Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Blog for July

So it's Saturday night, I'm just chillaxing having a cup of nice and hot earl grey tea (decaf!  imagine that!)  I'm also dipping original maria cookies (aka tea biscuits) into my tea... yummy. 

But hey... IT'S SATURDAY!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tid Bit

I've discovered the wonderful world of flickr recently. 

Click to check out my photos

Seems now I spend so much time browsing photos and adding them to my growing list of favorites.  I've taken the plunge and uploaded some of my crafty creations and will eventually start using my digital camera to take neighbourhood shots to post up there.  I honestly never realized how many different ways a candy cane can be photographed.  Quite amazing actually.  Just thought I'd share that little tid bit.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peanut Butter

I was in the mood for peanut butter today.

I wanted to bake some peanut butter cookies but the oven is still on the fritz until further notice.  I did however, have peanut butter on toasted fresh home made whole wheat bread that my coworker baked for us.  And let me tell you, when toasted it tastes FABULOUS! 

Recipe for easy peanut butter cookies I got from the Kraft jar.  Now the recipe doesn't call for flour, but the trick to these cookies is to make sure the egg is well blended into the peanut butter and sugar otherwise you'll end up with flat peanut butter frizbees (don't ask me how I know this).   Blend the mixture until the dough appears "dull".  If it still "shiny" then the egg isn't blended in well enough.  And there you have it!


1 cup Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter
1/2 cup Sugar
1 Egg

HEAT oven to 325°F. Mix all ingredients with large spoon until well blended.
ROLL into 24 balls; place, 4 inches apart, on baking sheets. Flatten with fork.
BAKE 20 min. or until lightly browned. (Do not overbake.) Cool 5 min. on baking sheets; transfer to wire racks. Cool completely

NOTE:  recipe can be found at Kraft Canada

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Minute In Susan's Mind

I don't care what people say about Wesley Snipes, he still is the hottest thing since sliced bread even if he's now a convicted felon. 

I love me some Wesley!  Look at those lips, that frowny face, I won't discuss his body or the leather pants *blush*

See, I just can't let go of the imaginary relationship I'm having with Wesley but now I'm cheating on him with Don Cheadle and I feel real awful about it! 

I tried to leave Wesley for Don but every time I have that daydream you know the one where I'm telling Wesley that we no longer can be together and he grabs me in his arms kisses me senseless and begs me not to leave him, then Don Cheadle enters the scene and things get all complicated and then my vivid over caffeinated technicolour imagination takes over and before you know it Ice T shows up all angry and whatnot, telling me I could do better than Wesley and he won't even give Don the time of day so I'm assuming he's referring to himself. 

What is up with that eh?   

I really should stop watching Law and Order in re-runs but hey, Ice T is one man that's aging very well (no offence Wesley). 

Felt It Yesterday

Do you know how hard it is to find craft felt squares in Montreal?  Seriously, I went down town last Friday and went into a dollar store shop because that's usually the best place around here to find them but they only had 4 pieces of black felt and barely any other colours!  I mainly needed black but had no choice but to get the measly four pieces. 

Awe crap!

So far this week I stumbled into a couple more stores and found a place that had only pink, and lots of it too so at least I'll know where to go if I decide to make something out of pink felt which will be highly unlikely in this lifetime.   It's times like this when I wish we had a real craft store.  A couple weeks back I took a stroll in the Michaels craft shop in Toronto and it was the closest thing to heaven let me tell you!  Good thing I limited myself to getting only the few supplies I really was in desperate need of or I'd have spent a lifetime and a small fortune in there. 

Anyway, there is one more dollar store that I have yet to check out and I know for a fact that they have a real healthy craft felt supply, problem is they close early most days except Thursdays & Fridays so that'll be on my list to do on Thursday, this way if they don't have what I need I can always try somewhere else on Friday!  I'm so excited to get these ornaments completed!!!  Wish me luck!

Fruits 'n Veggies

Guess who lost a couple pounds? 



Yup, I was told how snacking on vegetables is a good way to stop from eating junky stuff and it's also healthy and great for weight maintenance.  Not quite sure why I didn't think of that before but seeing it work for one person is enough to make me give it a whirl.  Besides, with all the issues my "pipes" have been giving me, bloating up my belly and just plain making my life miserable, what have I got to lose.

For almost 3 weeks I've been snacking on celery, cucumbers and sweet peppers, skip the tomatoes.  I'm not a vegetable person really, and the first couple of days my body was begging for junk - which is why I gave in to the impulse purchase of blue whales at that little candy shop, but due to their rediculously insane price I've opted for vegetables and fruits the rest of the time. 

