Monday, August 30, 2010

Mighty Grasshopper

Sunday morning Tony and I were driving to church and out of nowhere a grasshopper popped onto the windshield.  Yes, accident avoided because first of all my window was shut and we were driving slowly so had we been a bit faster and my window down... grasshopper would have landed on me and we all know how that would have turned out! 


When I spotted the bug my eyes flew out of my head naturally, and I screamed like a girl and jumped but was held back by the seat belt.  Tony ignored me as per usual and the grasshopper eventually hopped off the windshield.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Child Proof

As you may recall, I am making a serious attempt at improving my culinary skills.  So far, I must be doing pretty well because my husband is still alive.

A couple of weeks back our gas stove broke.  Correction:  A couple of weeks back Gas Metro. came to inspect the stove and broke the oven. 

Last week we received a new stove all nice and shiny white, with buttons on which I can actually read the temperature.  Only problem was the two front burners never lit on their own when I turned the knobs.  It didn't bother me though, I just lit a match and put it up against the gas in hopes to light only the burner and not blow up the kitchen. As you may have figured out, the kitchen is still intact, as am I. 

Last night while I was cooking dinner I noticed some extra writing on the knob of the front burners so I removed my glasses, leaned over and read it up close and personal.  Apparently to light the front burners you have to push in on the knob and turn it while holding it pushed in until the flame catches. 

A child proof mechanism is what the instruction booklet called it. 

Hmm... not bad, only took me a week to figure it out probably would have taken a child about ten seconds.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The End Is Near

In a couple of days the kids around here will be headed back to school. 

The end of summer as they know it.  

All you need to do is look at the "joy" on their faces to see how truly excited they are for that day to arrive. I can imagine many kids wanting to kick my butt for that statement eh!  *giggles* 

I remember I used to look forward to going back only about a week before school started and that was for two reasons only. 

#1: I wanted to see my friends that I hadn't seen all summer and desperately needed to catch up on the gossip of who did what, where, when, and with whom. 

And #2: Because mom always took us shopping for new clothes that I couldn't wait to wear.  Typical girly-girl!  ;-)

The actual process of being back to school never gave me  a sense of drama or dread, it was just the end of another summer.  I was highlighting all the "day's off" and "holidays" like the rest of the school body ten seconds after receiving our class schedules.

Most recently I've been looking into taking some French classes to improve my so-called "bilingualism" after all I do reside in the province of Quebec.  The prices for these classes are beyond insane and working night shift doesn't make things any easier so I'm still on the hunt but if push comes to shove I'll get some computer program assistance instead.  Merci beaucoup!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Remember When...

This weekend Tony and I hooked up the ole VCR (you remeber those things, they were what we used to watch movies on before the DVD player was invented)

We had a very old recorded show, a concert actually, not sure what the concert was called but it was hosted by Sinbad in the US Virgin Islands and was recorded way back when from DirecTV. 

The artists were SOS Band, Smokey Robinson, Chaka name a few.  That concert was GOOD!!!  All the old school stuff, and I managed to find a clip from it on Youtube... ahh.. .gotta love Youtube eh!

Friday, August 20, 2010


As per usual on a Friday night, I'm going to curl up on the sofa and watch a horror flick.  Not sure which one it'll be but I know it most certainly WON'T be The Excorcist.  Tony had me watching that movie last week then guess who had to go out and work the night shift? 

That's wrong on so many levels.

Expensive Dry Marker

Last week I purchased an Outlast Lipstain by CoverGirl.

Well that certainly was an interesting way to waste $8.99 Canadian dollars. 

I'm really annoyed by this.  I'm not one to wear lipstick usually I just do the chapstick.  I had a wedding to attend on Saturday and desperately needed a long lasting lipcolour.  I didn't do any research, just stumbled on this product while in a shop, an impulse buy I guess you can call it but the thing doesn't work very well.  Feels like a dry marker.   A dry marker posing as a makeup product. 

I purchased a light brownish shade but it felt very dry and was quite difficult to apply which quickly got on my last nerve.  I ended up using my trusted Maybelline lip pencil that's very moist, and then applied a coat of gloss (from Yves Rocher).  I just don't get how it was so expensive.  Better yet, I don't get how I so easily parted with nine bucks... I must have been in la la land as per usual.

I want my money back!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yes I Yam

I never was quite fond of eating yams.  It had nothing to do with the taste or the look of them as much as the name.  Yam.   That just doesn't sound right in my ears.  Personally it sounds like a real messed up piece of slang for an answer you know, kind of like if you were to ask who is writing this blog right now, I'd raise my hand and say "I yam" 


What A Crock

I had a 2.7 Litre round slow cooker up in the cupboard collecting dust.  Forgot all about it actually until I came across a nice beef stew recipe online.  I stopped by the grocery store and picked up all the ingredients for the beef recipe and dug that thing out of storage, cleaned it up and made a delicious dinner. 

