Monday, May 14, 2012

Guess Who Was On A Cruise?

Yes I know it's been quite some time since I blogged.  I do have a pretty good excuse though!  Tony and I went on a cruise!!

We took what some called "an early vacation" because it's still early May but who cares, we needed it!

We spent the last 8 days away.  Seven of those days were spent aboard the Carnival Victory cruise ship touring the Southern Caribbean.  I have lots to write about, photos to include and some video but I also have to get some rest... you know the vacation from the vacation!  Back to work tomorrow so somewhere along the way I should be able to get every tidbit jotted down.  Right now though, I am very tired, exhaused actually, sunburnt beyond belief (and it's a farmers tan too!  sigh...)  The trip was a trip!  LOL... 

Oh, that there is me in San Juan, Puerto Rico visiting the Fort and trying not to look so tired. 

Anyway, I've got a whole weeks worth of stuff to get busy with, so laugh along with me.

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