Monday, February 28, 2011

Will Spring Ever Arrive?

The month of March is just around the corner and I'm really glad because this makes me believe that spring is truly on the way.  I know technically it's on the 21st or 22nd or somewhere in that ballpark but with the constant temperature changes from mild to freezing subzero and then snow and freezing rain... sigh... it's really depressing.  I'm afraid to watch the weather network for fear they'll say another storm system is moving through. 

I walked through a ton of puddles tonight getting to work, and not on purpose either!  After having snow then snow mixed with freezing rain pretty much the entire day you'd think the sidewalk plows would create some sidewalks ... nope!  Now with the temperatures dropping significantly over night I'm afraid of how they'll be all frozen and uneven by morning.  Getting home in the morning will be a trip (literally!!) 

I'm trying not to rant, I keep telling myself we just need one or two nice warm days to melt the snow - then I could take tons of photos of potholes the size of smartcars!  Seriously, were are my tax paying dollars going? 

Alright, that's my rant, I'm done, I'm going to blame it on the caffeine.

Meet Me On Monday: Feb28

Meet Me On Monday (hosted by Never Growing Old) - the last day of February 2011


1.  What are you wearing right now?

Wow, good thing this question didn't come in over an instant message!  Right now, I'm wearing a pair of bluejeans, white sweat socks, and a white turtleneck sweater that I just realized is on inside out.

2.  Do you have any freckles?

I do not have any freckles.

3.  What is your favorite Lifesaver flavor?

I like all the flavors in Lifesavers.

4.  What is the last movie you saw in the theater?

I think the last movie I saw in a cinema was Sex and the City.  I remember I went alone during the day and Tony specificially asked me NOT to tell him about it. 

5.  Would you rather live without tv or without music?

I would live without tv.  I've always got my ipod with music on but barely have time to watch much tv.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project 365: Feb. 20-26

Project 365 button designed by

Alrighty then, here goes another week so that I'll be up to date. 

Sunday February 20

After church we stopped by Tony's mom's for lunch.  She has a "green-thumb" when it comes to plants and when I spied this lovely in her livingroom I simply had to photograph it!  I have no clue what type of plant it is but it's big and it's beautiful!


Monday February 21

Tony's mom gave me two roses for my birthday... oh ya, guess I should mention that today was my 42nd birthday.  I didn't do anything special, slept most of the day, fixed dinner, went to work for the night, you know, same ole same old.


Tuesday February 22

I got myself two nice big binders to put recipes in.  I swiped them from the recyclebin at work.  I was shocked to see them there because they're brand spanking new!!!!  Not a scratch, not a pen mark, nothing, brand spanking new so I took em.


Wednesday February 23

Spotted this "advertisement" for a cabane au surcre (sugaring off) trip.  Usually this time of year when the temperatures warm up and the maple or sap trees are being milked or whateverthefrance you call it, schools and work places like McDonalds, BurgerKing and the like, host these sugaring off trips to a caban up north.  There's sleigh rides, animals, and food.  We went to something like this in elementary and high school and also when I worked at BurgerKing back in the dinasour days.  It's quite fun but I have my doubts for a hand-written ad hosted by Joe-the-strangerman-could-be-killer-dude.


Thursday February 24

We called one of our church members to see if they were alright.  Haven't seen them in church for a while and they're in their late 60s and we worry about them.  They're a sweet couple we always sit near during service.  Found out they'd been away for just over a week then the extreme cold weather kept them indoors but otherwise they're doing well.


Friday February 25

I stopped off at the store and picked up a big bag of jubejubes.  The nice an juicy ones by Dare.  I sort of almost felt guilty so I also bought a tub of no fat peach yogurt.  It kind of makes everything feel right in the world and I didn't feel too bad when I got to the checkout counter.

Montreal was under a "winter storm watch" we were supposed to get ten to fifteen centimeters of snow and have high winds.  I ran and did my errands as soon as shops opened in the morning.  I got home from work at 5:30am, got Tony off to work, relaxed for a bit with a coffee then ran my errands as soon as I knew shops opened their doors to avoid being out in the storm.  Then I came home, went to sleep and woke up to that... tiny bit of snow!  I was happy it wasn't nearly as close to the amount forcasted because enough with the snow already!

For dinner I made meatloaf.  Tasted good, looked pretty sitting there in the pan before going in the oven so I just HAD to photograph it to brag on about my medeocre at best cooking skills. LOL. 


