Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Dinner

One of the highlights of christmas is dinner!  I know, leave it to me to discuss food but seriously, the turkey dinner is fabulous! 

Every year the family still gathers for christmas dinner even though we're no longer living at home.  I've got to split christmas with my family and my inlaws so I get to eat two dinners (lucky me!).  

Mom starts cooking the turkey on christmas eve.  I'm not sure how long she has that bird out thawing but I do know that she cooks him slowly throughout the night.  I remember we used to stay awake all night watching christmas specials on tv or listening to the radio that aired christmas carols non stop.   Every time mom opened the oven to check on it, mmmm.... the delicious scent would fill the kitchen causing our mouths to water.  We never got to sample bits and pieces until christmas morning when she finished cooking him only minutes before dinner.  Let me tell you, that bird was so tender it fell off the bone.  None of that dry turkey business where you'd need a pitcher of water nearby while you ate.  

Fruitcake Lover

Fruitcake gets a bad rap if you ask me.  I love the stuff.  In my opinion, I think it really depends on what type of fruitcake you've tasted to determine your like or dislike for it. 

I think most people get this vision of a fruitcake wrapped up for christmas in dusty aged gift wrap and given to them by their distant relative who is a known hoarder and is probably just regifting it since it was found in the basement beside the box that contained the aluminum tree they never threw out.  You've seen that box sitting under your tree for weeks it miraculously appeared seconds after the tree went up and finally it's opened and it's a fruitcake that has a best before date of over two years ago!  The thought of eating it because you have the idea that it lasts forever, gives you the shivers and makes you want to hurl.

Before I had a recipe to make home made fruitcake, I used to buy it in the grocery store.  I was picky though, I used to think the POM baker to have the best tasting one but then again I think that's the only brand the grocery store sold!  Oh sure there were other brands but I simply liked the taste of POM and that they came pre-sliced so it was easier to just grab a slice with a cup of coffee.  Once back in the dinosaur days I worked in an appliance store where the Maytag sales rep would give all our sales reps a fruit cake.  It was POM and they didn't like fruit cake... guess who came home with plenty of fruitcake that year eh?!  ME!!!  ha!  Because I'm greedy like that!

I baked home made fruitcake on Sunday afternoon.  The top secret family recipe that my aunt passed on to me, made two cakes, one of which I gave to mom tonight, then stole a piece of it!  Sorry I can't post a photo of it nor can I give out the recipe because it's really top secret.  If I post any details I will be disowned by my aunt, my husband will divorce me, my mom will be disgraced with shame and the world will cease to exist as I know it. 

Not good! 

Not good at all!!

Now if you've only eaten store bought fruitcake I can certainly understand why you'd find a distaste for it.  I'm picky when I buy fruitcake.  I prefer the dark store bought one with few berries and plenty of raisins to the lighter one with plenty of big nasty berries.  

My mother-in-law makes the rum fruitcakes, often called "black cake" because it's soaked in rum.  Yes she's from the West Indies, no she's not Jamaican.  I do know that she soaks the berries for weeks in rum prior to making the cake and then later the cake is also soaked in rum but I can't tell you for how long because I honestly don't know.  That cake is pretty good too, not the same as christmas fruitcake though but still made over the holidays and at weddings too (we didn't have a black cake for our wedding cake, ours was orange flavoured pound cake, the black cake was in the cake box that folks took home because it lasts longer).

Christmas Tree 2009

Here is a photograph of our tree last christmas.  It's a skinny 6 footer trimmed with multicoloured LED lights, poinsettias, gold ribbon and gold beads.  The angel on top was a last minute thing because our original angel was too big and too heavy!  I just happened to have this little girl nestled on a shelf and she fit perfectly.  Nothing fancy, just plain and simple.  The candy canes that were on the tree are real, but didn't stay there for long, I mashed them up and baked them into cookies shortly after that photo was taken!  I'm still searching for a photo of our fluffy 7 foot tree from previous years, gimme a second I'll find it! 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Operation Decorate!

This weekend I managed to rustle up some energy to begin decorating for christmas while the husband stayed out of my way.  We used to go all out and put the artificial tree branches around the top of every door in our home.  We used to string lights up in the livingroom and kitchen windows and everywhere you looked there was a christmas ornament in the shape of a reindeer, snowman or santa.  Not one room went undecorated! 

