Friday, March 16, 2012

Social Media

It used to be that the only way you could have a chat with someone was in an AOL chat room!  I like how social media has evolved over time.

When I first dialed into the internet it was in 1995 with my 28Kbps dial up modem connected to my old Pentium Pro computer that had a huge hard drive size of 2gb and had the upgrade version of Windows 95 (by that I mean it was a layer added to the Windows 3.5 that was already installed, it wasn't actually the whole program!). 

Social media in 1995, in my opinion, was the AOL chat rooms if you were on AOL, or the Usenet message boards.  I believe the Usenet boards have evolved over the years but I haven't been on them in over a decade. 

Gradually I've been introducing myself to a broader aspect of social media.  Except twitter.  I use Facebook - I just signed up at the end of 2011 believe it or not - to keep in touch with family and old friends from school and previous employments, basically just with the people I really know.  But I'm not checking out my friends pages every day or updating my "status" that often either or playing games.  I just can't get into Facebook like I wish I could for some reason.  *shrugs shoulders*  I guess that's just me.  I do enjoy reading my friends pages when I finally get around to it, and dropping a message or comment to them too if we can't get on the phone.  So as much as I find Facebook annoying, it has an upside to it, at least for me it does. 

Flickr & Pinterest, I love these two.  Seems Pinterest took the best feature of Flickr, expanded it and made it into a hit!  Posting your favorites!  I heard that Tumblr is similar but I never used Tumblr though but I intend to give it a whirl.  I don't spend too much time online though, I do have a real life after all.  But social media is a nice way to connect to people with similar interests, like reading, baking, cooking, sewing, gardening, or whatever!  I do take social media to a limit.  Blogger is my favorite absolutely hands down favorite, and I'm sure there's more media outlets I haven't heard of and may eventually get to and try out but for now, I say, don't knock social media just because someone dislikes something about one, unless you try it out yourself you'll never know if YOU like it or not! 

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