Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Book

I was in a conversation today about books... "what book got me to enjoy reading" was the topic to be exact.  I hadn't really paid much attention to how different my reading preferences are from people that I know.  I figured, hey we like to read so that's that. 

I'm a lover of romance books: historical, paranormal, contemporary and erotica, romance is romance and I enjoy a good romance novel!  My best friend enjoys the contemporary romance (Kimani Romance), while one of my sisters enjoys reading crime and mystery books (Dean Koontz and the like), my other sister prefers the Danielle Steele type of books.  Personally, I've never read a Dean Koontz book nor a Danielle Steele one for that matter though I do have one of each uploaded on my e-reader for when I get angry and annoyed with the romance genre (this happens from time to time).

I can't say that I've always loved to read but I do remember picking up a book from time to time and making the purchase after reading the jacket of the book or being drawn in by the cover art back then I wasn't too much into the contemporary romance genre either.  I don't usually go for other folk's reviews on a book because what someone likes I may dislike and vise versa.  Honestly, I don't think I had a genre preference for quite some time, at least until I read a book by Virginia Henley and then I was hooked on historical romance!  If memory serves me correct, I read quite a few books by Henley before getting hooked on...

Dare I say it...

Fabio's books.  *covers face in shame*

I know, I know... Fabio, the male cover model who graced many a historical romance actually co-wrote a few books and I read all of them, or most of them... one was dreadful, one was very slow in the beginning then became quite interesting and the others were nothing worth bragging about but they weren't that dull either. 

Somewhere along the way, I think it was also a Virginia Henley book, that transported me back to old Scotland and highlanders *dreamy sigh*  I truly enjoy books about highlanders.  My absolute favorite genre is Historical Scotland Romance - if that's even a genre.

And to set the record straight, yes I read the 50 Shades of Grey series: book one was pretty good but after that it was pretty much downhill from there.  Same like the Twilight series.  I read the Twilight series because my 14 year old niece said I should.  I've been traumatized ever since.  The first book was ok except for the sparkling business, and the rest was downhill from there.

I enjoyed the paranormal highlander series by Karen Marie Moning though after a while they seemed repetitive but then again aren't all romance books? 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Zombies, Run!

I was reading an article on the internet about some zombie race that folks had organized.  People paid eighty something dollars to run in the race while others were paid twenty something to be a "zombie" that chased the runners along a 5km stretch.  Apparently this whole zombie chase thing came out of the popular zombies run app that costs an arm and a leg a pretty penny in the apple app store.  Now I enjoy running, I'm not fast but I'm not slow either.  Ok so maybe I am slow but that's not the issue here. 

Anyway, I had considered buying that app but one thing keeps preventing me...


With my luck I'll be jogging up the road and then the app would announce that I need to run because zombies are coming and I'd hear zombie groans in my ear buds...   Let's make a long story short:  I work night shift, I run in the morning AFTER work so I'm pretty tired.  Throw in a groaning zombie sound effect and chances are I'll start dancing like Michael Jackson in Thriller either run like lightening or I'll stop running and scream loud like a girl....  If I were to enter into one of those zombie races for real, and a person dressed up as a zombie jumped out of the bushes at me, there is a 100% chance that I'd pee my pants.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

On Sale Now

I've been searching the internets for new and easy cookie recipes to fill the thirteen containers this year...

Yes, I do know it's July, the middle of the year, summertime, hot, blah blah blah but you know I've got a bunch of kids to bake for this winter so I need to get a move on.

One thing I noticed last year was that the grocery stores put baking items on sale when you really don't need them.  If memory serves me right, last Thanksgiving, when everyone intends to bake something for dinner - the baking ingredients didn't seem to be on sale with that turkey!  How wrong is that!  I remember when it came time for me to bake the fruitcake I couldn't find one of the ingredients no matter how hard I searched, and finally at the last minute by fluke too I may add, I stumbled on the item and was miraculously saved!!!  Sorry I can't post what the missing ingredient is because it's a top secret family recipe.  I've got to bake 6 fruitcakes this year and fill 13 gallon size containers with cookies. 

So while I'm surfing the net now, I'm scouring it for baking coupons!  Hey, with items having an expire date on them, I can buy them on sale early and they sit in my pantry or I can leave them sit on the store shelf and pay twice as much for them when baking season finally arrives. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Out Of Time

Wow!  I hadn't realized how far into 2012 we are!  This year is zipping by... this time last year, not only did I already have a pattern picked out for the family christmas ornament but I already had the pattern cut and some stitching done. 

This year I'm not so fortunate. 

I already had in mind one of three different ideas for 2012s ornament but had to narrow it down to one, then begin hunting down a pattern.  Finally, I got the pattern!  phew, now just to draw it, cut it and stitch it.  I think I have to make 25 of them this year, not sure, I need to consult my ornament book on that! 

I know it's only July and why am I talking christmas in july....


I still haven't completed the nativity yet and the ornaments need to be completed for December 1st mailing because after that its the baking of 6 fruit cakes AND baking cookies for all my kids.  So, the pressure is on!!!