Friday, March 9, 2012

Tea Time

It seems like pretty much forever since I've done an opinionated product review.  So let me get right to it then.  This week I purchased three different flavors of green tea.  Usually I just drink plain ole green tea (Either the Tetley or Lipton brands as they both are pretty flavorful to me so in that case I go for which of the two happen to be on sale!).  While I was in the market the other day, standing in front of the selections of teas, looking for something different, a change I guess you can say.  I'm not quite a fan of herbal teas, they are an acquired taste in my opinion.  There are many flavors of herb teas that I haven't tried so won't comment on, then there are fruity flavors I did try that are just plain awful to my taste buds (black cherry in particular!) and then there's mint, chamomile, & lemon that I adore. 

Having said all that, I decided on three different green tea selections:
Tetley mint flavor green tea.

Sure the round bags are cute, and the resealable freshness tin is convenient, but let me say, this was a delightful purchase.  The tea is smooth tasting and not heavy on the mint flavor, not cheap on it either, just right!  I paid just under $3 for a tin of 24 bags which I thought was pretty reasonable and yes I would purchase this product again.    Mint tea is good for the digestive system according to some health sites on the internet, and green tea is filled with antioxidants. 


My next purchase was Tetley Honey Lemon Ginseng green tea.  I already love lemon tea, and I've had a honey, chamomile blend herbal tea as well that tasted pretty nice but ginseng I never had in tea so this was a leap for me.  The flavor is nice, a bit bitter but I guess that depends on how strong the tea was set and I just left the bag in the cup the whole time.  I liked the flavor more when I had the second cup!  Yes, I would purchase this one again.
Lipton cranberry pomegranate green tea was the last purchase I made.  I was reluctant to purchase a berry flavored tea but since it was a "green tea" and on sale for $2.50 for a box of 20 bags, I figured it wouldn't be too much of a waste if I disliked it.  So I gave it a whirl.  First the colour of the tea is a burgundy colour, almost like a red wine, sort of.  I really expected it to be green for obvious reasons!  Anyway, it has a sweet and bitter berry taste if that's even possible.  I found it bitter at first then the longer the bag set in the water, the sweeter it got but not too sweet, just slightly sweeter than the bitterness.  I found it an acquired taste but I did enjoy it. 

Again, cranberries and pomegranates are filled with antioxidants as it green tea itself.   Aside from the health factors of these teas, I found them all to be quite enjoyable.  Usually when I find a tea I enjoy, I don't switch to another brand no matter what the price, I stick to the brand that I enjoyed.  In this case it will be Tetley for the mint & lemon, but Lipton for the cranberry.  I'm not even sure Tetley makes cranberry but who cares at this point, I'm pretty much taken with the Lipton brand at the moment.

Celestial Seasonings also makes a delightful selection of teas.  I am accustomed to purchasing this sampler box that contains five flavors: chamomile, lemon zinger, peppermint, honey chamomile and sleepytime.  I first purchased this box because I wanted the sleepytime tea to relax myself and get some sleep but didn't want to buy a full box.  Since I already love peppermint and lemon I figured this purchase wouldn't be so bad. 
I loved them all!!

The sleepytime had a mellow aroma, I usually sniff the tea first for a bit before drinking it.  I find it does relax me and put me to sleep.  It also contains chamomile and other teas in it's content.  The chamomile is relaxing also and the lemon zinger is so lemony it's like I put a lemon slice in the tea!  I may just have to try some ice tea with this tea bag.   The peppermint tea is so minty!  I love it!  So that was a great purchase.  The box contains five separate packages (one for each flavor) each containing 4 bags.  They also sell boxes of each flavor, but I stick to the sampler pack.  I tried their berry sampler package and that's where I discovered that I really dislike black cherry tea! 

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