Later on while I was at WalMart I picked up a larger 6.7 Litre oval slow cooker!  I'm excited like a kid at christmas!  I can't wait to use that thing!  I've got a couple of recipes for chicken and roast beef but I think I'm going to go with the whole chicken recipe.  Hey, we all know my culinary skills are more than just lacking so feel free to jump on the happy band-wagon with me on this one eh. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Boob Toob

I'm not much of a television fan.  Once upon a time I had a long list of shows that I watched without missing an episode.  If I had to, I'd even set the recorder to catch the show for later viewing. 

I remember when I was hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I proudly state that I seen every episode of every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so there! 

That was MY show. 

I never missed a beat. 

If something tragic happened like the power went out or the tape in the VCR needed to be changed, then I made sure to catch that episode in re-runs... and I always did!  Then the series ended and I was left lost, dazed and confused.

There was a time I was hooked on CSI, the original series.  It used to air on Friday nights when it first hit the airwaves so I'd rush home from work, get dinner made and get myself settled in so I could relax and focus on Gary Dourdan the show.  Then the sad thing happened, the show moved to Thursday night and it just didn't work with me so I abandoned it. 

The True Blood series on HBO was one that I started to get hooked on.  Oh, it most certainly wasn't Buffy the Vampire Slayer by any means but then somewhere along the way it became a bit to graphic for me.  And when I say graphic, in no way am I referring to the vampire content... and that's all I'll say about that.  Funny coming from someone who reads erotica! 

Anyway, most recently I got hooked on yet another show.  Far from Buffy, CSI and True Blood. 

It's a game show! 

Let's Make A Deal. 

I love that show! 

The way Wayne Brady tempts the contestants into giving up a good prize for what's behind curtain number 2.  Watching the look on the contestant's face when they take curtain number 2 and win a busted up car or a llama.  That stuff cracks me up! 

Dreaming Out Loud

I definately have a problem with sleepwalking... or acting out my dreams.  The other night, I can't remember for the likes of me what the france I was dreaming, all I know is I woke up standing on the other side of the bed because my ankle hurt.  Turns out that I was dreaming some stupidness that resulted in me leaping over Tony as he lay beside me and I landed on his slippers on the floor by his side of the bed.  I went over on my ankle and the pain that shot up my leg woke me up.  Go figure, first I'm chasing raccoons on the shelf in my sleep, now I'm playing leap frog over my husband.  What's next? 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day after Thursday the 12th

Strangely enough it's Friday the 13th and I'm calm as a cucumber.  Must be the 13 cups of coffee I drank today that's keeping me so relaxed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A blog-worthy blog

Ok, so it appears this story is a gut buster and apparently "blog-worthy".  Personally I think it just confirms my instability with reality. 

Anyway, the other night I was asleep and I glanced over at the shelf and armoir we have in the corner of the bedroom and saw a raccoon creeping across the top.  I got out of bed, turned on the bedside lamp and headed toward the shelf on my tip toes to try to see on top the shelf to where the racoon was walking. 

Now in case you hadn't noticed, I started this story by saying "...I was asleep".  Yup, I realized that I was standing at the foot of our bed on my tip toes looking up towards the shelf for something that wasn't there!  I looked over at Tony, who was still asleep surprisingly enough considering the light was on.  I was dreaming about the raccoon for some unusual reason and even went so far as to turn on the lamp and get out of bed! 


I hadn't watched any television programs about or containing raccoons either so your guess is as good as mine. 

Em Eye See, Kay Eee Why?

With all the road construction going on in the area I pass through on my way to work, I sort of feel sorry for the folks that live around there. 

They must be infested with field mice! 

Now the reason I say this is because I got off the bus early tonight and decided to take a stroll for some fresh air and figured I had a minute or two before the next bus arrives.  Anyway, I happened to glance down and seen a dead mouse.  I wasn't creeped out or nothing like I would have been had it been a beetle I guess it got caught by a car or some demented kids.  With all the digging going on, my guess is they little guys have nowhere to go but into the condos nearby into the streets and look what happens.  Poor thing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It's been kindly hinted by someone who's opinion wasn't asked for that I need to renovate this blog.  More like give the theme an upgrade.  Hmm... I don't like change unless it's found inside the zipper pouch of my wallet and consists of loonies and twoonies, quarters are acceptable but pennies are annoying.

I know the basic black is snooze worthy but it's easy to maintain so ok, I'm up for a renovation challenge.  It won't happen over night though because I'm a lazy procrastinator but it will take place soon enough alrighty.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rainy Night

Monday, August 2, 2010

The New Olympian

Until tonight I thought I was in terrible shape. 

I'm surprised as heck to know that I'm in pretty good shape!  I may look a hot mess from time to time but let me tell you girlfriend is in tip top shape. 

Tonight I proved to myself that I can run fast.  Real fast.  Faster than fast for a long period of time.  Then again, you'd run faster than fast too if you were caught off guard outdoors in the midst of a severe lightening storm.  You should have seen me burn rubber out there, like I was competing in the olympics or something I was like the Jamaican runner, only faster!!! 

My chest hurts now and I can't stop laughing, how normal is that?