Friday, January 28, 2011

"K" Not Found...

I can't even begin to say how many blogs I popped in to trying to figure out where I left my email address for someone to reply.  Figured I just needed a pick-me-up and decided to discuss this situation with my darling husband Tony, ya, you can almost taste the sarcasm eh.   

So I figure he can help shed some light on this situation. 

His words of wisdom were first, it was nice that I wanted to reach out to this person so they won't think I just deleted the email on purpose.  THEN he goes on to say that if it ended up in my spam folder in the first place it was probably an email sent to many people and I was probably never in the "to" field, but more likely in the "bcc" field.  He continued by saying that 'K' wrote the email asking for my banking information so she could forward me the five million dollars I won in the contest I didn't enter and if not that, then she was being held captive by her family and desperately needed to escape thus needing (not wanting) my name, address, phone number and banking information so she could transfer her funds to a Canadian bank to aid in her escape. 


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In Search Of "K"

Sometimes my body works faster than my brain.  Oh no, I'm not putting myself down by anymeans, just today I'm really tired (didn't sleep too well) and I may be coming down with the flu likely because Tony doesn't want it anymore and likes to share his germs with me a.k.a in sickness and in health, yadda yadda yadda, so now I'm more than in slow-motion.  Anyway, I received a reply via email from someone who's name starts with the letter K. 


It accidently got deleted before I could reply but I do know, or at least I think I know, that I was at your blog yesterday so, having said that, I'm going to revisit all the blogs I think I visited since the one thing I do know for sure is I hopped in from another blog most likely the Monday meet thing.  If you're not the person I'm looking for, pay me not mind, I'll just say hello and be on my way but if you are the person I'm looking for then please email me again!!! 

update:  not bad, I just have 136 blogs to check out to find you!  LOL

Bundled Up

What's worse about getting all bundled up is as soon as I get myself all together, like tonight for example, put on the tights, the socks, pants, long sleeve tee under the turtleneck sweater then on with the warm pull over sweater on top of that with a scarf, hat, ten pound coat, mittens and boots... oh gosh I gotta go pee.  WHAT!?  I made sure not to drink anything within 30 minutes of getting ready to leave the house for this exact reason.  I was annoyed by it.  I hope I'm not the only adult who always has to "go" the minute the winter gear is all in place.  I can only imagine what I must have been like as a child once the snowsuit was zipped up.  Must have driven mom nuts!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet Me On Monday Jan.24

At this rate, I may never have to think of another blog to write ever again! LOL

I found another join in the fun blog hop event over at Never Growing Old so here we have the Meet Me On Monday event, yes, I posted this on Tuesday but technically it can be considered Monday night since it's the middle of the night .... just happens to be past midnight is all.  Amazing how I can always make things sound sensible eh.
So here's your chance to get to know me, the sometimes silly blog addict in Montreal Canada. 


1.  What is your favorite kind of fudge?
2.  Is there snow outside your window?
3.  What is your favorite meal of the day?
4.  Do you text on your cell phone?
5.  Waffles or pancakes?

My Answers:
1.  My favorite fudge is the home made kind that my mom makes with dark brown sugar and coronation milk.
2. There's way too much snow outside my window right now it's getting on my nerves.
3. My favorite meal is breakfast, I like it better when someone else cooks it for me!
4. I don't text on my cell in all honesty I only texted once in my entire life and it stressed me out.
5. Pancakes with raspberry jam (not pancake syrup).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 365 Week 4

Project 365 / Week 4

Sunday, January 16th,
Woke up to get ready for church and looked out the window.  Much to my surprise our balcony was covered with snow.  I thought we were supposed to get only flurries, as in nothing that will make a difference.

Monday, January 17th,
I had a few encouraging words with Jillian (my christmas cactus).  She was supposed to bloom last month but only now she's produced ONE bud.  ONE (see I circled it in the photo).   Needless to say I had a party in celebration of that one bud that better bloom into a flower... really doesn't take much to please me eh!

Tuesday, January 18th,
I went to work on Tuesday night and my coworker gave me a loaf of home made whole wheat bread.  She always bakes and gives me a loaf of bread and let me tell you it's delicious!  I love it toasted.  I couldn't even wait to bring it home, I cut two slices off it right away and popped it into the toaster.  There's none left now of course that simply goes without saying since we all know how greedy I am.