Saturday February 26

I sat at the kitchen table enjoying my coffee this morning and noticed two santa magnets still on the freezer.  Funny, I don't have any kids but I've got a fridge & freezer full of artwork from my nieces & nephews! 

And there you have it.  Now Sara won't put me in detention for not doing my homework assignment! 
I love doing this, it's really fun!!!

Project 365: Feb 13-19

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One thing about this Project 365, it's got me taking photos eveyday.  I may not get them posted weekly but I feel like if I don't post them, I'm going to be put in detention after school.  I don't know why but it's a pretty funny feeling.

Sunday February 13.

Our church held the annual Valentine Ladie's Group Potluck Luncheon.  It was held just following the morning's second service and all were welcomed (not just the ladies).  There was plenty of food, I brought tuna salad sandwiches and some muffins.  There were also egg salad sandwiches, many different salads, fried chicken, rice, many cakes and more. 


 Monday February 14

Tony and I don't exchange valentine gifts.  We decided long ago to just make it an ordinary day and like any other ordinary day we gave each other the hug and kiss and usual affection. 
Mom, on the other hand gave us two boxes of chocolates and a teddy bear which I named "nana".  The chocolates didn't last long, as you can see, I ate some even before I snapped the photo.  It amazes me sometimes how greedy I can be eh!  LOL


Tuesday February 15

A friend of mine dropped off the ribbon for her wedding bonboniers (I know I spelled that wrong but who cares).  The ribbons have their names and wedding date on them but they needed to be tied in the cute bow.   I tied them while I watched tv.


Wednesday February 16

I forgot to take my comfy shoes to work.  I had to spend the entire night wearing my boots and wasn't too happy about it.  These shoes are swede (swade? LOL)  They were a gift from my dad's and they feel like slippers they're so comfortable. 


Thursday February 17
I was in my old neighbourhood and noticed that the old public transit bus garage that had been there for years, then later became a sweater knitting plant when the bus garage moved to another location, is no longer there.  It's been demolished and is now in the process of becoming condos.  Condos shouldn't be built in that neighbourhood, affordable housing is what's needed there.  Ok I'm going to try not to run off on a rant about that!


Friday February 18

Ran a bunch of errands on Friday.  The temperature felt like spring.  I wore my small light jacket and a thin hat.  I really could have done without the hat but my hair was a hot mess so I had to keep it covered.  I went to Walmart, had to walk under the overpass (as per photo).  Had to sidestep many puddles on the walkway due to the melting snow which I didn't complain for because I had on my waterproof winter boots.  The funny thing is when I went inside Walmart, I removed my hat because it was warm then lo and behold don't I run into a person I knew.  Why is it always like that, the minute you look a hot mess you HAVE to run into someone you know.  When you look good, all you see are strangers.  sigh.


Saturday February 19
Mom got us a new rug for the livingroom.  I think it's rather pretty and matches the furnature well.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday: Dentist

I got chills when I read the topic of this weeks Flashback Friday

A Flashback Friday To Sink Your Teeth Into:

What are your dental memories of childhood? Who pulled your baby teeth and how was it done - with a tissue, string, or other method? Was it a traumatic experience or no big deal? Did you have to have any teeth pulled by the dentist? Did the tooth fairy visit your house? If so, how much did you get for each tooth and how long did that last? How old were you at your first dental visit? Did you go regularly? Did you have any/many cavities as a child? Was dental hygiene taught in school? Was flossing a big deal when you were growing up? Did you have braces and, if so, for how long? Did you have to wear rubber bands, head/neck gear or other additional "accessories"? Did you need braces but your parents couldn't afford them? Have you had braces as an adult? Do you have any fond/funny//traumatic memories of old relatives or friends and their false teeth?

 So here we go... When I was a kid, mom used to pull the loose tooth by tricking me of course.  I remember I would go to her with a wiggly tooth and she'd say something like "let me see if it's ready to come out" knowing full well it was!  She'd get hold of it with her fingers and yank it out.  I was left there with a dazed look on my face, in utter shock that yet again she fooled me.  I really don't know how I fell for that practically all the time.

I'd hide the tooth in a tissue under my pillow and the "tooth fairy" would exchange it for a quarter or fifty cents.  Hey back then - as a kid - that was BIG MONEY!

