Thursday, January 12, 2012

Plastic Canvas

The Christmas ornament  that I made for my family members for Christmas 2011 were completed in a timely manner for once.  I'd stitched a three dimentional bird house in 7 count plastic canvas (pattern from: 75 Merry Christmas Projects in Plastic Canvas) I knew that I wanted to do something in 3D and when I searched my pattern stash, this one topped the list!  I had begun cutting the patterns and stitching them before spring thaw so they were well underway by the time Christmas mailing date approached.

I had stiched twenty different colours (red, hot pink, pale pink, dusty rose, light blue, dark blue, aqua, violet, dark purple, gold, banana, pale yellow, carrot, bright orange, lime green, dark green, Christmas green, mint green,  brown, and Christmas red/green/gold mix) I gave the violet to my Mom, the red to my eldest sister and the light blue to my other sister.

I used regular craft birds though I really wanted to use red cardinals but accidently purchased ones on ebay, that were way too small!  I had a small variety of birds, some were dark looking forward, some were pink facing off to the side, some were yellow looking forward and some were humming birds, so they turned out pretty cute. 

As for what I'll be stitching for the Family Christmas Ornament 2012... I've got an idea of what I want to stitch but just have to find the right pattern.  So far the Family Christmas Ornament consists of 12 ornaments: a reindeer's head, a santa head, a candycane, a pair of bedroom slippers, a letter to santa, a tea set, a picture frame, a house and heart with family photo, a gingerbread man, a figure skater, a birdhouse, an angel.... hmm... I have to come us with something I haven't stitched yet.

Right now I'm still pretty much in writers block mode, when it comes to really blogging, seems my brain just doesn't want to function very much beyond daydreaming.  I must say though, my creative juices in the arts and crafts genre are on fire!   I've had the nitch-to-stitch for the last few days and have been working on the Starlight Nativity scene in plastic canvas that I'd begun oh how many years ago?  Hmm, I think it's been well over 5 years now!  Seriously!!!

I had only four pieces completed and had intended to make it "multicultural" but something about bright pink yarn used for the Angels lips just wasn't sitting well with me so I'm in the process of redoing her head and hands according to the pattern.  Yesterday I completed stitching the donkey, I just have to glue on the ears, and am partially through stitching the camel.  This thing is going to be huge when it's completed! The donky is 7 inches long and 5 inches tall. I was supposed to have had it done for Christmas 2011 but lost interest in completing it.  For some reason these past few days it's all I think about!  Eventually I will get around to photographing the donky to add to my Flickr craft album and will continue to update the album as items get stitched.

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