Wednesday, January 19th
On my way to work Wednesday night I saw a bed of soft untouched snow!  I was sooooo tempted to run through it but it looked like it was pretty deep.  Deep enough to get down into my ankle boots so not a good idea.  Had I been on my way home from work then we'd be discussing a before and after photo! LOL  Oh ya, and it was also my sister's birthday, I sang to her on the phone.

Thursday, January 20th,
I baked cookies for my coworker (the one who gave me the bread).  She has kids who love chocolate...  Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't it seem most women have kids who love chocolate?  I'm just saying.  Anyway, I baked chocolate mint chip cookies.  I only ate four of them surprise surprise! 

Friday, Januray 21st,
Since I didn't have to work Friday night, we just relaxed.  It was too cold to do much else (that I can blog about openly).  We watched a lacrosse game on tv.  I had no clue what lacrosse was until now.  I actaully had to ask Tony WHY he was watching it... he said it was "exciting".  I wasn't excited by it I was lost.

Saturday January 22nd,
It was cold and I had to run to the store for milk... for my coffee and cereal.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Question Friday = Jan. 21st

...And many thanks to Moma M @ Five Crooked Halos, now it looks like I had a head full of bloggs! 
Here are this weeks five questions:
1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?
I met my spouse on the job!  We both worked for the same company but different departments.  Happened one day I seen him talking to someone and he laughed and I thought "wow, he has a great smile".  Wouldn't say it was instantly love but I did think he was one hot dude!

2. What is your favorite room in your house?
My favorite room is our spare bedroom because it's small and cosy.  I enjoy watching tv in there while crafting or just laying back and reading.
3. Can you wiggle your ears?
4. What is your evening ritual?
Four nights a week I'm at work so getting dinner prepared then running out the door would be the norm.  On the nights off, simply relaxing after dinner and spending time with my husband.
5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
I'm so accustomed to getting little sleep since working nights really messes with the sleeping habits.  I can go on 3 hours most of the time.  Not healthy but I have been known to function on less!

Flashback Friday = Inventions/Technology

First I'd like to thank Mocha with Linda for the Flashback Friday, without it I'd have nothing to blog about today.  So... THANK YOU!!! 

Alrighy then, the flashback is as follows:

What new inventions or technology came out when you were growing up that you remember being amazed at? Were your parents "early adopters"--did they get the "latest and greatest" pretty quickly or did they stick with the "tried and true"? What are some things that you remember being a big deal when your family got them? (These may be items like stereos or kitchen equipment or bigger things such as carpet.) Were your folks prone to updating their furniture periodically or did they keep their old furniture forever? How was the way they were raised impact the way you were raised? And how did your upbringing influence the way you are today

There are a couple of technology inventions that I remember being amazed at, particularly the invention of the audio cassette. 

THEY WERE SO SMALL compared to the beloved
8 track tapes.   Remember those!  Mom had a really large collection of country music on 8 track tapes (Kenny Rogers, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Pride, George Jones...) Sure she bought us a disco compilation once and the problem with that was whenever I wanted to hear Captain & Tenille I had to click the selection button on the cassette player to get to the group it was in then wait for each and every song to play until it got to my beloved Love Will Keep Us Together!  It was frustrating because I had to share the machine with my siblings and they hated that song LOL... I only got to listen to it because mom told them to let me have a chance. 

Mom wasn't too happy to part with her 8 tracks when the cassette player came out.  I think we were the only family on the block still clicking and waiting for our song to play while everyone else simply used the fast forward on the new and exciting cassette players.  Eventually we got one that connected to the stereo system.  

Now the video cassette is a whole 'nother story!  We had the old top loading super gigantic machine.  Talk about bulky!  We never rushed out to get one until a video rental place opened up beside us and oh wow, just looking at all the movies we could watch!  Back then sort of reminds me of now actually, having to choose the type of machine.  Now we have regular DVDs or blueray.  Back then we had VHS or Beta. 

When mom got the Black & Decker toaster oven... oh boy... that was something else.  I LOVED THAT THING!  IT TOASTED BAGELS!!!  The traditional toaster we had could toast bread but not a begal slice because it was too fat to fit but the toaster oven.... oh I could kiss whoever invented that!   Mom barely used it.  I think she loved it so much she wanted to "save it".  That toaster sat unused on the counter for years.  Only when I had a bagel was I permitted to use it but then I had to clean it and put it back the way it was can you believe that!??!!  When I moved out mom gave it to me!  Oh man I think I hugged her so hard I may have broken some bones in her tiny body. 

