Thursday, February 16, 2012

Audio Love

On an ordinary day, I'm a person who doesn't stray far from reading romance novels.  Be it an ebook or the good old printed paper, the books I tend to read are always of the romance genre.  My absolute favorite are the Scottish highlander historical romance.  The last great set I read though were a mix of historical and modern and fell into the "paranormal-romance" genre featuring time travel (The highlander series by Karen Marie Moning).  I loved these books.  Actually stumbled on the series while surfing the net a few years ago and Tony ordered the whole series from Amazon for me since I was unable to find them at our local book stores (not for lack of trying either!!) 

I've read many Harlequin romance novels that all (and I mean ALL) have the same plot: man and woman meet, have an affair, fall in love, have a falling out, miss one another then get back together and live happily ever after.  You'd think that after reading half a dozen I'd be tired of them....NOPE! I love them!!!

Problem with my love for romance books, I rarely stray to another genre.  Only a handful of selections weren't romance, more like oh, perhaps 2% of the books I read!  I recall reading Pet Cemetery by Stephen King (long ago, just months before the movie version hit the cinema - the movie did not do the book justice in any way shape or form if I may say so.) I've also read The Road Less Traveled, The Road Less Traveled and Beyond, and Life Isn't Fair But God Is Good.  Other than those few that I can recall, everything else has been some sort of romance novel.

Now that audio books are so easily available, I find myself expanding and reading... or rather listening to.... books I probably would never have picked up!  Just a few months ago I completed the Steig Larsson series of books : The girl with the dragon tattoo, the girl who played with fire, and the girl who kicked the hornets nest.  Never in my life would I ever have picked up these books and read them, however, listening to them on my ipod while I clean the house or go for a walk is how it all began. 

That series was awesome! 



I doubt I'll go see the movie though because I can't picture James Bond (Daniel Craig) as the main male character, when I "read" the book, the actor that came to mind for that role was Colin Firth (from the movie The King's Speech).  Anyway, I'm currently in the process of listening to The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward.  It's a paranormal romance series with lots of action but I find the series to be somewhat dark, the romance is a bit foolish at times, there's way too much slang and unnecessary foul language too.  Again, a series of books I would never have picked up to read but have no problem with in audio format.

As of lately, I've been eyeballing the Kindle Touch simply because it can hold both ebooks and audiobooks!  So my whole collection will be in one place.  If you haven't given audiobooks a try I strongly suggest you do!  It sort of reminds me of old time radio shows that got your imagination going. 

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