Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pilate's Of The Caribbean

I think the short time I had taken off from my jogging routine has taken it's toll on my aging body.  Though I remain in denial that I am getting older, my body, every now and again, gives me a wake up call by cramping up.

Today was one of those days!

I went for a jog this morning, the usual 2.5km run, only I've changed the course I used to take with it being kind of dark in the wee hours of the morning I now jog on the main roads where folks driving by on the bus or in their cars can ogle me, giggle at me and even honk their horn to encourage me or yell out their windows advising me that I dropped a lung a short distance back.

Upon completing my morning run today I came home and did some Pilate's.  Not sure why I did that since I already felt like I'd been hit by a mac truck but I did a half hour of Pilate's anyway.  Did you know that YouTube carries many Pilate's workouts?  I got one from there and did it.  Those women are really flexible, me, not so much.  Who knew that Pilate's could beat the heck out of my belly!?  Well, I sure need it anyway because I came home from work this morning with the button to my jeans held closed with a rubber band because it was just torture to seal it in the button hole.  I figures, hey I got a long jacket on so who's going to know! 

So I jogged, and did Pilate's afterwards then got a case of insomnia and couldn't sleep.  Talk about adding insult to injury! 

I'm doing it again tomorrow!!!  I'm apparently a glutton for punishment.

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