We also had a fluffy 7 foot artificial christmas tree that was over decorated with home made ornaments.  I'll have to search for a photo of that and blog in later. 

Last year we gave up the 7 foot tree for a skinny 6 footer.  We didn't put any of the home made decorations on it, but instead used only poinsettia flowers. 

As you can see from that photo collage there, we've begun stringing our red holiday colour throughout the place.  From top left to right:  Thats the mini poinsettia wreath on our kitchen door.  Actually, it's a candle holder but add a twist tie to the back and it hangs nicely on a green push pin to the door!  The next photo is the oven mits. One side is red while the front contains a poinsettia design.  The next is our kitchen table.  I've got two different poinsettia tablecloths, the one in the photo I received from my mother-in-law and decided to use it this year.  It's a bit big for the table but it still works for now.  The placemats I had for boony years but they have a pretty poinsettia design and I haven't seen any new designs in the mall yet so they'll do.  The tie on hand towel is just a cute touch to the fridge door as is the floral display above the red kitchen curtains!  I usually hang white curtains but for christmas I turn red!  I've seen a nice white pair with poinsettia florals but never purchased it, will wait until after christmas and get them for next year God willing.  The bottom row of photos is a floral display in an angel vase.  I exchanged all the artificial florals throughout our home with artificial poinsettias and put red doilies everywhere too!  The bottom middle photo is the basket poinsettia my paternal grandma made me years ago.  I cherish it as she's no longer with us.

Not in the photo is the red shower curtain and red bathroom mats!  I know, it's still christmassy (is that even a word?).  Now the tree will go up this coming Friday and will be VIDEO TAPED!!!  Yup, I'm going to post our raising of the tree!  Get ready for it!  It'll have sound so my big yap will be flappin'.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow Angels

I love how snow angels look when they're made in a bed of soft snow.  I admit they are very fun to make but you have to be wearing the right snow wear to get the job done.  If you're wearing a snow suit then you've got no problem but if you're in jeans and a waist length jacket you'll have issues with wet pant and snow down your backside before the job is done.  Yup, I've had my share of misfortune while making snow angels but I must admit, it was still fun!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scared Of Santa Saturday

I certainly hope this mall Santa got paid extra for twins!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Ever get a gift you weren't expecting and it was a total surprise? 

This photo of me on Christmas 1999, I received a set of cd towers that I so desperately needed to house my music collection (which is now housed on my dead ipod nano).  The two boxes were wrapped separately and I opened one to my delight and had to look inside, you know, wanted to take it out the box and look it over with my four eyes and feel it up like everyone does when they get a gift.  Well, when I opened the box, there inside the cd box was a small jewelry box! 

That would explain the look on my face!  

Perhaps I should mention that my then boyfriend took that photo.  Oh, perhaps I should also mention that my then boyfriend is also my now husband!  He didn't propose then, no, no, no, he gave me a promise ring with three stones, one is his birthstone, one mine and the next one is a diamond.  So, um, ya I was pretty surprised!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

American Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Under The Tree

Under the tree always seems to be a big deal for some.  I'm not talking about the presents that mom Tony santa will put under it, I'm talking about the extra decorating.

I've seen a few trees that had a train set going around and around the foot of the tree much like the one in this photo I found online.  It's a bit difficult to see the train for the gifts but look closely, the train goes around the presents! 

I've seen a tree that had christmas toys under it, you know, the stuffed santa, snowman with the santa hat on and other toys wearing santa suits or hats or holding candy canes.  Those are cute but you need to make sure you don't have pets that will rip em apart.  Or little kids who'll burst into tears if they can't play with them.

Christmas villages are a big thing too!  They look pretty underneath the tree.  Kind of makes me think if I stare at it long enough the people will actuall walk away, head into the coffee shop and get out of the fake snow!  This photo here shows someones passion for the christmas village and I really hope the kids knew not to touch!  They were probably told that if they touched it they'd get a lump of coal for christmas!  Ha! 

Mom put the manger scene beneath her tree complete with the stable, wisemen and farm animals.  I admit, that looks nice and it reflects the real reason for the season, the birth of our dear Jesus.

