Friday, May 18, 2012

Back Onboard

When we returned to the ship from our tour of St. Thomas we went up to the Lido/pool deck and grabbed lunch from the Mississippi Grill consisting of shoe string fries, a cheeseburger, some chicken nuggets and lemonade.  For dessert we had ice cream from the 24 hour help yourself ice cream machine!  What I liked most about that is they had cone dispensers and bowls with spoons on a table so you got to decide how you wanted your ice cream served!  Chocolate, vanilla or half & half.  They also had a frozen yogurt dispenser with vanilla and strawberry for those who were watching their weight.  I did not fall into the "weight watching" category in any way, shape or form! 

Ahh... the little things that go along way!

We headed out on deck, selected a deck chair and got comfy with our full bellies and were pretty much in nap-mode.  We chilled out while music was playing and folks were dancing the wobble (??) I am so out of touch, I never even heard of that one... here I am trying to nail the electric slide and now I find out about the wobble! I'll have to download that song and add it to my exercise routine for my lazy days.... besides we all know I can't dance for beans so may as well do in WHEN nobody's watching LOL.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of our cabin steward for the likes of me but he always kept our cabin clean, was always smiling and genuinely seemed like a nice guy.  We had selected an inside cabin that did not contain a balcony or a window.  We were barely in our room so it suited us well.  Our steward always left us a towel creature at the end of each day and I thought this one was pretty cute so I popped my glasses on him and took his photograph. 

At least that one looks like something as it had arms, legs and a face... because the one we had on our first night aboard the ship... well I'm still trying to figure out what the france it is.  ??? Any suggestions???  I stared at it so long it drove me nuts so I used the towel to dry my wet hands!

It was getting pretty late so we took in a show after dinner.  These types of shows are the norm on all cruises as I recall seeing ones on our last vacation. It was a Broadway type musical show with the "Carnival Victory Dancers" as I believe they were called.  The female dancers were practically naked for a family show which shocked the heck out of me.  I found myself quickly scanning the audience for kids, young girls were gasping, young boys were drooling of course.  Their costumes were teeny tiny itsy bitsy beaded bikinis but the bottom of the kini was a thong so when they turned around all you seen was bum. 

So much bum. 

Too much bum.  

But anyway one of the dancers was kind of chubby so she was representing us chubby lumpkins up there in her beaded thong so you go girl!!  Rock on!!!  We can't all be skinny chicks.

We strolled around the ship a bit more, then called it a night.  The early start to the day, the long hours in the heat, and all the excitement of the last couple days leading up to the cruise finally took its toll on our old bodies.

The next day was a "fun day at sea" so we'll get to sleep in and explore the ship some more...

Ahh yes, the ship..  ..... ......

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