Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Project 365: Nov17-Dec13

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I must say, even though I barely managed to keep up, I'm sort of sad to see we're reaching the end of the year in pictures. ... it was tough keeping up though, but fun beyond compare!!

Project 365 is a photo a day taken and posted at the end of each week, though in my case, it's been a photo when I remember to take one and posted when I finally kick myself in the butt to get moving.  Project 365 is hosted by Make music from your yeart to the Lord and I would strongly recommend joining in this fun event next year if you're up for a real challenge!!

Alrighty then, I guess I will pick up where I left off the last time. 

Thursday November 17

I had a good laugh when I spotted this sign but now that I think of it, I should have taken a video of it...  the colour sign was blinking so fast.  First off, the sign says "eye exams available on site", but let me say that since the sign was blinking really fast, you'd definately need an eye exam after staring at it for a couple seconds.  sigh, I should have taken a video of it!

Tuesday November 22

Had some frost over night.  Had to get out the scraper for the car window.

Wednesday November 23

SNOW!!!  We got snow.  Oh no! NO NOOOOO!!!!!!!

The trees were erected in the middle of the street.  Not lit up at the time of this photo because they'd just been put there. 


Thursday November 24
The roads were slippery.  The snow is still there too.

Spotted the first mashmallow-mobile of the season. 

Drove down a street and stopped to take a photo of Christmas lights!!!  In November??

Saturday November 26

Had to go downtown to buy winter boots and get a head start on Christmas Shopping.  The bakery shop had a lovely tree just outside their window.  Lovely!

Spotted another tree at the bottom of the stairs.  I was following the cinnamon smell and stumbled on this one hee hee hee

Difficult to see but it's blue and silver!  The blue tree on the street post.  I believe it lights up at night but I'm not sure if it's with white or blue lights. 

Mall decor just outside the shoe shop where I bought winter boots.  Took this photo seconds after I called my Mom to tell her I got boots so she can stop worrying that my toes will freeze up and fall off.

Thursday December 1

Manger scene painting above a church.  Last year's one was better in my opinion.  This years one looks like a family on the beach.  Not making fun of it, just saying....

Christmas tree lot opened up in the spot where the outdoor market was this summer.  And as you can see... the snow is gone... bye bye! :-)

Lit trees and a lit reindeer outside on the patio of a bakery.

Same bulbs on the lamp posts as last year too...

Saturday December 3

Put up the tree.... this is it naked.  It eventually got decorated but took quite a while since I was also baking fruit cake.

Sunday December 4

Our tree this year, is adorned with many size red poinsettias and a handful of whit ones too, gold beads and gold metalic ribbon.

Wednesday December 7

The trees in the middle of the street are now lit!  This photo doesn't do them justice in the least!  I could have stood in the middle of the road to take the photo but I would have gotten run over!

Sunday December 11

Mom made biscuits!  mmmm these are sooo good sooo soft... made with extra love!  She also made fudge!  Yummy.  I munched on these lovelies while I baked more fruit cake... this year I baked 4 cakes because everyone wanted a whole cake for their greedy selves LOL.

Tuesday December 13

Got out my cookie book!  I've assembled a binder with cookie recipes that are easy to make and tasty to eat!  Time to get baking for all those kids of mine.

First ones out of the oven are chocolate chip!  Only 10 are here, I ate 2... shhh...

And there you have it..........

Saturday, December 3, 2011