Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project 365: Aug.23-Sep24

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Well, finally I'm getting to upload the latest photos for the Project 365.  I know I failed miserably on this project but I should score some pitty points for effort!  I do enjoy taking the photos but the uploading always slips my aging mind.

So my last post was on August 22.... yikes!

Tuesday August 23

Now you know I'm going to take a photo of this every chance I get!  I caught it behind many trees.  I'm going to try to get the same shot in the fall when the leaves change colour!

Friday August 26

I took this photo of some trees that just looked so full and blooming. 

These lovely flowers were begging to be photographed!

Tuesday August 30

I collected some craft books from my sister.  Most of them were mine for starters, she just kept them in storage at her place.  Since I'm in need of them now and she could use the extra space, I've taken them off her hands!

Also got a stash of craft supplies from my sister too!  Basically it's stuff she doesn't use any longer but knows that I could make use of it, like lace, pom poms, ribbons, and cross stitch frames to name a few.

Wednesday August 31

Guess it would help to mention that I was on vacation this week eh!  I had a "staycation".  Can't even call it a balconville staycation since I spent no time whatsoever on my balcony!  I did clean out the trunk though!

That's it after I cleaned it out.  all the junk disposed of, the craft book that were in there are now on the shelf

and all that remains are a pair of hand-me-down running shoes from my nephew when his feet were small like mine, my unfinished wedding scrapbook album, winni the pooh, oomfoofoo the doll, and Francine the teddybear in the pink sweater along a bag full of socks and mittens my grandma knit for me.   Then I turned around and spotted these that still had to go in....

The teddy that Tony gave me for Valentines Day back in the year 2000, and a bag of left over christmas wrap, ribbons, bows and bags.

And my creepy musical clown!  Vintage!!!!!  In remarkable condition too, still plays that go-to-sleep lullaby.

Thursday September 01

Went to get a much needed haircut.  Passed by the university on my way to the salon and spotted a bike.

Sold our desk since we no longer have use for it because we sold the computer the week before.

Thursday September 8

You can tell school is back in session as pretty much every bus shelter I came across looked like this... full of graffiti.

Friday September 19

Went out for dinner with the lady who planned our wedding.  She bought me flowers to thank me for building her website.  click here if you want to see it.  Would have helped if I'd have taken the photo when as soon as I got the flowers eh!  ;-)

Thursday September 22

Bought some nice sweet peppers at the outdoor market... sautéd them up nicely, yum.

Friday September 23

Signs that autumn is really here!  FALLEN LEAVES!!!!  ok I know the photo is dark but it was night time so what can I do, the ipod doesn't have a flash.

Saturday September 24

Baked oatmeal raisin cranberry cookies.  They tasted really good too!

...and there you have it.  I know lots of days are missing but I did my best!

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