But like I said, I'm not creative with mine, I just keep it empty so santa can leave more gifts simple and pretty.  I just put a basket of artificial poinsettias under mine.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glass Ornaments

I remember decorating the tree with mom when we were kids, we had to be careful not to break any ornaments.  Like most people back in them days, we had glass ornaments of various shapes and sizes.  The santa shaped ones either broke or were recycled considering their painted faces just became creepy over time with the paint scraping off.  The bell is one of my favorites as are the round ones with the indent where the lights twinkle off in reflection.

We always took great care in packing them for the remaining eleven months that they were not in use.  We had the original cardboard section box, some paper towel, some newspaper and even some in a clothing gift box when the original box miraculously disappeared!

It's rather nice to see those types of ornaments making a comeback even if they come sans old price!  Yikes!  The new prices, $7 for one glass bulb is highway robbery insane but sometimes actually worth every penny.  Some of these oldies can be found in thrift shops or antique stores, they look more "original" since they already include the wear & tear look that only time can instill.

Susan's Favorite Things

I watched the Oprah show on Monday afternoon and she had part two of her favorite things holiday special.  More like a giveaway blah blah blah but anyway, ya right, whatever... I'm grumbling because I wasn't on the receiving end of said giveaway *giggles*.

Anyway, this prompted me to compose a list of MY favorite things.  Hey, there ain't no giveaways up in here eh, just so you know... I ain't super rich Oprah, I'm relatively poor Susan. 

So here is a list of my favorite things.

These chewy little guys are fat free!  They are tasty and are far from expensive.  Heck you can even buy a small bag of them at the dollar store.

Harlequin has many types of romance novels but I prefer the Harlequin Blaze and the Harlequin Presents books.  Sure they're all pretty much the same story but I still get a kick out of them.  They retail for about $3-$6 Canadian beans.

Great tasting coffee, many flavors, reasonable prices and no confusing names .. you want a large, you get a large, not a vinté or whateverthefrance that other place calls it.

This is great to keep my nose clear without having to stick my finger up it, not that I've ever done that, I'm just saying.  I prefer to stick yellow crayons up my nose.  Seriously, when I was a kid Mom said I stuck a yellow crayon up my nose and she had to take me to the hospital to get it removed.  Guess I didn't want to share.  They retail for about $5 Canadian beans (the vicks, not the crayon)

It's free!  Hey you can't beat that price eh!

Santa Claus Parade 2010

I managed to find a nice video of Montreal's Santa Claus Parade 2010 that took place on Saturday November 20th.  Don't try to sing along unless you know the French versions of the carols.  After listening to them a bazillion times I still don't know the real words but I made up some nice ones that fit perfectly in with the song..... Ya, that's too much information eh!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ogilvy Window

We had such a lovely day Friday that I went down town to do some shopping and look... I tried to record the Ogilvy window with the camera phone and got such a glare off the window but you can still see some of it!  Ya, and you can hear my big yap in the back ground too, along with the spoon guy.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Every year the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir hosts a wonderful gospel holiday celebration.  This year the event will take place on Saturday, December 11th and Sunay, December 12th at St James United Church. 

This is a beautiful concert that will take your breath away.  So beautiful it will bring you to tears!  I went to this concert three times way back in the day.  Back then you didn't have to reserve seats, you just purchased your tickets and it was first come first serve for who got the best seat in the house.  Nowadays you purchase your tickets by seat... which makes more sense.  I intended to go last year but I can't remember why I didn't, I think it had something to do with not knowing exactly when it was or how much it would cost.  I think perhaps this year I may ask a friend from church to attend with me.  I'm sure she'll enjoy this concert as I doubt she's ever been. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Santa Parade 1993

One of the Santa Claus parades I remember was back in 1993.  I got all bundled up and headed downtown with the old 35mm camera.  Hey, back in those dinasour days there wasn't digital cameras... if there were, I was completely oblivious to the fact! 

This grainy photo is me all decked out in winter garb.  I had my warm winter coat on and my favorite piece of scarf.  I say "piece of" because it was a large square but mom cut it into two triangles and kept one piece and gave me the other.  Let me tell you, it was a real warm scarf and it was huge AND I STILL HAVE IT!  I'm also wearing my black hat that was dubbed the "paddington bear" hat.  I guess because it looked like the one that bear wore.  The two men in the photo are Monsieur Félix and Mr. Norton the cookie guys.  They were roaming around during the parade and were willing to snap photos with anyone who asked!  I thought it made for a great memory. 

