Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Up A Tree

Believe It or not when I was a kid I used to climb trees!

I know!  Hard to believe eh?!

Oh I wouldn't go the distance to say I was a tomboy but I was a pretty active kid alongside my siblings. There was this one time, I recall it was late summer and my sister and I were just next door in the yard up a tree making noise to startle anyone walking by and before you know it she fell out of the tree landed on her back with legs up over a stump and wedged up against the tree itself. She also tore the bum out of her pants too ha! ha! ha!  But as God was watching over us mischief kids she wasn't hurt - not a scratch aside from her pride I suppose due to the torn seam in her pants displaying her panties *giggles* I guess just being in the next yard was a bonus so we were able to get her home quickly to change.  

I don't recall ever climbing a tree since then come to think of it. There are a couple "climbable" trees I come accross now and again and I noticed the one with the tree house built-in was recently cut down perhaps a casualty of the winds from Hurricane Irene but all in all trees evoke fond childhood memories for me.  Thank you God for the trees!

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