Monday, July 2, 2012

Out Of Time

Wow!  I hadn't realized how far into 2012 we are!  This year is zipping by... this time last year, not only did I already have a pattern picked out for the family christmas ornament but I already had the pattern cut and some stitching done. 

This year I'm not so fortunate. 

I already had in mind one of three different ideas for 2012s ornament but had to narrow it down to one, then begin hunting down a pattern.  Finally, I got the pattern!  phew, now just to draw it, cut it and stitch it.  I think I have to make 25 of them this year, not sure, I need to consult my ornament book on that! 

I know it's only July and why am I talking christmas in july....


I still haven't completed the nativity yet and the ornaments need to be completed for December 1st mailing because after that its the baking of 6 fruit cakes AND baking cookies for all my kids.  So, the pressure is on!!!

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