After the parade, it was off to lunch and then time to go christmas shopping.  Apparently the 35mm camera has a terrible flash because the decorations in the mall I'm posing by are practically invisible!  It was a doll choir with artificial snow and whatnot but since I can only describe what I barely see, I'm no help because my feable memory just ran away.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sounds Like A Memory

Lately, actually more like since ten seconds after halloween, I've been listening to some old school music over the internet.  It's funny how old songs can bring back fond memories.  Ok they can also bring back some painful memories too.  

Take the Elvis Presley christmas album.  We used to listen to that every year growing up so now, every time I hear one song or another off that CD all I can think of is when we were all home with mom decorating the tree, or baking something, or sitting around the kitchen table drinking tea.

It's not just christmas music either.  I heard some old funk songs that took me back!!  I mean B-A-C-K!!!!   Like I was in high school and it was the school dance and Endless Love by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross played and I slow danced in public! *gasp!*    

Remember Back to Life by Soul 2 Soul?  I heard that one and was transported back to working at that appliance store singing that song over the phone with the delivery guy and neither of us knew all the words!

Then there was Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire... and suddenly I was on American Bandstand - which really was dancing in my pjamas in the livingroom!  Hey, that song's from 1979 I was only 10 then!

Sometimes it's nice to listen to the radio stations that play songs from yester-year, helps to keep the memories alive! 


I get a kick out of telling everyone about our sledding days.  Seems every winter my friends and I get to talking about sledding, either they're taking their children to the mountian or we're just taking a slide down memory lane.

When we were kids we'd go out back the mall, there was a big hill that led down into the parking lot so we didn't have to worry about getting hit or anything because nobody liked to park in the outdoor lot anyway with there being tons of indoor parking.

We'd climb up the hill and get on our tabagon.  Sure we had those round plastic sleds like the guy on Christmas Vacation, they went pretty fast but we preferred to use a piece of cardboard wrapped in a garbage bag!  Now that got speed!  As you can see from the photo there, we weren't the only ones who thought of the trashbag sled.    My aunt told me they used to use the hood of an old pick up truck to sled downhill when they were kids!  Imagine the speed on that! 

Chance Of Flurries

I was out for a walk this evening and it started to flurry.  Only little tiny snowflakes but it got me all sentimental again.  I pulled out my cell phone and called mom to tell her there were flurries and we giggled in the phone like two little girls. 

We're not scheduled to get a real load of snow just yet, according to the local weather forcast.  Western Canada got pounded with snow these last two days out in Alberta and Saskatchewan, they've received from 10-15cm (aka 3-6 inches).  We got pounded with rain the last day and a half and that storm system moved east towards the maritimes. 

I'm looking forward to the first snowfall but I don't want it to happen just yet.  Look how pretty snow looks!  I took that photograph in 2007 from the bedroom window of our old place.  I miss that evergreen christmas tree, it was so pretty when the snow landed on it. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Santa Claus Parade

Our Santa Claus parade will be held on Nov.20th and guess who's hoping to attend. 

Yup, this year I've got great intentions to bundle myself up and head on out in the bitter cold with my camera in one hand and a Tim Hortons coffee in the other.  The last parade I went to was oh, hmm.... about 8 years ago I think.  I used to go to the parade every year if I knew well in advance when it would be.  I'm thinking that this year I'll head down to the parade, take a couple of photos or perhaps a video! Hey, now there's an idea!!!   Then while I'm downtown, I can pick up a couple more gifts.  Sounds like a plan to me!!


noun \äb-ˈse-shən, əb-\

Definition of OBSESSION
1: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly : compelling motivation <an obsession with profits>
2: something that causes an obsession

