Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The End Is Near

I don't know if it's just my short attention span but I seem to be stuck a mere 60 pages from the end of the latest book I've been reading. I'm this close to the end. This close to recycling that book off to the used bookstore at the hospital.

I'm currently still reading Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone. It's a Spice (Harlequin/Erotica) trade size novel that is pretty good but what I can't figure out is why I can't finish it. I can't begin another book until I get this one done then it dawned on me that I had this same issue with the last two books I read before this one!

The Highlanders Touch by Karen Marie Moning was a pretty interesting book however, after reading 5 of her previous Highlander series (historical/paranormal) books, they seem to pretty much be the same book re-written with a new modern day chick who crosses paths with a new ancient highlander but otherwise pretty much the same storyline. So perhaps I was just having a serious case of déja vu on that one.

Deeper by Megan Hart was a Spice (Harlequin/Erotica) but it was sort of a paranormal story where the woman goes off to the beach from her past and has .... er..... um.... you know.... with the lover she had when she was a teenager, only the guy's dead so he's a ghost. I found that book rather dry compared to her previous Spice novels (Tempted, Switch, Dirty, & Stranger) and it took me what seemed like forever to finish it.

This brings me to the current novel I'm reading, it's a historical romance (erotica) with an interesting storyline but the last 60 pages are still waiting to be read... sigh.

Morning Glories

Alright, so in late May I planted some morning glories in pots on my balcony.  I've got one large pot and a couple of smaller ones.  The vines in the large pot are really creeping around the balcony whereas the ones in the smaller pot look pathetic are still a work in process. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Five

Five things I'll be doing today:
#1. Drinking coffee.
#2. Making lasagna for dinner.
#3. Starting a new cross stitch project.
#4. Deleting dull songs from my ipod.
#5. Catching up on sleep.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


After rumaging through my craft stash the other day I stumbled onto my first scrapbook!  

Two years ago Tony and I took a brief trip to Brooklyn to visit a friend.  We had a lovely time and I actually put together a 12x12 scrapbook.  

As you can see from the cover over there it's nothing fancy.  I picked the book up for only a couple of bucks and got the stickers, pages and other scrapbook supplies from the dollar store and Walmart.  I noticed last week on my trip to Walmart that their scrapbook section has blossomed into something lovely!  Too bad scrapbooking isn't one of my favorite hobbies.  I really tried to get into it, went and bought some fancy paper supplies, a storage case, the writing templates and gel-pens but it all turned out to be a waste of money since it's all sitting there packed up nicely in the closet.

If you click on the photo you'll be able to see a larger image.  I used fancy pages that seemed to go great with travel but chose to use small photo images on the page.  Next time I build a scrapbook I'm going to use 4x6 photos throughout the entire book.  I'm still working on the scrapbook of our honeymoon in 2007!  Ya I know.... what the france is taking me so long.  I have tons of photos, and saved everything I got my hands on while on the cruise but... well, I just don't have the knack for scrapbooking that's all.  It just doesn't do anything for me!  I get a headfull of ideas but can't seem to put them to use like I can when I do cross stitch.  I know, crazy eh?  When I cross stitch I can visualize how I want it framed and finished with beads and fabric paints but it just doesn't work with scrapbooking... go figure!

Anyway, let's get back to this book...  I finally got my hands on a Macy's bag!  Yup, just a plain ole shopping bag that has the big red Macy's star and name on it.  I waited 45 minutes in line to pay for a pair of slacks just so I could get that bag.  And what the france is up with waiting 45 minutes to pay for an item anyway?  That's unheard of!  I probably won't shop there again unless they have recycled bags that I can get my hands on.  I even saved the receipt and tags from that purchase too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Minute In Susan's Mind

Creepy Devil Bug

Ok, so this morning I walked the long way home, took me about an hour and worked up a sweat doing so but enjoyed the walk, it was refreshing and scenic and helped to quiet all the voices in my head that won't shut the heck up.  So anyway, when I got home I jumped in the shower to get myself freshened up for bed. 

Now picture this, I'm standing in the bathroom with only my shower cap on and pulled back the shower curtain and there in the tub I see this devil bug.  Um, ok well maybe perhaps don't picture that literally unless you picture me with a body like Serena Williams

My first instinct was to run screaming from the bathroom like I did before when I saw the spider on the ceiling but Tony had already left for work so my hero wasn't there to rescue me this time. I had to rescue myself!  I wrapped the shower curtain over the curtain rod and reached for a plastic cup on the side of the sink and filled it with water then poured it over the gigantic creepy devil bug - I knew it had to be big because I was able to see it without my glasses on! 

Creeped me right out!! 

I washed it down the drain then turned on the hot water for 20 minutes to make sure it was gone!  I had the heebie jeebies the whole 20 minutes I waited in my shower cap for that bug to be gone before resuming my shower.