I don't remember how old I was for my first visit to the dentist.  Sure I had a cavity or two which were filled and he also illustrated how to properly brush my teeth using that big set of plastic teeth and gigantic toothbrush.  I don't think I payed much attention since I was likely wondering if anyone actually used a toothbrush that big.  He probably knew I zoned out though.

In school during Science class we studied the makeup of a tooth and what decay and plaque can do.  We had a dentist come in (with the big teeth and big brush too).  We were all given toothbrushes and those red plaque tablets that we thought were funny once we chewed them.  I remember one of my friends smiling up in everyone's face with red stained teeth, it was funny until the dentist told us WHY they were red. 

I didn't have braces but I did have my wisdom teeth pulled.  I remember every Thursday for 4 weeks I went to the dentist to have one pulled, then I didn't go to school on Friday because my face was swollen.  I remember that after the first one was pulled I was so hungry but I couldn't open my mouth to eat!  Mom made me mashed potatoes and I practically ate them with my fingers much to her dismay.  I learned my lesson though, the following week I stopped off at McDonalds for a burger and fries before the surgery.

The dentist's assistant was rough, she instilled the "FEAR OF DENTISTS" in me.  She was so rough I freared my appointments.  I even switched dentist after not going for too long.  I ended up going to a kiddy-dentist.  I sat in the dentist chair in a cold sweat and stared up at the ceiling where a poster of a cartoon tooth was displayed.  The dentist was shocked to see a grown woman in the chair since she's accustomed to dealing with kids so I had to explain.  I should have been embarrassed but I wasn't, not even when she laughed out loud real hard.  Hmm... imagine that.

I'm still afraid of the dentist but I don't go to the kiddy-dentist any more.  I just tell them to freeze my head with a zillion needles, I'm ok with the needles I just can't sit still in that chair without them.  I'm actually phyching myself up mentally for my next visit because if I don't I may chicken out.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Feb. 24

Thankful Thursday

While doing my usual blog hopping from here to there and eveywhere, I stumbled into Greg's General Store and read the first post that was there.  Naturally I grabbed the easy button and here I am!  Unfortuantely Greg doesn't have a meme linky whatchamacallit thingamabob installed, but I think it's still an awsome idea.  Too many times I'm finding myself too overwhelmed with myself that I forget to be thankful for the good, the bad and the ugly.

Today I am thankful that I've don't work too far from home.  I won't have to hit the highway at the crack of dawn as tired as I am.  I'm also thankful that I've got a nice, warm, safe home to go to.  Sounds simple enough but there have been mornings (more like afternoons) when I awake to the rumbling of the wind on the window, knowing it's well below freezing outside, colder with the windchill and somewhere in this city is someone (many someones) who are shivering in their homes or in shelters or where ever they can find to keep the cold winter windchill off them.  I am thankful I have a warm home.  It's nothing fancy, but it's warm, and it's home.

Thank you God, for providing me with a warm home.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol.15

 I've always wanted to join in on the Wednesday Hodgepodge but by the time I remember, it's usually Friday or Saturday and I'm laying across the sofa mind-blogging.  So, here I am, it's Tuesday night technically but soon to be Wednesday as the clock inches towards midnight, so I can get started so by the time I'm done answering the questions it'll be Wednesday!  Woo hoo!!! 

1. Did you know there is a National Day of pretty much everything in the universe? February 23 happens to be National Inconvenience Yourself Day...when was the last time you were inconvenienced?

The last time I was inconvenienced was yesterday, I went to the store to pick up an item that was on sale but they were already out of stock.  Usually that'd be no big deal but I chose to miss my bus in order to walk to the store in sub zero temperatures so needless to say I complained under my breath as I exited the store. I went out of my way for a nothing.

2. When a room in your house needs painting who does the job?

I'm the painter and miss-fix-it in our home.  Tony's pretty handy when it comes to connecting electronic gadgets but when it comes to household fixeruppers it's me!  I know, I can't believe it either!!

3. Are you friends with your cousins?

I can't say that I am.  When we were kids, sure we all kept in touch but now that we're all grown and gone our ways across Canada & USA there's pretty much no contact save for the occasional christmas card or chain email.  We used to barely say "hi" on Facebook but then that got old fast for me so I deleted my Facebook account completely.