The outdoor market had blue berries for a buck this morning so I bought a pack.  Munched on them and took a trip down memory lane.  When I was a kid visiting my grandma she had a blueberry bush along the edge of her property.  We'd stroll along picking berries and she'd make blueberry cake.  Haven't had blueberries in a long time - blueberry eggos and blueberry yogurt don't count.  Anyway, I'm a couple pounds lighter and that's worth celebrating in my book ok so there!

Baby Steps

This afternoon I cut out 15 penguin patterns for christmas ornaments for the kids who haven't claimed they're "too old for that stuff". 

Imagine... "too old for that stuff" ... the little creatures got nerve don't they! 

Anyway, it does make my job easier. 

Sure christmas is still months away but I've got tons to do this year.  I'm hoping to get the penguins completed by this weekend and also get the first of the red hat ladies finished as well, then I'll just have to take care of the "auntie" ornaments.  Haven't figured out what it will be yet since I have it down to three possibilities.  I've got to make a decision by Sunday so... I'm working on it.   

I've also been collecting some yummy looking cookie recipes unfortunately with my oven still out of commission I think I'll just have to make the kids grill cheese the old school way.  If I flatten them enough I could always use the cookie cutters and make shapes.  Think they'll notice the cookies aren't actually cookies? 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introducing Charlie

Let me introduce you to Charlie, he (or she??) is a Welsh Terrier that belongs to some nice lady whom I had the pleasure of speaking with this morning on my way home from work. 

The lady, whom we'll refer to a Charlie's mum, was walking Charlie and I was following not too far behind them since I was heading in what appeared to be the same direction, when he spotted me and then refused to budge.  Charlie sat in the middle of the street staring at me while his mum desperately tried to tug him along.  It was kind of amusing if you don't mind me saying.  As soon as I was about to walk past Charlie jumped on me!  The lady tried to control him but he was really excited to see me for some strange reason... probably smelled the lemon danish in my grocery bag would be my best guess. 

I had a brief conversation with the lady and pet Charlie behind his ears only then was he content to walk away with his mum.  That kind of made my day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chirp Chirp

Funny that just last night I wrote about getting started on Christmas crafts and whatnot.  Most folks are still on summer vacation while others, like myself, are waiting patiently for vacation time to arrive.  In any event, on my way home from work this morning I heard a bird singing so loud and lovely that I stopped in my tracks and began looking around. 


I was so shocked.  I've never seen one, well not in real-life anyway.  I've seen the birds with the red chest and red feathers on their head but not a complete red one like this.  She was fluttering about seated on some power lines just alongside a christmas tree.  Ok so it was an evergreen but I always call those things christmas trees, seriously, given a box of lights and ornaments I'd decorate every single solitary one I lay eyes on if humanly possible of course.  But anyway, the bird wasn't going far from the tree because I heard what sounded like babies up in there, so my guess is she was just out stretching her wings for a bit. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 202nd day of 2010

Ahh... yes there's about 157 days til Christmas... bet you didn't know that! 

Now, you're probably wondering why the france I'm talking about Christmas now in the middle of summer.  Well, usually around August 1st, I get all my crafting ideas nailed down, I have a friends & family book I keep with craft ideas and notes on cookies and things for the holidays.  Since we're only a matter of days from August I've been tossing around a handful of ideas for this year.  

I'm big on making home made ornaments for the kids and this year I sort of get a break on that since most of the kids nicely advised me that they are "kind of big for that sort of thing".  Oh, don't worry my feelings weren't hurt, they were nice enough to add that they simply adore the cookies I bake so that basically translated to "bake more cookies than usual".   I've already set aside the recipes I'll be making but must get my oven fixed first, I noticed this week that it's not heating up...the dude from Gas Metro broke it when he came the other week to inspect it!  Thanks alot dude!

As for the crafts, well, that's still a work in process... I still have a couple days to iron that one out.. phew!


Elvis Presley (1935-1977), also known as King of Rock and Roll.  I never really knew much of his music.  Sure like most I know a sentence or two of Blue Suede Shoes and Love Me Tender, but my favorite of his were the christmas albums.  I get the feeling everyone sings Blue Christmas in their best Elvis voice.  He also had a couple of gospel albums out but I only like his rendition of Crying In The Chapel and Amazing Grace.

James Brown (1933-2006), also known as King of Soul.  I knew a handful of his songs.  Just the sound of I Feel Good plaing on the stereo makes me want to do my version of a soft shoe.  Now let me tell you, my soft shoe version is somewhat pitiful compared to how James Brown moves!  Man's got rhythm!!   I love that song!  Whenever I sing along - and of course I still don't know all the words so most of it is really mumbling - I holler just the same way doing my best James Brown imitation. 