Just over the christmas holidays I was speaking with my 14 year old niece and telling her how when we were kids there wasn't any computer, no cell phone, no nintendo gameboy or DS or whateverthefrance it's called.  The look on her face was priceless.  Almost looked like she felt sorry for me. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Minute In Susan's Mind

You know, if I hadn't watched that Matrix movie yesterday I wouldn't have had anything to blog about.  I'm so blogstipated. I'm seriously drawing a major blank.  I don't get it!  When I'm walking up the street to catch the bus I'm "composing" a blog in my mind.  But the minute I get in front of the pc... GONE!  Poof! Nothing left. 

How is that even possible? 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Montreal Matrix

We were watching a movie tonight, one of the Matrix movies just not sure which one it was.  Anyway, there was a scene where the guys were driving on the highway, and another when they were driving through a busy city core.

My point to this is, when I was a kid, I was watching some television show with my siblings and my brother made it a point to say that the show was filmed downtown... as in downtown MONTREAL.  Now being as I was a little kid and by brother is older, I just figured he knows what he's talking about!  Didn't occur to me at that age that he'd lie, or that he just probably didn't know what he was talking about.

So in this Matrix movie, the scene on the highway comes up and I tell my husband, "that was filmed on the Décarie express".  Needless to say he didn't bat an eyelash.  I pretty much think Tony has completely mastered the art of zoning me out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: Outfits For Spring

I stumbled into The Undomestic Momma blog and noticed she also had a community blog play along going. 

You know how I'm really loving these.  I just need to find more!! 

She's got the Top 2 Tuesday and this week is about outfits for spring.  I'm not good at fashion, seriously ask anyone who knows me, once they get off the floor from laughing they'll ask if you're referring to me!


Here's my Top 2 Tuesday : Outfits for spring.
Number 1:

I love cargos, beige ones are my favorite but the steel grey and very pale khaki aren't so bad either.  I like that they can be prettied up by rolling up the leg, putting on a nice wedge sandal, a pretty belt with feminine buckle, frilly sleeveless top and away you go!  Or dress em down, leave the leg long, throw on a tee, or sweatshirt.  These are my favorites for spring and they do follow me into summer evenings as well.

Number 2:

The cotton long sleeve tee.  I love these!  My mom got me into these last spring when she got me a bunch of them in many colours.  They're great with jeans and cargo's for an ordinary day.  Can be paired with a skirt and chunky jewelry.  I particularly like the V-neck ones as opposed to the round/scoop neck ones but they're easy to wear, comfortable and versitile.

And there you have it!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project 365=Week 3

Project 365 button designed by http://richgift.blogspot.comAlright, as you can see I have to play catch up on the project 365 but since I can't remember what happened in the first 8 days, I'm starting now...

Week 3 of Project 365

And this is how interesting my week was:

Sunday Jan.9

We went to church on Sunday morning and I received a nice christmas gift from another member!  I thought it was very thoughtful.... made my day!

Monday Jan. 10
Was afraid to step on the scale!  I swear I could hear it laughing at me.

Tuesday Jan. 11

Tuesday morning on my way home from work I played in what was left of the snow.  It was a soft piece that had no foot prints in it so I ran through it like the kid I am. 

Wednesday Jan. 12

We received a christmas/new year greeting card from our sponsored child in The Republic of Congo.  This truly made us smile.  He also included a drawing which we posted on the fridge with all the other artwork from our family!

Thursday Jan. 13

After fighting a losing battle with a migraine, I finally stopped off at the drug store and picked up some regular strength asprin.  Bye bye migraine!

Friday Jan. 14

That's me bundled up Friday morning on my way home from work.  Yup, I look tired after a long 10 hour shift, yup I needed my warm bed, yup I needed a hot cup of coffee, yup if it weren't for my glasses I'd have had that hat pulled way down and cut some circles out for eyes!  Nobody likes my hat.

