Sunday, October 31, 2010

Are You Afraid?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Specials

Friday night Tony and I watched The legend of Sleepy Hollow - the cartoon, on Youtube.  It just brought back all those childhood memories of sitting around sorting through the candy with mom while watching the latest halloween specials on tv.  Ahh to be a kid again ...... and not just for the free candy either!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Retro Treat Bags

When I was a kid on halloween I used a pillowcase as my trick or treat bag.  Let me tell you how durable a pillowcase is and how much candy they can hold. 

I remember once we  were out knocking on doors and one of us got a can of fruit for a treat from an elderly lady.  Ya I know, what the heck is up with that eh?  Bad enough we got apples and small boxes of raisins which I love eating now but back then were just so uncool.  We never minded the pennies because they added up and held great in the pillowcase whereas a plastic bag would have given under pressure. 

Nowadays with all the recycle bags grocery stores are forcing you to buy, parents needn't worry about kids using their pillowcase as the treatbag instead they've got a choice of recycleable grocery bags.  If I were heading out, I'd take our Aldi grocery bag, or the Costco one, those are HUGE!  I know I Know, I'm so greedy eh!

Plastic Mask

I recall once when I was a kid I dressed as Denis the Menace for Halloween.  I had the Denis mask, just one of those plastic masks with the eyes cut out, two tiny holes in the nose to breathe out of and the annoying elastic that went around my big head to keep it in place.  I wore my red overalls that were too short and worn out but had a winter coat on under it so the effect was pitiful I'm sure but it worked for me. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Retro Costume

Foxxy Cleopatra is a big hit for Halloween.  If I had thought ahead, I could have just saved some old clothes from back in the day and I'd be good to go.  But as fate would have it I long since recycled all the old stuff.

Nowadays you can just swing by the mall and pick up a costume pre made or better yet swing by a vintage shop and pick up some real retro clothes and do it the right way.  

I'm not convinced I could do it the right way though.  Not sure how my celuthighs would hold up in a super short micro mini that busy!  The phycheledic design would surely make my hips look bigger than they are and my celuthighs would get absolutely no coverage what-so-ever.  Then again slipping myself into something tight and shiny is even more frightening. 

Either way there is a right an a wrong way to morph yourself into Foxxy Cleopatra, and this golden photo over here is by far the wrong way no matter how affordable it may seem, it's still wrong.

Creative Costume?

I don't know about you but if someone came up to me dressed as a bug, I'm pulling the mace outta my purse... better watch your eyes. 

It's one thing to want a unique and creative costume but unless it's for some contest that will net you a fantabulous trip to another continent, then stay away from the bug costumes.  It's just wrong on so many levels.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome Great Pumpkin

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  Isn't Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin supposed to be on tv this week?  I'll probably miss it and be forced to watch it on YouTube as per usual but that's ok, I know Mom will be home watching it. 
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Scared Little Bear

As per usual with Halloween just around the corner, hubby and I partake in our ritual "fright-fest" which is just a marathon of scary movies.  This weekend for some sick and twisted reason we watched The Excorcist and The Excorcist II. We also watched the end of some creepy movie that I have no clue what it was called but it involved a posessed church, posessed people and a lot of bugs. 

Creep me the heck out!

Naturally after all this, which may not seem like much to some, but apparently was more than my feable mind can obsorb, I had a major nightmare situation last night. 

I even called out for help in my sleep! 

Ya, having said that, you'd think that Tony would reach over and shake me right? 


The dude just left me dreaming and begging for help in my sleep!  I managed to wake up when I guess I heard myself screaming.  Craziness eh!  When I told Tony about the dream in the morning he said I was calling out for help in my sleep.  So uh... then why didn't he wake me, heck, I could have been running from Freddy for all he knew and he let me sleep on?  sigh.  No more scary movies for me unless it's Beetlejuice or Ghost Busters.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Orange Julep

I took this photo last summer of the Orange Julep on the corner of Décarie & Paré (Montreal) when we were driving past it.  Obviously it's a big orange... a really REALLY big orange, and the orange julep it sells oh .... makes my mouth water at the thought.  

Sometimes during the summer there's this car festival where you can drive up and show off your car.  Not just any ordinary car though, nobody cares about ordinary cars, everyone's got one.  No, we're talking souped up cars, big engines and fancy smancy painted vans and whatnot but it's pretty quiet in the fall though, too cold to hang out in a parking lot drinking juice and picking at tasty fries. 

mmmm.... fries!!!   

They'd probably get a bit more business in the fall if they had a pumpkin stack in the parking lot where folks working in the area can pick up a pumpkin.  Perhaps even sell pumpkin pie, tarts and cookies.... and salted pumpkin seeds!!!    Hey they could even go out on a limb and decorate the big orange like a jack-o-lantern.  I'll have to surf the innernets to find out if they ever did that because I honestly don't know!  Will post a photo if I eventually find one LOL.

