Thursday, November 3, 2011

I've Never Done

The other night I was next-blogging my way around blogger and stumbled into Café Chick's blog.  I had a great time reading her blog!  While I was there I stole swiped copied borrowed this great blog idea about things I've never done but would or wouldn't like to do in what remains of my lifetime.  Click here to read Café Chick's list.

Things I've never done but would like to do someday:
  • Learn to drive.  Right now I can drive husband crazy but he wants me to learn to drive the car.
  • Visit the Holy Land. Maybe we'll catch one of those cruises that tour the Holy Land with one of the tv shows we watch. 

Things I've never done and feel indifferent about doing:
  • Throw away clothes or books.  I've always given used clothing to the Salvation Army or a local church bazar unless it was torn or unwearable.  There's always someone who can get another wearing out of a used article in good condition.  And books should always be donated to used bookstores or local hospitals book stores but never chucked in the trash! 
Things I've never done and have no interest in ever doing:
  • Watch Star Wars.  I am probably the only person on planet Earth who hasn't seen any of the Star Wars movies.  Husband used to have the videos but can't find them (it wasn't me).

...and there you have it!

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