Saturday Jan. 15
The "good luck" grey hair invading my hairline had to be dealt with.  First of all they were not "good luck" because I didn't win the lotto.   There's only so much Granddad's Method could do.  FYI: Granddad's Method is using mascara to cover the grey strands but like I said, they were INVADING my hairline so black dye was required!  Girlfriend looks good now, took ten years off my age LOL.


Flashback Friday

I know it's Saturday and I'm a day late and a dollar short but here's my submission for Flashback Friday:

This week's flashback topic went as follows:

How strict were teachers when you were in school? What were common methods of discipline? No recess? Writing sentences? Being sent to the principal's office? Were "pops" or "swats" allowed? Did you ever get in "big" trouble at school? If so, what was it for and what happened to you? Were you ever suspended from school? If you got in trouble at school, what happened at home? Was school lunch a pretty relaxed environment or was discipline maintained in the cafeteria as well? If you are a teacher, what have you vowed never to do as a result of your experiences growing up?
When I was in school, high school in particular, we had a principal who was pretty strick.  She made sure the boys had their hair combed, shirts tucked in, no droopy pants or untied runners.  Made sure the girls didn't wear skirts to short or would comment to the girls if they wore "too much" make-up.  Back then we may have thought it too much but in retrospect she was just an extension of the parents at home.

School discipline was usually time kept after school even if you were on a sports team, you still had to stay and miss the game or practice and on top of that, you weren't given a note of excuse for missing practice because it was your own fault for misbehaving in the first place!  Most teachers just made students report to them after school and stay thirty minutes to an hour.  If your parents expected you home immediately then you were given a note to take home so you wouldn't get punished at home but problem with that was now your parents knew you got busted at school, how on earth do you escape punishment at home now? 

I never got suspended at school.  I almost did one year, I think I was in the nineth grade - it was the last week of school and a hot start to summer so I wore dressy knee shorts to school (aka bermuda shorts) but the principal didn't approve which made no sense because they were longer than most of the girls' miniskirts!  So she sent me home, I returned with my mom and you know the power of the mom, she got me out of the mess at school and then forbade me wearing my shorts until school was complete.  phew!  dodged that one!

Discipline was maintained throughout the school no matter what time of day.  Lunch and recess weren't really "your time", you were still on school grounds so you had to mind the rules.

Ok now I'm really feeling "retro".

Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Question Friday

It's really great that folks come up with blogs like this so people like me, who currently find themselves "blogstipated" are able to post something!

So here's todays Five Question Friday from Mama M over at five crooked halos

1. What movie could you watch over and over again and not get tired of?
  • I could watch You've Got Mail over and over and over and never get tired of it.  I've seen this movie countless of times and smile each time I watch it.  I wouldn't go so far as to say it's my favorite movie but certainly one I always pull off the shelf and watch just out of the blue!

2. What's your biggest pet peeve right now?
  • Right now my biggest pet peeve is finding a spoon full of coffee baking at the bottom of a pot that nobody turned off!  I know this sounds silly, but it drives me nuts to see (and smell) what amounts to a spoon full of coffee lingering at the bottom of a pot that still sits on a hot burner of the coffee maker.  Either turn it off, or make a new pot but don't take the last cup and leave a mouthfull to bake, it's really annoying.

3. If you had to describe your best friend in five words or less, what would you say?
  • Loving, persistant, light hearted, loyal.

4. If you did not have to worry about money or go to school what would you do for a living?
  • Believe it or not, I'd still do what I do.  I love my job, the people are pleasant and down to earth.

5. What is your one "splurge" item, that you will always buy, no matter the cost?
  • I always splurge on craft items.  I love cross stitch and plastic canvas so when I see a pattern or something related that I want (more than I need), I'll shell out the money for it even though I'm usually a cheapskate.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Suivant, Next

In my usual adventures of the "next blog", I stumbled onto a blog that was an old post, a couple months old, that had some real big word that I couldn't pronounce because it wasn't english (not for lack of trying.)  After scrolling down the page I realized the entire blog wasn't english.  Not quite sure what it was but it wasn't english, or french, didn't look spanish or italian either but then again how the france would I know since I speak neither spanish, nor italian.

Anyway, figured it was time to move on, clicked the "next blog" button, wound up in yet another foreign language blog.  Thankfully the "next button" stays english, clicked it, and guess what happened? 