Michael Jackson (1958-2009), also known as King of Pop.  Now that's what I'm talking about!  I grew up on his music, and I knew all the words to Billy Jean so there!  No way can I even dream of dancing like Michael Jackson, however... I do screach and grab my crotch while attempting my best imitation which I must admit is even more pitiful than my James Brown dance.  As for the moonwalk, well I must confess I did give it a whirl and failed miserably... seemed like I was just walking backwards dragging my feet along while making my serious dancing concentration face.

Jesus Christ (died at age 33 and rose again!) also known as KING OF KINGS. I knew Him for over 40 years!  I am so privilaged to know Him too.  My Mom introduced me to Him when I was but a wee snot nosed child but He knew me before then...I just don't remember.  He is my Savior.  I sing His praises every day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blue Whales

The other day I stumbled on to a candy store that sold blue whales! 

I know.. I know... I'm excited too!! They're so hard to find lately.

Last weekend while in a bulk foods store I searced for blue whales but couldn't find any.  They had the blue gummy sharks but those are not the same.

Blue whales are .... well... blue whales!  They're blue jube jubes in the shape of a whale but taste like soap  like rubber tangy.  There's this small candy store between my home & work so while I was strolling along my merry little way, I spied the little candy store and lo and behold there they were expensive as hell  sitting in a little plastic bin with a metal scoop on top waiting for me to fill a bag to the top with one scoop of candy.  My purchase was $2.49 and I ate them all without sharing because I'm greedy like that.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Crustless Apple Pie

I made apple sauce last night. 

I was bored and needed something to do to keep me awake and distract my mind from the noisy voices in my head that won't shut the heck up.  I had a large bag of green apples I had purchased from the outdoor market earlier in the week so apple sauce seemed like the right thing to do. 

I just used the basic recipe my Mom used that I never actually wrote down - some apples, some water, some brown sugar, some cinnamon all in one pot on the stove, heat it, smash it with the potato smasher then sample it.  It tastes delicious but I feel like I should have gone a step further and baked a crust to put it between.  Now I have a craving for apple pie! 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Oomfoofoo and the clown

Who would have thought a doll like this would sell for $50. 

I was searching the net for I can't really remember what thanks to my short attention span and stumbled onto a photo of this vintage clown doll with music box nose.  It was displayed on itsy or etsy or whateverthefrance it's called, for sale for $50.  Wow!  Fifty big ones now that's a lot for a used toy.  I read the discription and it said it had a lot of "play-wear" but was otherwise in good condition. 

Well, I have one and it's brand spanking new so there!  Nanny nanny boo boo!

I used to collect clowns and got mine for a whole of three Canadian dollars at Miracle Mart way back in the boonie days when dinosours roamed the earth long before Zellers and Walmart ever existed hard to believe eh? 

The one I own is pink, red and white and is so NOT for sale so don't even ask.  Right now Mister Clown is in the trunk in my closet keeping Oomfoofoo company. 

Who the france is Oomfoofoo? 

Glad you asked... Oomfoofoo used to be a blonde plastic babydoll much like the one in that photo there but now she's bald because all her hair fell out due to stress from being locked in the truck with the clown.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plate Spotting

The other day while on our way home from out of town, I did something I usually don't do... I was plate spotting. 

Now it would have helped me big time had I taken a paper and pen and written down all the ones I did see because right about now I can only recall a couple of them.

I seen more than one from Florida, one of them was towing a trailer and bikes so they must be up in Canada camping or something.  The Nova Scotia plates were on an SUV parked alongside the fuel station. 

The Ontario plates were everywhere once we crossed over into the province of Ontario on our way to the city of Toronto.  And the Quebec plate was on our car when we parked it in the lot.  The others; Alberta, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, were nothing special worth remembering and has nothing to do with my faded memory skills.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joyful Expressions

I'm in the process of stitching a lovely counted cross stitch project which I found free online at joyfulexpressions but I'm stitching on black 14 count aida fabric which is difficult for me to stitch on because I can't see the holes (fabric is too dark!).  

Basically the pattern says "HIS NAME IS JESUS" then surrounds these words with other words and phrases that represent Jesus.  I actually stumbled on this pattern online and immediately decided to stitch it. 

