Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning In St. Thomas

At 7:00am Monday, May 7th we docked at the first port of call: St. Thomas, USVI and we were to meet up with the tour guides at around 8:30am. 

We had set the alarm on my ipod for 6:45am to give us time to get up, take care of all that personal hygiene business, then head up to the Lido deck to take a photo of the dock then off to the buffet for breakfast. 

Sigh... the Lido breakfast buffet. 

The breakfast buffet had pancakes, fried potatoes (not hash browns like McDonalds), buns, breads, croissants, mini danish, yogurt, a wide variety of mini boxes of cereal, oatmeal, grits (what the france are grits?, looks like cream of wheat if you ask me! Will an American please enlighten this Canadian!), sausages, bacon and ham (in other words, pork meat that we don't eat which ticked me off) and lots of fresh fruit, orange juice that the server failed to mix so she poured you a cup of the watery part while the juice part stayed at the bottom of her container *sighs & rolls eyes*.

Coffee.... yes they had coffee... plenty of it... but the cups were so friggen small or maybe I'm just greedy.

We helped ourselves to breakfast and then off we went ...

I had researched this tour before our trip but didn't book in advance but it wasn't an issue, we just approached the tour guide and asked if she was still selling tickets (they always are!) 

We went with Godfrey Tours V.I., and they didn't disappoint!!  For $25 we took a tour and did a bit of window shopping, we chose to skip the beach. 

The duration of our tour was about 3.5 almost 4 hours much to our surprise, they don't rush the tour and they seemed very knowledgeable when it came to speaking about the island and its history.

We met the tour group near the dock and boarded our jeep style tour bus with our very pleasant driver; Euella.

It was a hot cloudy day and it began to rain lightly but that didn't dampen our spirits because I welcomed the rain, it cooled things off a bit.

The rain only lasted for a few minutes as we pulled away from the dock. 

We drove through the city and then up to the highest peak to see the view and take pictures. There was also a gift shop which we browsed. 

That was also the place of the famous banana daiquiri but we didn't have one. 

Once the rain quit, it was getting pretty hot again, thankfully there were still some clouds in the sky but they were dispersing quickly and I was beginning to tan just as quickly!

The view from the lookout was breathtaking.

The island has so many beautiful flowers I couldn't resist photographing as many as I could. 


Afterwards we were dropped off to do some shopping where we strolled around peeking in stores and chatting with the locals and it began to drizzle a bit, just enough to mess up my glasses but not quite enough to cool me down.

We then met our tour bus again and were dropped off at the ship.

...ahh yes.... the ship..... 

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