Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tourist In Barbados

We made it to mid week... Wednesday... the ship docked in Barbados, the second island on the itinerary. 

The ship docked early and we had to get up, blah blah blah, grab breakfast  then off the ship to catch up with our tour. 

Most tours guides met on the dock at 8:30am.  We didn't have a pre- scheduled tour for this day so we snagged one from the Carnival  Island Excursions.  Try as we may to find a good tour beforehand online as they usually are cheaper than going through the ship but nothing came up with great reviews so we had no choice.  The only good thing about going through the ship was they'd have to wait for us at the end of the day if our excursion over ran it's time.

Our tour was from Adventureland Barbados (click HERE to visit them on Facebook too).  The tour cost $65.00 per person and the tour lasted just over four hours.  We rode in an open 4X4 which held 10 passengers.  Our driver was Glein and he was very thorough and informative.   At first we thought it was somewhat pricey but after the tour ended, we felt we got more than our monies worth.

Before the tour begins, Glein emphasised that people with back issues or women who are, as he put it, "even just a little bit pregnant" should not take the tour as it will be off road and quite bumpy. 

We drove around the island and along the shoreline.  We seen sugar cane fields and were told about how the sugar cane was made into molasses and shown the molasses factory (it even smelled like molasses, mmmm!)

We stopped occasionally to allow us to take photos then continued off road (and onto bumpy paths) into the rain forest.  At one stop Glein pointed out a tree that the locals referred to as "monkey no climb", it had thorns throughout the entire base and branches even the leaves!!  Ouch! 

We got to see a few monkeys that were pets to one of the locals as well and had the opportunity to have our photo taken with it but for some reason it wouldn't come to us.  I was fine with that because I wasn't sure what kind of fleas that creature had and I didn't want to get scratched by it either so I just took a photo if it climbing over our fellow tourist!

After more history and a scenic tour, we stopped off at a beach to take some photographs, have a washroom break, and sample the local rum punch.  Though we don't drink alcohol, I simply had to sample the punch while I was there.  It almost knocked me over it was so strong!  I took a cola after that, one rum punch was more that enough for this lady.  Glein was such a nice guy, we took a photo with him (and he's kindly pointing out that Tony's drinking the rum punch!)

After a short while we loaded ourselves back onto the 4x4 and drove around some more then returned to the ship.

Once back on the ship we did what became our usual routine... went back to the cabin to freshen up, then went and had a late lunch, lingered around the ship, took in a show, had dinner, watched the movie on the big screen if it wasn't rained out.  Then off to bed early to get up early for our next port of call...

Next stop... St. Lucia

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