Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Victory Ship

The ship we were cruising on was the Carnival Victory.  We chose this particular cruise for the itinerary, not the cruise line.  Even though Royal Caribbean has a Southern Caribbean cruise we decided on Carnival because we had never used them before and figured it would be great to have something to compare.

Again, I had researched the ship because I had plenty of time before the cruise and was curious and anxious to know what it looked like.  The photos I came across on the internet made the ship look amazing must have been photoshop. I must admit, personally I wasn't too impressed with the ship itself except for how big it was in comparison to our last cruise which was aboard the Royal Caribbean Magesty of the Seas. 

My first impression upon walking into the main lobby was "oh that's... uh... different... kinda dark but ... um... ok" I tried to keep an open mind since it was only a small portion of the ship and I needed to see the rest to really fall in love with it. 

Only I never actually fell in love with this ship.

The main lobby had the usual stairwell leading to the boutiques and an atrium bar, all done in shades of brown and green.  I guess it was an ocean theme or something, and that certainly made sense.  Lit glass elevators served as a back drop. Not bad once I took it all in. 

That part gets a 4 out of 5 star rating.

On the stairwells that led to the passenger cabins, there were seahorses and if you didn't give yourself ample space when taking the stairs you'd bang your leg on the snout of the seahorse... I know this because I have a bruise on both legs from two different days of running the stairs, while Tony was left unscathed! That's wrong on so many levels

The lounges, bars, casino and showrooms were pretty much the norm.  Each had a different theme going on and I liked how the decor all came together once I got a good look at everything.  There were plenty of big over-the-top art displays that made for awsome photo opportunities.  The seahorses even made another debut as the stand of a table in one of the lounges which I thought was cute and they wouldn't be able to assult anyone.

The Lido buffet.....  Oh boy, I think that deserves a post all it's own eh.

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