Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Toys For Grownups

I'm getting annoyed with my ipod touch.  I love it, don't get me wrong but I'm forced to upgrade the software to iOS5 inorder for my favorite app to work!  sigh. 

I've turned this ipod into my i-everything!!  I should just invest in an iphone but truth be told I don't use my cell that much.  Spending that much on an iphone along with a 3G or 4G network contract will just be a waste of money for me so I'll stick to my pay-as-you-go Moterolla Razer Red.... been rolling over my minutes for the past 8 months that goes to show how rarely it's used. 

Anyway, my ipod on the other had is used for listening to music, playing audiobooks (because it saves the playback position), reading ebooks with the Stanza app.  I also have a couple of games on there: Majong, Diamond Dash and some dice game I can't remember the name of.  Then I found an app to make free phone calls over wi-fi so I added that to save my minutes if I'm in a free wi-fi zone.  And just this weekend I found a free texting app.  I take pictures and video with it and upload them to youtube straight from the ipod too.  And I also have an app to find me free wi-fi locations... I love my ipod!!  But now I think I may need to update the software so that the ereader will work because the latest update crashed it!!  ughhhhh!!!!!!!!! 

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