4. Do you use an alarm clock? If yes-is it an actual alarm, music, or something else?

Yup, Tony uses an alarm clock set to talk radio.  He can't sleep when folks are talking so it sort of makes sense to tune into talk radio to wake up in the morning.  I have an old analog cell phone that I use as my alarm, it beeps once then vibrates annoyingly under my pillow to wake me.

5. What do you put ketchup on?

French fries, hot dogs, and hamburgers .... that's it.  I've heard of people putting ketchup on fried eggs.... oh that just gives me the creeps.  Sorry, but it does, it's as bad as putting ketchup on Kraft Dinner mac & cheeze, wrong on so many levels.

6. What smells make you nostalgic?

I love the smell of wood burning stoves.  I could be walking along the neighbourhood and smell someone's wood burning stove and be transported back to when I was a kid back at summer camp with my Mom and sister.  Everytime I smell that scent I think of "camp".

7. Have you heard about the high school English teacher recently suspended as a result of some things she wrote in her personal blog? You can read the story here but in a nutshell she vented a lot of frustration onto her blog. She didn't mention individual students by name but she did make some harsh comments about kids in general and their parents.

What are your thoughts-If you're a parent is your child's teacher online and are you 'friend' or 'follower' there? If you're a teacher are you on facebook and do you accept or friend students on fb? How about their parents? If you're a student are you friends with your current or former teachers online? Do any of them have blogs you read? If you're a teacher or a parent do you ever use your blog as a place to vent your frustrations with our educational system? So much to discuss...

I'm not a parent so I'll skip this question.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I have this sudden uncontrollable craving for sourcream and onion ripple chips.  I don't know why, I'm not hungry or anything, just got the munchies for that particular flavor at this particular moment I suppose.

And now, here are the questions for this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday:things you've learned

Top 2 Things you've learned from your parents or grandparents

1. From my mom, I learned that I can do and be anything I want with hard work and patience.

2. From my paternal Grandma I learned to put all my trust in God.

It's Still Winter

Seems everyone is up to their eyeballs in snow and pretty much have had enough of winter 2010/2011 season.  Don't get me wrong, I like winter, I think it's pretty, I love the snow on the trees, I love christmas too.  If I were a big winter sports fan like skiing perhaps, I'd probably love winter more.  If I were an 8 year old child I'd probably pray ever night for a snowday! 

I came across this photo taken in New Brunswick, Canada and I must say, these folks got creative and built a snowman on the roof!  He's a happy snowman too see he's smiling!  Pretty cool way to make the best of winter.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet Me On Monday Feb.14th

Another installment of Meet Me On Monday

Here's how this week's installment goes:


1.  Did you get any Valentine's Gifts?
I got a box of chocolates from my mom.  Tony and I don't celebrate valentines day because we love each other EVERYDAY and we show it to each other everyday.  We agreed long ago to just do the norm, a hug and kiss just like yesterday, and the day before. 

2.  What is your favorite topping on something toasted?
Jam.  I love jam on home made toast.  Regular store bought bread could just do with margerine but home made bread, mmmm... that needs jam!

3.  Do you pick out your outfit the night before?
I only pick out my outfit the night before Sunday morning church because I get up late and scramble around and won't have time to iron anything so I do that on Saturday night.  The rest of the week I'd go so far as to wear something wrinkled if need be.

4.  What food item do you absolutely despise?
I really don't like shrimp or lobster.  I ate lobster way back when dinasours roamed the earth but it made me sick.  It was while on a visit to Nova Scotia with my dad.  I never ate it since, never tried shrimp either they just looked gross but now since I don't eat shellfish at all or pork, it really doesn't matter!

5.  Righty or lefty?
Righty handed.

Project 365: Feb 6-Feb 12

Project 365: Feb. 6-Feb 12

Sunday Feb.6th
We watched the superbowl.  Didn't really care who won, were just glad that it was an exciting game for a change. 

Monday Feb 7th
Breakfast consisted of a very large cup of coffee and a small home made breadroll with peanutbutter. 

Tuesday Feb 8th
I swung by the store and picked up some more dye.  The greys are coming back with a vengence.  The problem with growing my hair in is it seems to like growing in grey.  What's up with that?

Wednesday Feb. 9th
We had more snow, not a heavy falling but lightly throughout the day but it adds up especially when the city draggs it's feet on the cleanup.  But look... I spotted some clean up trucks taking care to clear the streets of the latest snow.  Wow... been a while since I seen one!  ok I apologize for the sarcasm.

