.  So, I read that one can do a juice fast consisting of fruit juice, vegetable juice, water, lots of green tea and lots warm lemon water for three to seven days.  Now whether or not that is a real detox thing or not who knows I'm going to see if I can last until Saturday morning.  I doubt it but willing to put all the effort I have into it. 

I began at midnight so it's been a whole hour and fifty minutes that I've been on this thing and already I'm starved for coffee.  Ya that's right, doing this dumbass thing means I've got to give up coffee.  I will be coffee free until Saturday morning.

Humpty Dumpty

I broke an egg today!  Gasp!!

This was the first time in my entire lifetime that I have ever dropped an egg.  I was taking the box of eggs from the fridge and set them on the table.  Somehow the carton tipped slightly and one tumbled onto the table suffering only a mild crack (so I fried that one up) but another one tumbled out and onto the table then rolled over onto the floor breaking and leaving me with a runny mess to clean.  Sigh...

At first I just stood there staring at it wondering if this gives me seven years of bad luck or something along those lines because I've always been really carful never to break an egg unless to cook it.  I was traumatized by the incident just so you know.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Salted Cod

Imagine .... this weekend passed and I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen without calling 911.  I know, I'm sort of shocked too because the kitchen isn't actually my favorite place to be unless I'm baking cookies or making a pot of coffee.  I truly expected to burn down the kitchen or set myself on fire or rush Tony to the hospital to have his stomache pumped. 

I've been really putting an effort into learning how to cook.  On Friday (also known as Good Friday) I cooked fish!  Shocking!  Gasp!  I know, you'd think that since my parents come from Eastern Canada that I'd be able to make a descent fish meal.  Well.... guess again!!  I can't cook for beans!   I figured now was as good as any to make a meal that my husband, who is from St.Vincent and the Grenadines, would enjoy.

I searched the internet for a recipe for Salt Fish and found one for Akee and Salt Fish and it even had a video to make my life a whole lot easier.  I left out the Akee though because I have no clue what the france it is and just made the recipe for the salted cod.  I served the fish on a bed of white rice for dinner and it was pretty good.  Sorry I didn't take a photo of it but I'm still alive so that should tell you it turned out very good!

Oatmeal Raisin Muffins

I had this little muffin tin I got from my sister a while back that makes  the mini-loaf rather than the traditional muffin shape.  So I figured, why not give it a whirl. 

In keeping with my so called healthy-eating I tried my hand at oatmeal raisin muffin loaves.  Naturally my head was in la-la-land where it seems to be most of the time and I over measured the sugar which was supposed to be only a third of a cup ended up being three quarters of a cup.  Don't ask me how the france that happend, like I said, my head was somewhere in la-la-land.  Anyway, even with the extra sugar, they tasted pretty good with a cup of coffee. 

The loaf pan makes eight small muffin sized bread loaves.  I sprayed the tin with Pam spray to keep them from sticking even though the tin was a stick proof one by Bakers Secret.  Usually in muffins I use the paper muffin cup liners so don't have to use the spray but I didn't want to risk anything getting stuck so I used the spray.  I also used the recipe from Simple Daily Recipes and since I loved how delicious the recipe turned out even with my dumbass mistake, I added it to my baking binder of favorite recipes.

Jet black

Ok, let's cut to the chase.... this weekend I dyed my hair jet black.  Seriously, what did I really have to lose by doing that considering my hair is about as long as a snap of the fingers. 

I've got naturally very dark brown hair that in the sunlight or under bright lighting, gives off auburn highlights.  Once upon a time I used to adore the highlights but with all the grey hairs that seem to be invading my scalp these days probably from being stressed out over the haircut to begin with I figured dying my hair was the right thing to do.  On Friday morning I stopped by the pharmacy and picked up a jet black hair dye.  Yup, jet black.  Looks pretty good too, you can't really notice I darkend it unless you were one to notice the natural highlights in the first place kind of makes the haircut look better too. Now I have no grey hair so there! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010