Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No More Drama

While discussing the progress of our New Year Resolutions with friends we all agree on one resolution this year...


We've elected to put ourselves ahead of the pack, NO MORE DRAMA!  The creation of this unusual resolution wasn't mine but I quickly jumped on that bandwagon because 2011 had way too much drama for me from all sides.  I ended the year completely and utterly stressed out after reaching my breaking point. 

In 2012 I'm going to focus on me.  I'll sing louder in church.  Fellowship more.  Maintain somewhat healthy eating habits so that my inner pipes don't punish me.  Get a bit of exercise to keep the cellulite to a medium (because it's well past minimum already).  I'll stop being cheap and get a professional haircut regularly (and leave my dull scizzors in the junk drawer where they belong).  I'll paint my fingernails a bright colour from time to time because I need an excuse to buy nailpolish.  And when we go on vacation, I'm going to dance in public (and likely end up on a strangers youtube joke reel).

I know it may seem selfish but I just need some "me-time".

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