Friday, June 29, 2012

Final Destination

The vacation was finally over, by Sunday May 13th we had docked back in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We had left all our luggage outside our cabin for the porters to take off the ship in the morning.  We awoke pretty early and blah blah blah, then headed up to the buffet for our last meal aboard the Carnival Victory. 

This time around the buffet was actually pretty crowded but once again we found ourselves a nice table outside by the Sirens pool where the buffet back there still remained undiscovered by other passengers. 

After breakfast we headed to the theatre where most people had gathered and the big screen was set to CNN where we watched the "news" and socialized with other passengers until our group was called for debarkation.

At around 10:00am we were finally called to leave the ship where we found our way through the port, down an escalator and into what looked like a large garage area where all the luggage was sitting so you had to make sure you knew which group your luggage was in or it'd be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Personally I thought it would have had one of those conveyeur things like at the airport (Miami cruise terminal had one if memory serves me correct), but this was "ghetto" for lack of another term.  Nobody seemed too upset with they layout though, we only heard a small handfull of entitled individuals crying complaining that they had to go search for their luggage instead of just standing around and waiting for it to come to them. It only took a few minutes to find our luggage because we had bright ribbons tied to the handles to make things easy when we were at the airport!

We left the port, but not before one of the female port security officials made a pass at my husband.... that's alright, I ain't mad or nothing, I took that as a compliment but paws off or we gonna be cat-fighting ok. We headed outside and just took a minute to catch our breath then grabbed a cab back to the airport. 

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 2:00pm but arrived at the airport before noon... well before noon!  So we grabbed a seat and made ourselves comfortable.  The time passed fairly quick and we huddled with a group of strangers and said prayer before heading onto the plane.  This time we flew from San Juan to New York and had a 3 hour wait in New York for our flight to Montreal.  We grabbed a sandwich while we waited for our connecting flight and made numerous calls for mothers day to our moms and all the moms we knew until the minutes on my pay-as-you-go phone ran out! 

Our connecting flight only took an hour to reach Montreal from NY and we grabbed a cab from the airport to home.  Home sweet home minutes before midnight where we made an omlet before freshening up and heading to bed. We each had only one day off before heading back to work.  We're also planning to head back to the Southern Caribbean on a cruise again in 2014 but on Royal Caribbean, now we just have to narrow down the exact date in 2014!  I'm already excited!!!

And there you have it!

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