Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday In St.Maarten

Our final destination on this week long cruise of the Southern Caribbean was St. Maarten, and by this time I was fried to a crisp.

The ship docked early, and as per usual we did the morning personal hygiene ritual prior to heading up to the buffet for breakfast then off the ship where we met up with Bernard's Tours

While we were waiting on the dock we took a few photos.

Once again we were loaded onto a small "mini-van" type of bus.  Our group had 9 people (this included the driver who's name evades me at this time).  We left the port and the driver began to tell us about the history of St.Maarten

Our first stop was an iguana farm if I may call it that!  This looked more like a chicken farm with coops and cages with I really can't say what was inside them as I was kind of creeped out about the iguanas walking around freely!  Felt like I was in Jurassic park or something.  We met up with the other tour bus and that guide held onto an iguana for everyone to have their photo taken with it and as you can see I was trying to smile bravely but failed miserably.

We had the chance to walk around this "farm" and ask questions.  I don't know if my husband asked any questions as I was too busy being scared of the iguanas that the guide kept calling over... and they were mingling with ducks too... that is so not normal in my world!

We loaded back onto the bus and headed across the "border" to the French side and stopped for a few photos while the guide gave us more information about the island.

The view of the ocean was breathtaking, I could have stood there for hours staring at it.  And the flowers, oh the plant life on all of the islands we visited was amazing, and we know how much I adore eyeballing flowers and gardens. 

Our next stop was at some beach (ya, some beach that I wasn't paying attention to when they named it because I was in such awe with the view, did I mention I have a short attention span?) 

Anyway, there was a guy on the beach showing us some of the sea life and letting you hold them for photos which I had absolutely no intention of holding anything that I never seen before in my entire life thank you very much but I did take a picture of Tony with one of the tour guides holding a pointed whateverthefrance it was. See, even Tony looked like he didn't want to touch it and he's from the islands so he knows what that was (at least I think he knew what it was).

We then strolled around and there was a tall look out point that we were able to climb and get more photos before leaving this area and we tried to take some video too but our video skills this time around were truly lacking for what ever reason but we did come away with a lot of great digital photos so no complaint really.

We boarded the bus and headed towards Orient beach... the "clothing optional" beach where we were greeted by mister sunbaked naked guy who really aught to go put some clothes on for goodness sake!  Our guide told us that he really wants folks to take his picture, well that being said I still thought mister sunbaked naked guy better go put some clothes on!!  Seriously!!!

We stayed on the side of the beach were only partial nudity was permitted and chose a beach chair just far enough away from miss sunbaked droopy boobs who desperately needed to go put on a bra.  Seriously, that's just too much nakedness in one day for me. 

We rested beneath an umbrella on comfortable beach chairs and had a beer.  Yes I know, woman who doesn't drink alcohol had quite a bit this week eh.  Anyway, that's the only one I had that day so no harm done except it gave me a headache because I can't hold my liquor.

We spent about 90 minutes here just relaxing and hiding from the sun under a beach umbrella... ok I was hiding, Tony was enjoying the sun.  We munched on a bag of potato chips and then before you know it, the time had passed so quickly, guess I may have had a bit of a nap there. 

While we waited for our driver, Tony got into a game of dominoes with one of the other guides, then we boarded the bus and away we went headed towards Maho beach where we could watch some planes land.  

It was past noon and the sun was hotter than hot.  If it wasn't such a beautiful day in such a beautiful place I'd swear I'd ended up in hell it was so bloody hot.  And to add insult to injury, I was so sunburned that I had to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover my arms, they were so pink and purple looking like I may have done some serious damage to them over the course of the week.  Ask me if I intend to return to the southern caribbean anytime in the near future... HECK YEAH!!!  IN 2014 GOD WILLING!!!!!  Only this time we'll stick to Royal Caribbean lines and skip the Carnival cruise lines.

So after we left the naked beach, we headed to Maho beach where I looked like I was in disguise with my sunhat, sunglasses, and a long sleeve shirt, not only that, I put a beach towel to cover my legs too.  Ya, it was THAT SUNNY and hot. 

Like pretty much everyone on that beach, we patiently awaited a plane to take off from the landing strip.  Being the curious george

Finally a plane was coming in from shore, we watched it land and after a few more, we headed back towards the ship and were deposited near the docks where we were able to do some shopping or in our case - browsing before heading back onto the ship.

Once aboard, we freshened up then headed to the buffet for, yes need I say it again for the umpteenth time... sigh, burgers and fries. Then we made our way to the pool deck for some blow me away live entertainment that just left me speechless (yes I'm being sarcastic at this point).  I had to mention in the youtube description that this video is not the guest karaoke but the duo that usually performed in the main lobby bar (whatever that bar was called).

After we took in a show, we went to dinner, then watched Disney's The Lion King on the big screen outside (ya, that was the movie... I loved it!) and then we called it a night... our last night aboard the Carnival Victory.

Next stop.... San Juan, Puerto Rico to go catch our plane home!

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