Friday, September 23, 2011

Signs Of Autumn

Signs of Autumn
By Lew Duffey

Trees dancing in a brisk breeze,

Leaves scurrying across the ground.

Their colors range from green to yellow and from gold to brown,

As more of them disengage from the trees to fall to the land.

The nights get cooler, as do the days.

The clouds seem to rise higher in the sky where they form bands.

Autumn’s beauty can be appreciated in so many ways.

You can sit on a park bench and watch the leaves fall

Or walk through the woods and hear the birds call.

You lose yourself in the  clouds flying up high

Or watch as the geese fly south as they take to the sky.

It’s a colorful time and there is so much to see

One must take time to admire the work as the tree

Prepares itself for the oncoming winter with its rain, wind and snow.

It is all part of our creators plan as we watch seasons come and go.

From spring to summer and fall and to winter,

It is exciting for us as each one we enter.

Enjoy, and Praise God!

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