Related to OBSESSION
Synonyms: fetish (also fetich), idée fixe, mania, fixation, preoccupation, prepossession
Related Words: monomania; complex, hang-up, problem, trip; appetite, cacoëthes, compulsion, craving, desire, drive, enthusiasm, fascination, hankering, hunger, infatuation, itch, longing, lust, passion, pining, thirst, urge, yearning, yen; idiosyncrasy, quirk; bent, disposition, inclination, leaning, partiality, penchant, predilection, predisposition, proclivity, propensity, tendency
Near Antonyms: apathy, disinterestedness, disregard, indifference, insouciance, nonchalance, unconcern,
Other Psychology Terms anxiety, conscience, fetish, hypochondria, intelligence, libi, mania, narcissism, neurosis, pathological, personality, phobia, psychosis, schadenfreude, subliminal 

Ok, so if you made it this far down the blog, you'll be glad to know the above ramblings is the difiniton of "obsession" according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary on line.  Calvin Klein may have been on to something with his perfume/cologne also called "obsession".  

As a christmas gift way back I think it was somewhere in the early 1980s, I received a bottle of Calvin Klein's Obsession Eau de Toilette.  Let me tell you, that is one of the sexiest fragrances I had ever smelled (smelt?) ppft, who cares about grammer any more eh?  Anyway, if memory serves me right I rationed that perfume, made it last as long as humanly possible.  I mean, after all I was in my teens and new to the so called dating scene, had to make sure I smelled pretty to keep the dude's attention because I was smarter than him so had to keep things at his level you know the deal eh ladies!  *wink* 

If you've never tried this perfume, I suggest you give it a whirl.  Treat yourself to a bottle for christmas or treat your better half to one, after all, there's also an obsession for men!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aluminum Trees

I wonder if those old aluminum trees are still selling as well as they used to way back when bell bottoms, afros and platforms were in fashion.  Growing up, we never had the aluminum tree, we had the regular looking tree.  Sure, the aluminum ones came in an assortment of colours like silver, white, green and even blue! 

Now, let me tell you, I can wrap my mind around the silver and white, sorta of like a snow covered tree or the moon glistening on a snowcovered tree, but blue?! 

What The France?!! 

I'm sure they were just purchased for decoration, not really for enjoyment.

An Old Fashioned Christmas

I'm feeling somewhat sentimental this year with regards to the upcoming christmas season.  I've decided to give myself the "old-fashioned" christmas I had as a child.  I'm going the whole nine yards!  Ok maybe just eight yards, I'm not doing old fashioned decorating nor am I going to do over-kill on the lights either! 

The old fashioned christmas comes with having the pail of hard christmas candy, the chocolates, chips, cheeze puffs and other bon bons like when we were kids.  I'm going to do tons of baking, and have the Elvis Presley christmas CD playing in the background.  I usually miss all the christmas specials on tv but this year I'll be recording them all!  I'm also going to watch White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and It's A Wonderful Life one right after the other while nibbling on fruit cake!  I'm even going to watch the Lawrence Welk christmas specials on PBS!

I'll probably get homesick for mom and bawl my eyes out thus causing my husband to think I'm either loosing it, or having a menopause mood swing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shopping Mall Music

I'm not sure when exactly the shopping malls start playing christmas music over their intercom but I'm kind of hoping it won't be until the last week of November at least. 

Don't get me wrong, I love going into a mall and humming along to the tunes, singing the ones I know all the words to and trying desperately to sing the french version of Jingle Bells when I know perhaps only the chorus in a very mangled french accent.  The problem with christmas music played too soon is that by the time you're pretty much forced to be in the mall going from one store to the next, trying to find that last minute gift, with each store playing their own version of holiday music, .... well... I only have one word...


Seriously, it gets a bit overwhelming by the week of christmas and it can get anyone who really is in the spirit of things to yell bah humbug while downing two asprin.

Christmas Spirit

I enjoy sharing my christmas stories and whatnot in hopes that it will lift the spirits of those who are feeling kind of "blah" this holiday. 

A few years back and on another blog host, I blogged what I had dubbed "The 60 Days of Christmas" and for 60 days leading up to christmas I only blogged about all things christmas, be it gifts, cards, trees, decorations, food, winter, as long as it related to christmas time in one way or another I blogged it. 

Without realizing it, I turned a few people's holiday around for the positive!  Oh what a blessing that was!!