The pattern is pretty large and when complete should fit a 12"x16" frame.  As you can see, I've just begun, I have the beginning of the letter H of the word "His" and the letter E of the name "Jesus", both which are stitched using green metalic thread which is always difficult and annoying to use but the end result is always so lovely.  I intend to use various shades of green embroidery floss to complete the project.  When finished it should look like this (but green on black).  Hopefully it won't take me ten years to finish it since not only do I still have 2 Precious Moments projects still in process but I've also begun stitching the Red Hat Society ladies!

That's All Folks!


After weeks of sitting not so patiently only 60 pages from the end ... I FINALLY FINISHED READING THAT STUPID BOOK!  


It was pretty good though I knew it would have a happy ending anyway so no surprise there.  This past weekend, when we stopped for gas at a service station, I picked up a new book for one whole Canadian dollar and that's what I'm reading now.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Minute In Susan's Mind

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Handle Your Junk

Nothing says moving day quite like furniture thown in the street.  One day some genius will drive up with a truck and collect this stuff, tote it off to some vacant lot and have a garbage garage sale and make a pretty penny.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone made a couple of bucks off of this stuff.  Seriously I wouldn't be!

You know what they say about someone elses trash being the other guys treasure - or something to that effect anyway.  Well for that sofa and chair, I'm sure some strapped university students with loan payments coming out of their backside, could shove that couch and chair into an empty room and invite some friends over, put on the radio and crack open a nice cold Heineken.  Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if a landlord hauled it into a bachelor pad and hitched up a for rent sign detailing a "furnished" apartment! 

The one piece that I really dispise to see in the street is a matress! 


I don't know why but I just hate seeing a matress on the side of the road.  It's probably just because it's floppy and can't stand up properly so it has to be thrown over something or needs to lean up against something else then eventually it droops and  makes its way onto the sidewalk blocking my path as I'm walking along my merry little way....  then it'll start raining and the stupid thing will stink up the neighbourhood because it's been laying there for days and the stray cats peed on it.  Now we know it takes forever for the city to clean up that junk so I ain't lying just exaggerating.

Finally, I must ask why do people feel the need to walk their junk half way across the street before abandoning it?  Click the photo to enlarge it and see the television and chair and whateverthefrance that is piled up in the middle of the road.  Ok so technically it's not in the road, but on the medium between the two lanes - but still... why the france isn't it on their property?  Are they looking to share it with the nosey peeping toms on the other side of the road who spent countless hours every night staring out their window across the street into another apartment? It only makes the city look trashy and unkept.  Come on folks, keep it clean.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dirty Mouse Balls

You'd think that occasionally someone would think to clean the dirty mouse balls. I can't stand to put my hand on that thing knowing how dirty it is and roll it around because it looks so nasty. No way am I putting my fingers on that thing to clean it, there's no telling what germs on on there.  When I turn that thing upside down it's loaded with black stuff, no wonder why I keep banging it on the desk every ten seconds. 

Florals On Display

This summer, I must say, folks seem to have taken much care into planting their gardens.  I've seen some amazing gardens so far on my strolls around the city.  Colourful and fresh smelling - they're so pretty!

This one on the left is only a small section of the huge floral display these folks planted.  Even if I took ten photographs I would not have been able to show the beauty of this display.  Perhaps next time I pass it by I'll use the video cam on this phone if I can figure out how the france it works!

The ones in the photo on the right are of a display the city planted on some green space to pretty up what would otherwise be a drop off for dog poop an empty lot.

I really need to practice taking pictures with that cell phone because I suck at it.  This angle is pitiful.  The floral display wasn't that big but I'm sure had I been half awake I could have got the entire display in the picture.  Oh well... better luck next time I suppose.

I particularly like this small potted floral display.  I stumbled on this one just outside an apartment complex.  Just goes to show that even those living in a complex can express themselves with potted florals.  The colour combination in this one is breathtaking and it's simplicity makes it all the more worthy of my camera phone! 

The morning glories on my balcony are still growing nicely.  They've outgrown the ones I planted last year which were an embarassment we won't discuss further.

A Minute in Susan's Mind

I've got a head full of blog worthy ideas but just haven't had the chance to put anything online yet... I guess it's the lack of caffeine in my veins!  I know!  I can't believe it... ever since I did that three day liquid cleansing thing a while back, you know the one that gave me a massive killer migraine, cold chills and turned me into a cranky b!tch, well, ever since then I've been drinking half-caf or decaf coffee!  I know, it's completely unheard of eh.  sigh.  I'll need coffee today because it's so hot I barely slept today. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!

Ok so today is July 1, which means it's Canada Day, and like every other Canadian blogger today .... here's one of those "I AM CANADIAN" commercials.