Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mason Jar Gift

I've got to pick up a box of mason jars this month.  I'm going to need them for a Halloween gift project I want to do for church.  I figure I can cross stitch a cute Halloween design for the lid and fill the jar with Halloween candies and tie a cute festive piece of fabric around the jar and give them to some of the families at church for their kids to share amungst themselves.

It seems such a cute and easy idea I may as well re-use it for Christmas too!  I bake cookies every year so I figure I can cross stitch a Christmas design for the lid and then fill the jar with home baked cookies and tie a pretty festive piece of fabric around it with a gift tag then present it to some of the ladies at church for a Christmas gift. 

Sounds lovely, it's a great idea!

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