One lady had taken it upon herself to make sure I didn't stray from the holiday theme for the entire 60 days and she enjoyed all the posts.  The next was a guy who, unbeknownst to me, was feeling blue and missing family.  By sharing my christmas memories he was uplifted and enjoyed the holiday.   If my christmas blogs give just one person a bit of christmas spirit this year, I've succeeded and will claim that as a wonderful gift like paying it forward.  I've always had such lovely christmases filled with memories and traditions I hope to never forget and by sharing them yearly, some the same one you may have already read years before, and some new... I pray that you feel the joy of christmas in your heart.

A Simple Gift

This past Sunday was the deadline at our church for submitting the boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We did six boxes, one for each gender in each age group as noted on the labels.

We had done our shopping for the boxes a couple weeks ago before Halloween so it was pretty easy to add hard candy to the boxes since lollypops were plentiful. 

It was really fun to fill the boxes knowing that they will end up in the hands of some very grateful and happy child who would otherwise not receive anything.  And this year in particular, Operation Christmas Child is paying special attention to the children in Haiti who not only suffered loss with an earthquake but also flooding from hurricanes. 

Once our shopping was done we affixed the labels accordingly and inserted a cheque for $7 per box to cover shipping costs.  A receipt will be received early next year for tax returns. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cookbook

I'm not a great cook. 

No, seriously I'm not!! 

Sure I'm a master at christmas cookies and not so bad at shepherd's pie, lasagna or even buffalo wings but other than that I need lots and lots of help.

My mom gave me my grandma's cookbook.  The Good Housekeeping Cook Book to be exact.  I cherish it.  I use it often too.  As you can see by the photograph I took this evening, I protect it in a plastic bag.

I'm not sure when it was published though, the cover is missing and so are a couple of the pages at front where you'd normally find such information and some of the pages that remain are showing wear, slight tears and crumbling.  I do know that it had to be published between the time my mom was a little girl and the time I was born so we're taking it back roughly fourty some years at least!

I know it's a Good Housekeeping book because it's stated on the upper left pages.  When I pick up this cook book I handle it so carefully.  I treasure it.  I'm in awe that my mom would think to pass it on to me.  That thought alone makes me want to cry and because I know it belonged to her mom, I will take extra care to preserve it as best I can.  I don't want to just store it away, I want to get use of it and learn and prepare delicious mouthwatering meals that would make my grandma smile down on me from Heaven.

The Cookbook isn't like the ones printed today with numerous colour photographs.  Oh don't get me wrong there are some photographs.  My favorite are the cakes of course because we all know how much I love sweets!  Surprisingly enough I haven't licked the page to see if it tastes as good as it looks!

There are also some recipe clips from other books stashed between tha pages.  The one on this photo shows the delicious photo of a cake and a small insert of a rice pudding recipe.

Recipes aren't the only items listed within the pages of this wonderful book, it also had explainations of measurements and preparation suggestions.  I'm pretty much aware of how to measure, but it's still useful to reread this information just incase I get a bit over zealous when baking as I once did and ended up forgetting to add the sugar!  Ya, I know, how the france does that happen eh?   

And lastly, the cookbook also provides tips on how to host dinner parties and how to set place settings around the table with the placement of the flatware, plates and glassware.  I already knew that too since mom taught us that growing up when she would have us set the table for dinner, she'd come behind us and correctly show us where to place the flatware next to the plates.

This cookbook is a most treasured posession, second only to my Bible.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

La Tuque

I don't know about you but it gets real cold here real fast!  We started out warm and mild, almost HOT in October and eased into the cooler weather as the days passed.  We had a few flurries just before Halloween but nothing that stayed on the ground.  November rolls around and we've got some pretty mild days but the early hours of the morning are terribly cold if you ask me.  I walk with a tuque in my bag.  I can't afford to let my brain freeze! 

See, that's me there being a good sport when Tony insisted I put on his tuque and smile for the camera.  Ok so I'm not smiling, I'm giving him my "angry eyes" over the glasses.  I'm like Mrs. Potatohead.

Friday, November 12, 2010

On Display

More and more shops are putting their trees on display.  I've also seen a couple of store windows begin displaying the trees, lights and poinsettias that are common with the season.  I enjoy watching store displays go from ordinary to holiday chic.  It slowly gets me into the holiday spirit.  Now's the time to watch for sales on early christmas gifts too!  I want an ipod touch incase you were wondering what to get me.

