Monday, September 12, 2011

Back On Track

Now that the "New Year" has begun I've gotten back on track with the jogging.  Isn't that what everyone does at the beginning of a new year... get on track with exercise?  

I'm taking on a new route because the old one got rather boring after seeing the same ole same ole all the time.  I figure now that I'm back to work after a somewhat rested week off... not really rested though, because I did some major house cleaning but not complaining as I did catch up on some sleep. 

Now as I was saying, getting back on track with the jogging and doing some new stretches for my lower back and crunches for my tummy (or flabby belly as it pretty much resembles).  I hope I can keep up the routine throughout the fall.  I guess the one good thing is I'll have some new photo opportunities!  

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