Monday, September 26, 2011


And off we are into another week.  I must say that this weekend I got pretty much quite a bit done.  I actually finished the stitching I was doing for a lady at our church.  It's another baby announcement similar to the one I did last year but in yellow/gold colours for her second child.  I also am about 80% completed building the website for Tony's barber.  It's just a simple website nothing fancy but done in flash and is turning out pretty well.  We should have it up and running by this time next week.  I baked cookies for a coworker.  And last but not least, the ..... christmas ornaments for my aunts are completed.... phew, almost said what they were!  I'll photograph them later, right now I'm typing on a difficult keyboard and my fingers are tired and I just finished an hour of pilates exercise so I'm done in for now.  I'll post the photo updates to project 365 later.

That's All Folks!

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