Five clicks later, five foreign languages later... or perhaps the same foreign language just on five different blogs, I stumbled on a blog called "The Next Blog Blog"Imagine that!  

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 365

Project 365 button designed by
So I was being my usual nosey self, in a good way of course, reading blogs that I follow, and noticed that Sara (click here for her blog) has once again begun the project 365, a picture a day.  I enjoyed this last month when I stumbled on it and decided this very minute pretty much, that I'm going to join in!  I'm already 10 days behind so I guess I'll just have to begin next week fresh because I'm so lost, dazed and confused right now it's not funny!

Getting Motivated

I stumbled into a website where "John" is logging his diet.  I only wish I had his courage.  No way on earth will I post my weight for the general population of cyberspace to see.  WHAT!!??  Soooo not going to happen!!!

I admit I ate too many christmas cookies with the lovely idea that they were calorie free.  Sure sounded cute at the time, tasted even better.  I should lay blame to everyone who generously provided new cookie recipes but I won't because truth be told those recipes were amazing!! 

Hubby says I'm sexy but he has to say that because it was part of our wedding bows you know "to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, in fatness and in thin, always sexy til the end"

I'm checking out some personal blogs that are currently focusing on fitness or the proverbial *air-quotes* RESOLUTIONS so that I can get a bit of motivation because in all honesty I am taking my health seriously but I don't expect to look Jennifer Hudson skinny over night.  Besides, I don't want to be skinny, I want to be healthy (if I tell myself that enough I'll believe it).

I'm a bit under the weather this week and NO that's not an excuse to be lazy, it's the truth!  Seriously!!!   I'm just not up to par.  Hopefully, God willing, I will feel more like myself next week and will get more into the physical fitness. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Let the fun begin!

I went for a walk yesterday to configure the pedometer in the ipod and to purchase a scale.  Well I wasted my money on the scale, no it didn't break when I stepped on it, it's just not telling me the right weight. 

The app to help me acheive my goal by June is all set up using the incorrect weight the scale lied and told me, so I'll just take it from there.  I'm really motivated, as long as I don't consider this a "new-year-resolution" I'll do just fine. 

My muffin top may not like that I'm going to give it the boot but my internal pipes are happy and saying it's about time you ate right and took better care of us. 

A Minute In Susan's Mind

We video taped the putting up of our christmas tree and were supposed to upload the video in a blog... hmm that completely slipped my slippery mind.  I'm getting it done now and posting it to youtube. 

I'm kind of lazy today. 

I'm beginning to think that 2011 is the Year Of The Lazy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life Lessons

I enjoy reading the stories which were real life experiences submitted by real people and included a photograph of the author. 

This particular story I found drew me to tears and I though it was well worth sharing.

Taken from Chatalaine magazine Feb.'11

"I have a number tattooed on my left arm.  I got it when I arrived at the Auschwitz concentration camp at the age of 18.  Soon enough, I would learn first-hand that people are capable of terrible cruelty.  But I also discovered that goodness can survive even in the darkest of places.

The Nazis needed young people like me to work, so I was selected as a slave labourer at a munitions factory near the Auschwitz main camp.  Each morning, I was woken at 5 a.m. and given a piece of bread to eat.  then I was marched with about 200 other women to the factory.  We wore blue-and-grey-striped prison uniforms and were under constant watch by armed guards.

Each day, it took a miracle to survive.  If you looked too skinny or sick, you were sent to the gas chambers.  More than a million people were killed there.  My motto was "May tomorrow be no worse than today."  My only dream was to survive to see another morning.

I became very close to some of the girls in the camp.  They were from small cities and bigger cities, from Poland, France and Germany.  If someone stole a piece of bread, we would all share it.  One day, I mentioned to one of the girls: "It's my birthday in a few days-I'm going to be 20 years old."  At the time, it seemed old.

I forgot about it.  But on December 12, 1944, I was sitting at the factory work table when I noticed something moving toward me.  It was being passed from hand to hand.  As it got closer, I saw it was a piece of bread.  And inside the bread was a heart.  I didn't understand at first what it was.  But later, when it was safe, I opened it up.  It was a booklet with pages in the shape of a heart, small enough to fit into your hand and covered with a cloth embroidered with the letter F.  Inside, the girls had signed birthday wishes.  One wrote, "Freedom, freedom, freedom." Another wrote, "May your life be long ans sweet."  To make it, they would have had to steal paper, scissors, a pen.  If they had been caught, they would have been sent to their deaths.  But even in that inhuman place, they insisted on remaining human beings.  They risked their lives to make me a present.

