Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back On My Horse

I'm here today because I've fallen off my horse and blogging will motivate me to get back on.


Don't be!

I'm talking about the "get myself in shape" kick I've been on.  Sure all those lovely little apps have helped me big time... but this week... ok technically it's only Wednesday so only really three days have passed and in those three days I've only done one good day of exercise and three good days of eating everything I got my hands on!  But I have an excuse.

Ok so techincially I shouldn't have any excuses. 

But I broke out in hives this week!  This is my pity party and you've been coridially invited to attend!!

I've got a food allergy and this past weekend I went out to dinner with my sister and accidently ate something I'm allergic to.... and I broke out in hives in a small area on my cheek.  Then Monday afternoon I noticed the small area on my cheek expanded to the side of my face and up to my temple.  By Monday night it was along my chin and heading to the other cheek and along my forehead. 

It was red.

It was a bad hives rash.

It itched like crazy.

It burned like fire (I asume fire because I never lit my face on fire but if I had I believe it would have felt like it did just the other day).

I took Benedryl OTC allergy medication.  Cleansed my face with antibacterial soap and applied Zinc Oxide ointment to it from time to time to ease the itching and to keep my face from completely drying out.  Most of the time though I did allow my face to dry out so the pores wouldn't be clogged with cream.  My forehead felt so stiff.  I wonder if that's what it feels like to have botox?  Probably!  *shrugs shoulders*

By Tuesday my face was still red, still burning, and still itchy but slowly it was healing.

Today, Wednesday it's looking much better.  Still a bit itchy in spots but getting better.  The Benedryl has me completely doped up and believe me when it says "may cause drowsiness"  they in fact mean IT WILL DOPE YOU UP AND KNOCK YOU OUT!  ..... and give you the case of the munchies.

I ate jube jubes, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate pudding, a really big bowl of shreddies cereal, lots of coffee, some prune juice, a pear, apple, banana, some pasta and some potatoe chips.... not all in one day!  Oh heavens no!!!   But this is what I consumed since Monday.  Sad, so sad.

I'm mentally kicking myself in the butt.  Tomorrow morning I'm going to go for a long walk then climb a mountain of stairs to get myself back on my horse.  I've come this far... lost 6 pounds since the beginning of March and I have no intention of gaining it all back. 

Ok, there, now I feel better!  I don't feel like a guilty crook any more! 

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