These Are My Confessions

I lost a bet tonight so I'm here making good on it.  I'm here to make a confession.

Make no mistake about it, I am addicted to blogging!  I was told there's some sort of twelve step program to cure me of such but that's really not necessary! 

Please don't stage an intervention.

It's no big deal that I write alot of blogs.  I write alot because every time I'm doing something I think of a blog to write!  I even have a ton of blogs SCHEDULED to post at a later date in case I can't get online.  Like Sunday for example, I'm NEVER online on Sunday!  My pc NEVER gets turned on that day.  But hey, I HAD to write them or I'd forget them, so why not post them on days when there'd be no blog otherwise right?  We all know how short my attention span is eh!  

A bit of a secret is that I've gotten addicted to the "next blog" feature in blogger too! 

Oh no!!  

I used to surf the net and read and bookmark sites and blogs I enjoy.  Oh if you could see my long list of favorites!  I even have them organized by folder, so I'm an organized blog addict not a hoarder blog addict who just adds and adds and never cleans up.  

Anyway, I said I would confess and here it is.  Happy now?

Not A Chore

Decorating can be a chore and last for hours on end so you really have to have fun with it.  A real big mug of coffee helps too! 

It's up to you to make christmas decorating not a chore!

As you can see in this photograph here of me back in the mid 1990s, chillaxing in my longjohns and huge mouse slippers and a super extra large mug in hand. 

That's the way to do it! 

You have to be comfortable and silly and have fun... then and only then will you end up with a lovley decorated tree and tons of fond memories!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We'll be starting our shopping for christmas any day now.  Trust me it's not too early!  I know at least one person who is already finished and she had quite a bit to buy!  

That just boggles my mind!! 

I've got the list of recipients together with sizes, likes and dislikes so that I can get a nice gift.  I won't be re-gifting anything this year, though I'm sure I'll be the recipient of at least one re-gift as per usual.  If that's the case I'll just do like I've always done with them, drop them off at the Salvation Army and pray that someone could get use of it.  I don't really see anything wrong with regifting as long as you don't be wicked and regift the ugly christmas sweater that you know nobody wants to someone who you know will hate it, or the set of pot holders you got three years in a row and can really do without a fourth identical pair.  My tips on regifting are to give the ugly christmas sweater to someone you know will get a kick out of it.  Give the pot holders to someone you haven't already given a set to, that's pretty much a no-brainer eh!  

I pretty much liked everything I received last christmas so I haven't anything to recycle.  There's no problem gifting things you received for free like when you buy makeup and get the carryon bag free.  Hey I like those, they're great for stashing my craft projects.  But items found in a cereal box are not to be regifted, that's just twisted and wrong on so many levels.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello Stranger!

Tonight I was once again, in conversation with a friend who is addicted to blogging like I am.  The only difference between our habbits is while she posts a bazillion blogs a day, most being copy/paste of the word of the day, joke of the day, daily beverage, boring zzzz yadda yadda yadda, she never stops to read anyone else's blog!   Shame on you! 

I like the "next blog" feature that blogger has at the top of the page.  It's like joyriding the internet, and saying hi to strangers!  

Superstar Barbie

When I was a little snot nose brat, I always wanted barbies for christmas.  I remember it seemed like every year there was a new type of barbie on the market.  There was that malibu barbie with the tan but it wasn't actually a tan, more like a spray on "lighter skin tone" that would be if she really had a tan from her bikini.... it eventually scraped off and looked ugly as sin.  They'd probably do something like that if they come out with a Snookie doll. 

I had the Superstar barbie, the one with the jewels and bendable knees.  I think I lost her shoes ten second after unwrapping it.  Her feet were so small and those shoes were so cute and hard to keep on her feet short of glue.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Card List

Like any other year, we compile our Christmas Card List based on who we want to extend warm wishes to.  From time to time we do trim our list but we've never trimmed it because the price of stamps continues to rise.  If we trim someone from our list it's because we either don't have your correct address and have no way of getting the card to you, OR we've pretty much dis-owned you so good bye, good riddence, have a nice life, adios amigos. 