Auschwitz was evacuated about a month later.  Tens of thousands of prisoners like me were sent on a death march.  We walked for days and days.  People were dropping dead from cold and starvation, or being shot by SS guards if they didn't keep up.  I weighed about 70 pounds and ate grass to survive.  But even then I refused to leave the little heart behind.  I kept it hidden under my arm.  I had lost everything in the war.  My parents, my brother and my sister had all been killed.  The heart was all I had.

Now I'm 86 years old.  I was married to the same wonderful man for 60 years.  I am blessed with two terrific children and four grandchildren.  Yes, I lived through hell.  But I am a survivor.  My little heart survived with me.  I consider myself the luckiest human being alive."

As told to Ingrid Perits.  Fania's story has been captured in the documentary Le Coeur d'Auschwitz, by filmaker Carl Leblanc.  It is scheduled to appear this year on Radio-Canada TV."

Saturday, January 8, 2011

There's An App For That

In my quest to be able to breathe in the pants I currently have hanging in the closet, I can honestly say I've taken this fitness thing a tad seriously. 

Yup, just a tad, not too seriously, and not lightly, just a tad.

I'm discovering that this lovely iPod touch that Tony got me for christmas can host a couple of apps.  Last night we downloaded some to help me on my quest.  I got the pedometer to count my steps and log the calories burned since walking is pretty much my favorite thing to do, mainly in the spring and summer, not so much in the winter except to go look at the light displays folk have on their homes.  We also got the daily workout for my butt, arms and abs.  There was also an app to help me keep track of how much water I drink and food I eat.  I'm not a fan of tracking my food intake but I do drink plenty of water so that's a plus.  Now all I need to do is purchase a scale that won't scream out in pain when I step on it!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday

I slacked off a bit on reading the blogs I follow, and just now while adding an easy button I stumbled into Mocha With Linda's Flashback Friday.  This was one wonderful idea I'm so glad someone thought of!  If you've never been over to her blog, take a leap and join in her fun!  Talk about a way to keep those memories alive and also to let you know just when you thought you were the only one that happened to or that did something like that.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

So this week's flashback is as follows:

Were your parents strict, permissive, or somewhere in-between when you were growing up? Did you tend to be compliant or rebellious? What did you tend to get in trouble for doing? How did your parents discipline/punish you - spankings (and what did they use when spanking), revoking privileges, grounding, time-outs or some other manner? Did both parents handle punishment or did one tend to do it more than the other? (And which one was it?) Is there anything that you have admitted doing since you've been an adult that you got away with as a child? Or is there anything you were punished for that you have since learned your parents had to try hard not to laugh while they were meting out your discipline? If you are a parent, what is something you have done or not done (or vowed you would never do) as a result of your growing-up experiences with discipline?

Mom was strict to a degree.  She wasn't a warden, she was a loving mom.  We were taught right from wrong and that lying about anything always came back to bite you so may as well 'fess up to it and take the punishment.  I was never a complainer, or at least I don't think I was, I may have to consult my siblings on that!  We were pretty much behaved kids, not perfect by any means, but we knew that what mom said goes.  We'd be carrying on in the room playing dolls and fighting over who got to play with GI Joe, who rightfully belonged to my brother, or just simply ganging up on my brother since he was out-numbered by the girls.  When mom would hear us arguing amungst ourselves she'd yell "DON'T MAKE ME COME IN THERE" and that's pretty much all it took to shut us up.  In all honesty I think her "bark" was worse than her "bite".  If we did get punished, it was a spanking depending on what our crime was, and yes the punishment always fit the crime.  We'd have our television priveliges and outdoor playtime with friends taken away also.  We only needed that to happen once and learned from it!  I admit being the youngest I got away with quite a bit, always blamed my sisters but I did get a scolding for lying on them. 

I remember when I was much older, I spilled spaghetti on the livingroom carpet which was a pale baby blue, and BRAND NEW carpet too.  Mom always had us eat at the table and not in front of the television in the livingroom so that night let me tell you, I cleaned that rug spotless while she slept and she never knew about it until I confessed to it many many MANY years later to which in return I got the "evil eye".

