Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two Point Two

Ok, ahhh.... I'm calm. 

I purchased a new digital scale this week and have been keeping track of everything I eat on an ipod app.  Problem with the app I'm using is it counts calories.  Initially I hadn't been concerned with the calorie counting aspect of it then by the next day I was all over it!  Every time I put something on a plate to eat, I checked the calories, added it as a food to the app and then let the calories add up. 

Today I am obsessed with that calorie counter.  Uggh!!!

I know deep down it's not completely accurate because sometimes I'm not taking the exact serving size to the detail but it's pretty much ballpark so it's doing it's job at keeping me from over eating.  I installed another app on my ipod to keep me in tune with eating fruits and veggies, I'm failing miserably in that area so I'll focus more on that beginning Monday. As it seems all the stupid apps start the week on Monday and not Sunday like the calendar does but what can I do.  Besides, the outdoor farmers market opens up  on Monday so I'll be able to buy fresh fruits and a cheaper price than in the grocers.

I got a good deal of physical exercise this week, been walking a lot but mostly for transportation and not for "exercise" but it still burned calories and made my legs ache. 

The green tea has kicked me into insomnia mode thanks to all the caffeine in it but I'm catching up on some rest this weekend.  I've uploaded my ipod with lots of nice smooth jazz instrumentals to help relax me into sleep. 

And there you have it!  Emotionally, I'm excited that I lost a few pounds even if it's just water weight, it at least motivates me to keep going! 

Monday, I'll get out jogging and will take photos with my ipod, if it isn't too foggy or rainy.  Weather calls for sun and warm, but I'll wait til Monday to see what we get!!

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