Rappin Halloween

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Size Matters

I had to photograph this huge pumpkin!  I can only imagine how many seeds this big guy holds especially if he's got to be seated on a pallet.  Ouch!  I wouldn't want to carve this one out though, I don't have that much muscle in my arms and with my dull knife set... well that's just sad.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Selection

I still haven't found a large pumpkin that I can carry home from the market.  I've got my eyes on one and it hasn't sold yet so maybe tomorrow I'll swing by and snatch it before anyone else gets it!  I've already got a small one and may even get another small one because they look so cute!  Either way, I've got to get carving it, I've got the munchies for it's seeds!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was outbid on an item on ebay today.  It was down to the last minutes and someone had nerve to outbid my max bid so I kept bidding knowing I had no intention of paying so much for that item but also hoped the other bidder really wanted it.

I gave up once I jacked the price up an extra ten bucks, I thankfully still was outbid. 

I know, that is so catty of me.  Sorry!

Pumpkin Possibilities

I purchased a small pumpkin, it's larger than a grapefruit but smaller than a cantaloupe. 

I'm going to make pumpkin spice cookies out of him, unless I get lazy then I'll just carve him out to roast his seeds.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Introducing Jack

This is Jack...

Or rather my Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween 2005.  I'm going through my old photos to see if I have any other real spooky Halloween memories to share but right now he's all I can come up with.  As you pretty much can tell, I'm afraid of sharp knives not that handy with carving pumpkins.  He didn't turn out too bad though.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lets Pretend

Halloween is the perfect time to pretend you're someone else.  Put on that mask and let your alternate persona shine - on a daily basis,  lucky actors get paid for that, anyone else playing makebelieve should call Dr. Phil.

I've got my Mrs. Incredible mask, actually a recycled sleep mask that I took a pair of dull scizzors to.  I've got a pair of really sorry looking tights and a ratty tee so um, ya, picture that if you will.  Let's hope my costume won't actually make me into Mrs. Incredible!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Kicked The Habit

I am through with caffeine!  Ya, I know, I can't believe it either!  I still love coffee, and drink lots of it, seriously who doesn't?!  But it's only decaf now unless I don't have the option to choose.  I'm trying to take better care of myself and the 3 day fasts I've been doing from time to time have helped me kick the habit. 

Seems now if I drink the caffeine I get a jitter rush!  It's obviously still my drug!

That's Incredible

Halloween's just around the corner, I've got my costume, it's one of those black eye masks.  Ok so it's actually my old sleeping eye mask that I cut holes in but same thing right?  

Kids don't come to our door anyway, but that's all right by me, I still buy candies, the good ones like mini chocolate bars, tootsie rolls and lollypops because if nobody shows up I get to keep it! 

Woo hoo!!! 

If in the event a small innocent child should happen to knock on my door dressed in a costume and shout "trick or treat", I will be in the Halloween spirit and give them an apple a big handful of candy... I won't be greedy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ebay Addict

I've been doing some shopping on ebay again! 

I made four purchases this weekend alone, what with the dollar practically at par, and being the cheepskate I am when it comes to shipping costs, hey I made a couple of bargains.  Not sure when I'll get around to stitching any of these kits though. 

Meanwhile I'm stitching my third Red Hat Society lady, all kits which I purchased from ebay back in June or July, I don't remember when, I can't wait to get them all completed.  

Now I'm going back to ebay to make a few more buys.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Minute In Susan's Mind

Well, now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to get back to the blogging world.  I'm blogstipated though, got no blogs in my brain right now... I'll have to think of something. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Can't Stuff This

MC Hammer dressed as a turkey, singing "Can't Stuff This".

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Turkey Day Cometh

This weekend will be a long weekend... a holiday weekend actually as Monday is Thanksgiving Day.  Time to get together and give thanks.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Death of an iPod

I'm in mourning now... on Friday night my iPod Nano died.  I was listening to music on it while playing Klondike on it at the same time... if anything I should have had bloodshot eyes not a dead ipod.  But it's dead and I haven't been the same since.  I've only had the annoying little thing for a couple of years and played it pretty much every day.  Now I'm stuck using Tony's Sony Walkman that's the most rediculous invention ever!  I can't even listen to my audio Bible because Sony doesn't remember the playback position so audio books are a no-no for this mp3 player.  I can't make playlists from the gadget either unless I have it connected to a computer which is also real bothersome.  I miss my funkydisco playlist.  I've been wanting to upgrade to the ipod touch for a while because not only would I be able to listen to audio books, I'd be able to read ebooks too with a small app installed so it'll save me from buying an ereader like Kindle, Sony or Kobo.  But right now this very minute I am in mourning for my little green 3rd generation ipod nano.  Guess I'll take it apart to see what's inside.

It's Already October