I think we all turned out alright, she did well in her actions and I wouldn't change a thing.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

iPod Photo

St. Joseph's Oratory lights up the night sky.
photo taken January 5, 2011 
(Montréal, QC, Canada)

Not-So-Easy Button

So as it turns out, adding a scrolling button widget just doesn't seem to be happening.  I can get the picture to scroll, I can get words to scroll, but getting the picture as a link to scroll just ain't happening!  When I finally managed to get them to scroll, only two and a half buttons would scroll and then reloop without scrolling the rest.....

sigh... my brain hurts.

Most likely it's just user problems, but anyway, I've come up with a plan that will still link others to interesting sites they may never have stumbled into as mentioned in one of my previous blogs "easy button".  I'm going to add the picture of the button in the scrolling widget, unfortunately it won't be a link, but on a weekly basis I will compose a blog highlighting the sites WITH the link and the button as reference.  I admit I had some help coming up with that idea.  Ok so it wasn't my idea but it'll work for now.

UPDATE:  Ok so I apparently need more caffeine in my blood, we got the linked buttons lined up in the widget, to heck with the fancy smancy annoy me to migraine scrolling feature. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let's Get Started

Now that I have my disco playlist back, I intend to make good use of it. 

Yup, you heard me, I love disco music!  It's got the right beat for a brisk walk. 

I had a nice disco playlist on my ipod nano, the little square but mine was a green one, and even though I dropped it many times, it apparently was "Susie-Proof" and still worked until one night I was laying on the bed, listening to some contemporary christian music while playing klondike solitaire and then BZZZZTTTT.... it buzzed and died on me. 

I was so distressed.  boo hoo hoo

I had to go a couple of months using Tony's dreaded Sony Walkman mp3 player that didn't remember the playback position of the audio Bible.   Needless to say I complained about the walkman every chance I got and Santa Tony heard me loud and clear and got me the ipod touch for christmas.  Now not only can I listen to my disco playlist, but I can read ebooks, and also use the Nike+ feature on it to help me with a workout.  I'm trying to configure it but need to purchase a sensor of some sorts to get it working properly.  Steve Jobs you're such a crook, it should be included if we got the software included!  Sheesh.  Either way, since I love walking, and love disco music, I may as well combine the two and get to work on trimming my waistline.

Own It

I'm beginning to wonder how many other folks are trying to excuse the excessive eating that happened over the holidays.  I'll be first to step up to the microphone and introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Susan, and I ate waaayyyy too much in December.  No, let me correct that, I've been eating uncontrollably since the end of November truth be told.  It all started with the need to bake fruitcake.  Then came baking cookies.  Then came the turkey dinner.  Then came the lovely leftovers...

Do I really need to go on?

I love food. 

I don't over eat though but I do take larger portions when it's something good.  Perhaps we should just call it what it is.


Ok, I'm greedy and now I have to own up to it. 

I'm sitting here typing this blog with my pants unbuttoned inorder to breath and not pass out. 

That's not good!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Muffin Top

Somewhere along the was I think my muffin top expanded.  No matter how much in denial I may be, I had difficulties with the button on my jeans tonight. 

Ok, let me also confess, I only put on the jeans because the button on the corduroy pants I was wearing popped off... LITERALLY!!  I zipped em up, sealed the button through the hole, inhaled and POW!  The button shot across the room.  Luckily my husband was not nearby or he may have lost an eye. 

Anyhow, I can't go on a diet because I love food too much, it's as simple as that.  I'll probably just buy a larger size but in the interim I need to be able to button my pants, and breathing while in them would be nice too.  So I've decided to walk more.  If I have to take the bus somewhere I'll walk to the next bus stop before catching the bus.  

I like to walk and since I got a new ipod for christmas because I was a good girl all year, I've got my disco playlist back! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Work In Process

It was suggested that I take this year to complete all of the work in process craft projects I have stashed in the closet.  That sounds like a pretty large task if you ask me because I've got plenty of unfinished projects that have been calling out to me for years!  Would you believe that back in 1997 I begun stitching a precious moments girl and never finished her!  Yup, she's on the list of things to get back to, along with the starlight nativity and some random felt projects too.

I guess it's something I can seriously consider. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Time to ditch the tree!