We go through our list early, usually before Halloween!  I know, I know, we're like those shopping malls that have the Christmas decorations out in the aisle next to the Halloween costumes.  Crazy but true.  Throughout the year if either one of us reconnects with a friend or someone from our past, that person usually gets added to the Christmas Card List.  Also, depending on whether or not we've heard from you in the past three hundred and sixty five days.  We've got a long snail-mailing list, a tiny handful of email cards to send, and a bunch for church members also.  I'm going to have writers cramp when I'm done addressing all those cards!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Icicle Twinkle Lights

Now is about the time when folks start to decorate the outside of their homes with icicle twinkle lights. 

The weather in November is usually unpredictable so when a relatively nice weekend is in the forecast, that's about the time you can drive around the neighbourhood and see families on step ladders installing lights on the outside of their homes, on trees in their yards or on their balconies.  The last thing anyone wants to be doing is decorating outdoors when the temperature drops below freezing and the wind picks up and to add insult to injury, it begins to snow or freezing rain!  Yikes! 

Tonight while out I saw 3 homes with white icicle lights on.  Not just installed, but actually turned on!  Pretty cool!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Things

Alrighty then,  I was just doing the usual surfing through some blogs and when I do that I do actually READ the blogs not just glance at the pictures.  I also post comments on some of the blogs I read.  So anyway, I was over on Lavender and Pearls and read a tag blog that I volunteered to do!  Ya I know, sounds fun eh!

Ok so 25 random things about me.  Gee, I didn't even post one and already my brain just crashed.  I think I need coffee 2.0 asap.  LOL

  1. I live in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.
  2. I don't like to be called Québécois, I prefer Canadian.
  3. I love coffee.
  4. I love eating gummy bears.
  5. Spiders creep me the heck out!
  6. I didn't comb my hair today either, I just shucked on a hat!
  7. I'm wearing pink and white sweat socks.
  8. I've got a papercut on the middle finger of my right hand. OUCH!
  9. I don't look good in blue unless it's denim.
  10. I sleep with an eyemask on, like a movie star!
  11. I had oatmeal for breakfast yesterday.
  12. I'm going to have shepherds pie for dinner Friday night.
  13. Tony and I have been a couple for 11 years.
  14. We've been married for 3 of those 11 years.
  15. Autumn is my favorite season.
  16. I like the rain.
  17. I hate humid weather, it always gives me a bad hairday.
  18. Frenchfries and vinegar are awsome.
  19. I am addicted to blogging but please don't stage an intervention.
  20. I have a food allergy but it's a secret.
  21. I currently have a slight case of bronchitis but don't tell mom.
  22. I used to be addicted to caffeine but I cured myself.
  23. I fell off the wagon yesterday
  24. mmmm.... caffeine!
  25. Is that why I didn't sleep to well?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

In The Shops

I've been in a couple of malls this week prior to halloween and seen Christmas decorations already being assembled.  I'm not complaining, we all know how much I simply adore Christmas, the decorations, the music, the food!!  Not so much the shopping though, at least not at the last minute but that's a whole 'nother blog at this point! 

I always wondered why stores just don't wait until November 1st to put out the Christmas stuff. I mean, usually it's nothing new anyway, just the old stuff from last year at 50% off.  The new stuff doesn't usually make it to shelves until mid November.   

Halloween stuff is at 75% off this week.  I saw a woman buying up bag after bag of candy, I'm assuming to send to her family overseas, unless she's a meanie and will open the bags and sell them individually in her store to kids for ten cents a piece thus ripping kids off for a profit.  Ya, I've seen that happen but she looked nice so my guess is she's sending it to family overseas which is a good thing!  The Halloween costumes have already disappeared to the back corner of store stockrooms until next year, those never go on sale!  So if Halloween stock can be moved so quickly, why the need to share space with Christmas stuff for the last week of October?  That just doesn't make sense to me though I'm sure there is a very reasonable explaination.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ice Scraper

With the dip in temperatures these days, now that "indian summer" is history and "jack frost" is here, we've got to get out there a bit earlier and scrape the windows of the automobile.... unless it's in the garage.  This morning I saw someone scraping their car and smiling!  I smiled back and she said something along the lines of "get ready it's going to get worse than this".  I had to laugh because she's right but to say it with a smile, that's positive thinking.  Winter isn't bad, it's just troublesome to some folks and funtimes for others.  Don't let it get you down!