Later, when I told Tony about my dangerously stressful ordeal when he looked at me like he wanted to fall over and bust a gut laughing.  Man's got nerve!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peace Love BBQ

This past Sunday our church ladies group held a BBQ!  It was a blast! 

Too bad I forgot to bring the camera with me. oops!

A bunch of us church ladies got together at one of the members' homes and held a potluck BBQ.  Everyone brought something along - potato salad, macaroni salad, green garden salad, curry beef, rice & peas, fresh fruit slices, cakes, pies, brownies to name a few!  Oh sure there was grilled hambergers and hotdogs as well, after all it was a BBQ right. 

I filled myself up to here with food then went home later and slept like a baby.  A wonderful way to spend a Sunday - morning service at church and an afternoon get together filled with peace, love and ..... BBQ.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Going once, going twice,

As I previously blogged about heading back to ebay, I have a positive update!  So far this week I received two shipments in the mail! 

Yup, I know, I'm excited about it too!!!

Online I purchased four Red Hat Society counted cross stitch pattern leaflets, five Red Hat Society counted cross stitch complete kits, and a Guardian Angel counted cross stitch complete kit. 

I've become addicted been busy shopping on ebay these days eh!

This week I received the four leaflets in the mail while the others are marked as "shipped" so I just have to wait for the mailman to deliver them.  I'm eyeballing five additional kits and put them on my watching list but haven't had the courage to buy them yet because I'm too cheap they're too expensive.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's In A Name?

I was in a discussion about nick names tonight.  A couple of us were discussing the odd names we're called and actually have the story behind the unusual name.

My aunt calls me Chucky.  

Once upon a time I used to collect everything clowns = clown figurines, clown pictures, clown dolls, you name it, I had it.  I know Chucky isn't a clown but my aunt would joke that one night a clown on my shelf will come to life and attack me like Chucky in the movie.  No, she didn't frighten me with that statement however the nickname stuck all these years later! 

My mom, on the other hand doesn't call me Chucky, she calls me mummy.  Funny as it may be, my husband calls me "miserable wife", though I'm sure he means it in the most loving of ways!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Craft Stash

This past weekend I rumaged through my craft collection and found that I actually had lots of cross stitch kits!  Some were of angels, some of Jesus, some were Christmas, and I even had four Thomas Kinkade along with only one Red Hat Society kit!  Wow that pretty much surprised me.  I didn't realize I had so many kits already.  I just ordered six Red Hat Society kits on ebay along with one Angel kit too, I just couldn't resist that one!  Now before I get too addicted to ebay, I'll wait until I receive them in the mail.

Now as I was saying, my craft supplies collection is pretty healthy but still dwindling away.  I discovered that I need to replenish my stash of curved lace which I believe I can find at the dollar store.  I use the curved lace to put around the frames.  Curved lace takes better to the round hoop style frames better than straight lace that will have to be overlapped and then I burn my fingers all the time on the glue gun.

Speaking of the glue gun, I ran out of glue sticks!  I only have one stick left.  One, just one.  Not good, that is soooo not good!  Better get over to Walmart soon unless I can find them in the dollar store too.  I've got tons of jingle bells and pompoms and flowers so don't need any of those. 

I also need to pick up a couple skeins of cross stitch thread.  Oh sure I have plenty so but I really should see what I do have before heading to the store.  We don't really have any good craft stores around here.  I used to shop at White Rose but they closed those stores in Quebec quite some years ago.  We don't have Michaels either.  I usually hit those two stores when I go to Ottawa to visit my brother or to Toronto to visit my sister-in-law but unfortunately my last visit to Ontario was quite short so I didn't have time to shop at all.  I guess I'll have to take a couple of hours to really check out Walmart or perhaps head down town to the Dressmaker and see what they've got on hand.  

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kiss The Cook!

So I tried out my culinary skills one more time!  Yes, I know, I can't believe it either!

The other week - ya, it's been over a week, I just never got around to blogging it - the other week I made Salmon Potato Patties.  I got the recipe from The Potato Cookbook.  I wrote out a grocery list, picked up everything I needed then headed to the kitchen and made a mess got started.

I peeled the potatoes, mashed them, blah blah blah, basically doing everything the recipe asked me to do except coating them with flour, eggs and bread crumbs prior to frying.  Oops!  My bad!   But like I said, that was just the first batch.  When they didn't appear to be turning out right, I re-read the recipe directions and figured out where my brain must have shut itself off.  So I got out a few more bowls and got the remaining stuff together and got started on a second batch that I intended to have turn out just right and they did! 

Yes they did!  I know, I'm shocked too!

They sure did do a number on my frying pan but I let husband clean that up, he's such a good sport, and he liked them too! 

Another shocker!!