Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good To Go!

I usually prefer to have a really big breakfast on Saturday & Sunday mornings because those are the only days husband and I get to sit at the table together in the monring as our work schedules are quite opposite one another.  Usually the big breakfast consists of fried eggs with a slice of cheese folded inside it, a hashbrown, fried chicken bologna or turkey bacon, brown beans and toast with coffee (Ovaltine for him, he's not a coffee drinker).  Yup, that breakfast screams heart attack but we love it those two days a week.

Well, this weekend, I swapped out the fried eggs for boiled eggs.  Had whole wheat instead of white bread and had no turkey bacon but extra beans (great fiber!). 

I got back to jogging on Monday morning.  I ran 2km.  Ok I ran and walked it... pretty much fifty-fifty.  I'm in better shape this spring than I was last spring when I first took to jogging!  I'm so glad to get out there again, to listen to the song birds early in the morning, smell the fresh morning air, and clear my mind with my quiet moment with God and exercise.  I'm not struggling so much with the will-power thing and have stocked the fridge with yogurt for when I get my sweet tooth (the cupboard is well stocked with popping corn for the air-popper). 

I'm feeling good!! 

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