Friday, September 16, 2011

Subway Joy Ride

This is a true story, it happened to me and not a friend of a friend of a friend of mine!

I went for a joy ride on the subway Thursday morning.

Ok let me start from the beginning.

It was pretty much the crack of dawn when I jumped on the bus to the subway station just before the rain started then made it down town.  Yes it was a rainy day and I guess it would help if I mentioned that it was also pretty chilly out and I didn't have an umbrella or a proper jacket on.  I had an errand to run down town so while I was down there, figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and I went to do some banking but it was early so the bank was closed but there is an ATM machine ..... and it was out of service.

I was in a shopping mall and no I don't have one of those G4 high class technology cellular phones or whatever they're called so I searched the pay phone booths for a yellow pages and found ..... NONE!  

I used my old school cell phone and called 411 to get the address of another bank location in the area and once again jumped on the subway and went for a ride to the next bank location. 

Unfortunately I took the wrong subway exit and had to walk two blocks in the rain without an umbrella or as Mom would say I was running the roads half naked in the rain trying to catch myself pneumonia. The up side is I got a good look at the crowd statue. 

So then I got to that bank and lo and behold believe me when I say this, God as my witness I ain't lying... it was out of service too!  So I search for a pay phone booth again and grab the yellow pages that was shoved on the shelf below it and look up the 1-800 number for the bank.  I dial it with my non G4 technology old school cell phone and wait for a customer service representative to respond to the call.... then I grumble in the phone about being out in the rain with no umbrella and how I'm very tired and hungry and I just want to get my banking over with so I could go home and sleep and not have to get up early and go do it later but two machines are out of service what the heck. Because at this point, in my mind, it was his fault! 

The customer service representative probably got the impression that I may be a crazed lunatic and apologized for the whole inconvenience of my banking experience but I wanted nothing to do with his apology so I hung up on him like the very rude woman I morphed into at that time.... she's gone now and she wishes to apologize to the customer service representative for inconveniencing him with her rude behavior.

So anyway I then jump back on the subway .... again .... and go back to first bank location to see if now the machine is working.

Nope. Still out of service!

I decide to go home.

I jump back on the subway once again heading to catch my bus.  I miss the bus by ten seconds at best and have to wait 30 minutes for next one.  Ten minutes later I look at watch, the bank will be opening soon I could just go inside and do the transaction so guess what I did?

I got back on the subway.

By now I've been down town for two hours.  Since I have about an hour to waste before the bank opens I decide to get some breakfast so I get back to the restaurant across the street from the bank and get coffee, coffee, coffee and toast, eggs and more coffee.  

Ok now I'm no longer hungry.  But I am more tired than I was before I ate! 

I leave the restaurant and head over to the bank.  Still got a couple minutes before it opens so I decide to check the machine one more time.  

Lo and behold the machine works!  I use it.  In thirty seconds my transaction is completed.  

I then go back on subway to head to the station where I can go catch my bus.

By the time I get home, over 3 hours after the whole incident began, I'm over tired, wet, cold and more than cranky.

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