Friday, March 23, 2012

Sleep, Shut Eye, Snooze

Just when I finally got rid of the insomnia spin I was in early last week, I'm constantly disrupted in my sleep.

Last Thursday I had an errand to run so I had to get up early.  Last Friday I went to the hair dresser early to get my hair cut off and by the time I arrived home, it calculated out to me being awake for a full 24 hours!  I had to get up early on Saturday for yet another appointment, and on Sunday for Church.  Just when I thought I could sleep in on Monday morning, some repairs were being done somewhere and all I hard were electric tools.  Same thing goes for Tuesday.

Wednesday I slept like a rock!  Only problem it wasn't long enough.  Sure I got a full eight hours but I wanted more, but I had to get up.  With the weekend right around the corner, I hope to get some real good shut-eye.  I know sleep is very important to maintaining ones health and if I'm trying to get myself healthy, in shape and drop a couple pounds, I need to be sure my body isn't sleep deprived.   

I'm blaming sleep deprivation for the piece of chocolate cake I ate this evening.  Sad, so sad.

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