Thursday Feb 10th
I had a case of the chills, hope I'm not coming down with a cold because that's usually how it starts with me.  I was home lounging around in my unsitely jammies and sexy sequined slippers when my ankles got cold so I threw on Tony's socks.... then caught sight of myself in a mirror had the laugh of my life.  Not only are my jammies too short but add some dark socks and white slippers... oh yes, as my sister would say "sexy for days".  LOL.

Friday Feb 11th
My backpack was a mess!  I had an empty chip bag in there, yup I gave into the potato chip temptation!  I had some paper scraps with notes, the charge cord to my ipod and the one for my cell, a couple of pens and heaven knows what else.... finally cleaned it out after looking in and seeing it look like that!

Saturday Feb 12th
Begun stitching another one of the ornaments for my uncle.  This one is of a house and has a photo of my grandparents attached to it.  Basically it says "our hearts go home at christmas" and the heart hangs from the house.  The pattern isn't quite as I stitched it because I added the photo frame to go with the words to make it more personal.

Project 365: Jan 30 - Feb 5

As mentioned in the previous blog, I've been absent from the world of real blogging (though I've composed at least a million mind-blogs).  I have at least kept up to date on taking a photo a day.

Project 365:  January 30 to Feb 5th

Sunday, January 30th
I had chicken soup noodles for lunch since it was a pretty cold day.  Temperatures continued to be well below the freezing mark so it warmed me up pretty nicely.

Monday January 31st,
I spotted a real beautiful christmas wreath still hung and still lit.  I've noticed it a couple of times too and no matter how many times I look at it I just love it!

Tuesday Feb 1st
We had more snow, sigh.  At least this time there was a sidewalk plow so we didn't have to make a foot path!  The snow is beautiful but enough already!

Wednesday Feb. 2nd
There used to be a bench here but it's covered in snow.  And the sidewalk over here is non-existant.  I know, all I'm doing is complaining about the snow.  Believe me my new year resolution was to not complain about anything and I really think I'm being tested because no matter how hard I try not to complain, it just keeps on snowing and snowing and snowing.  Maybe if the city cleared it in a timely manner I'd shut up.

Thursday Feb 3rd
Sigh.  On the POSITIVE side, the snow plow gave us sidewalks.  Parking was not easy, but we drive a 4x4 so shovelling out isn't something we do often but with the recent 20cm .... sigh... I'm shutting up now.

Friday Feb. 4th
Finally a mild day.  Still below freezing mark but at least I can wear a lighter coat!  I've got 3 coats I wear in the winter: a small short one for milder temperatures, this one which is longer almost to my knees and warmer for cooler days then the so called "ten pound" coat that weighs a ton and goes to my knees and keeps me very warm when temperatures hit deep into the negative numbers.  So we had a mild day and I did some shopping taking advantage of the sunny day.

Saturday Feb. 5th
The snow was cleared on this street I passed and wow look at the pavement!  LOL, haven't seen pavement in months almost forgot what it looked like.  I walked instead of taking the bus to where I had to go Saturday and was shocked to see this plowed street so had to photograph it.

A Monthy Make And More!

Well, to say that I've had a lot to cope with these past ten days would be an understatement.  There just seemed like so many situations were over powering me and I needed to take a step back, get closer to God and remember who I am and that I need His help.  And as per usual GOD IS SO GOOD!  The prayers I prayed have been answered, the needs I had were met, the comfort I required I received.  GOD IS SO GOOD.

Alright, another thing I do to keep the voices in my head quiet is crafts.  I've got tons of work-in-process that I intend to get completed this year.  First off, I'm stitching christmas ornaments for my uncle whom I accidently left off of our christmas ornament list FOR THE PAST 11 YEARS!  Yes, I say that and hang my head in utmost shame.  I've got 11 to stitch and have already completed 4.  So I guess this can be posted as my Monthly Make 2011 for the months of Januray and February because three were completed in January and one so far for February.

These three to the left I stitched in January, the one at right I stitched in February.  They were the ornaments I made for my uncle to make up for the years he missed:
Year 2003 = Gingerbread Man,
Year 2005 = Santa,
Year 2007 = Photo Frame
Year 2008 = Letter from Santa (inside the envelope is a letter written from Santa!)