Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still Motivated

I'm glad to know that I still have the urge to run even after months of being seditary.

I had taken up jogging last spring and had a love-hate relationship with it for the first month.  I never knew shin splints could hurt so bad but feel so good at the same time (if that made sense).   I surprised myself by having the will power to jog about 30 minutes a day, five days a week as soon as I got in from work.  Even though some days I was terribly tired, I put on my runners and headed out in the street.  For six straight months I jogged.  Only a few days I was too tired to finish a full 30 minutes but I did at least twenty and some days the thunder and lightening scared the crap out of me so there was no way I even looked at my running shoes, that just simply went without saying!

When autumn rolled around and it wasn't so bright in the morning when I arrived home from work, I sort of gave up on jogging and took up pilates... that lasted a whole of three weeks.  Pilates just doesn't hold my interest.  It doesn't clear my mind like jogging does.  It doesn't leave me feeling refreshed and renewed. 

I need the outdoors not an indoor track.  I need trees and birds and sun and sky and God's creation not grey walls and someones smelly body odor in an over priced under equipped gym.

I'm anxious to run! 

Whenever I see joggers on the street I want to just tag along with them.  I really aught to invest in proper seasonal jogging gear, that really is one of the main reasons I haven't jogged throughout autumn and winter.  I could just run in the afternoon when it's light rather than in the morning when it's still dark though I could probably find an early morning running group at the Y if I checked.  I guess I never really thought I would enjoy jogging this much.

Two more weeks......

I set March 1st as my "get-out-and-run" start date.  Meanwhile I've started training my cellulegs by walking up and down flights of stairs daily.  It by no means clears my mind but it is relaxing in an unusual rubber-legged sort of way.  My mind has been very "busy" since the beginning of January and it's beginning to take it's toll on me, not in a good way either. 

Though I've been pretty much seditary all winter, I haven't gained back any of the weight I lost when jogging!  I know, I know, I'm shocked too!!!!  This just adds to my motivation in 2012.

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