Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This here is my bag-o-bits.  To most folks, it just looks like a lump of tangled thread.  To a stitcher it's a wad of unused threads that can be used in smaller projects so why throw it out.

I don't stitch many large or even medium size kits though I do have a fetish for buying them on ebay!  I'm more into stitching smaller, ornament size projects usually for Christmas as gifts to nieces, nephews and our friends' children.  Small projects make perfect use of my bag-o-bits.  Would you believe I even order random bags of cross stitch thread on ebay!  Seriously, I do!!  The prices are always pretty good and I end up with a variety of colour shades.  I know for a fact that every stitcher has a bag-o-bits, they just probably call it something else.

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