Thursday, November 17, 2011

Project 365: Oct.27 - Nov.16

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Ok so here's a recap with regards to the Project 365 that's hosted weekly by Make Music From Your Heart To The Lord.  As we pretty much all know by now, I haven't been able to post weekly because I'm a bad student but I have done better this time by actually taking some photos.  So we will just pick up where we left off last time eh!

Thursday October 27.

I took this photo of the University off in the distance.  It looked so nice lit up but unfortunately my ipod can only do so much in the dark at that distance!

Friday October 28

Husband and I were out and about and we spotted this creepy dude!  Had to get out of the car to snap the picture.  I wanted to stand beside it but I was too scared!

We picked up the new automobile and took it for a spin around the town and then the sun went down and I snapped this.

Saturday October 29

Our nephew had a small concert at his church.  I'm almost never without my ipod and since it can take video, I took this.  My nephew is the small little fella in the front row to the left in the beige shirt.  Isn't he the sweetest!!

Tuesday November 1

Already the stores are displaying the Christmas items!  I thought this row of Santas was too cute to pass up on a photo op!

While I was in the shop, I treated myself to a Brio beverage.  I haven't had one of these in such a long time.  Now this beverage brings back fond memories of when I was in the sixth grade and my eldest sister took me down town shopping.  It was somewhere in early November and we rode the bus but on the way the bus got into an accident, it skidded on the light snow covered roads and hit two cars.  At the time to me, that was the coolest thing being in the center of such action!  We managed to get downtown and went for pizza and had brio to drink!  That's why I remember this beverage... it brings back that cool memory!!

I took a kit kat break... oh it was just one of those "fun size" bars though in my opinion, there's nothing fun about the size of that bar, personally I think it's cruel.

I also had alphabits for my dinner break at work.

Wednesday November 2

Stiched a bit with thread from my bag-o-bits.


Friday November 4

Purchased a new mini muffin tin because I didn't have one.  I only had the regular size muffin tin.  Since I was now in posession of said tin, I had to take it on a test run so I baked oatmeal date walnut mini muffins.

Friday November 11
I honestly can't explain why there are no photos to report between Nov.4 and Nov.11 but here's the lovely shot I took of the park.  I went to visit a friend from church and strolled through this park on the way to her home.
Sunday November 13

Today was the deadline for us to bring our filled shoe boxes in for Operation Christmas Child.  We filled 6 boxes (one for each age group in both genders).

Tuesday November 15

Caught the cookie guy making a delivery!

It was rainy and the nasty worms came crawling out.  Gross.  This one was so big it practically begged me to photograph it.  I almost threw up just looking at it! *shivers*

One thing about autumn rain, it's usually accompanied by autumn wind!  Enough to blow the leaves from the trees... so pretty.

Wednesday November 16

Up went the Christmas tree!!!  No no no, not at my house, at the store!  It's on the top floor so I had to look up.  Funny thing is I wasn't the only person photographing it!! 

Spotted a new bus shelter that hasn't been vandalized yet.  See, the kids around here are known to vandalize these things on the fly so I'm keeping watch on this one.

Right about now is the time when smart folks are putting on the winter tires and erecting the tempos to protect their driveway from snow.  We put our tires on last week but don't have to worry for a tempo thingamajig.

Completed an angel windchime for a friend at church.  She wanted me to cross stitch two plaques identical to the one I'd made her a few months back so she could give them as a gift to her best friend but I'm so overwhelmed with projects for Christmas that this was the best I could do for her... I'm sure her friend will like it!

Spotted the city workers erecting the support stands for the Manorah and Christmas Tree that will be displayed on this corner.

Can't wait to see what the tree will look like this year.

And there you have it.  Not so bad this time eh!

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