Saturday, August 18, 2012

Digital Magazines

I'm a magazine person.  I truly enjoy flipping through a magazine, pulling out coupons, recipes, inspirational stories, fashion... ok maybe not fashion but the list goes on.  I currently have just two magazine subscriptions that are delivered to my home and one of them comes with a free digital edition of the same... which brings me to this post.

When it comes to a magazine, I need to "piggy-ear" the pages, scribble notes on articles of interest, cut coupons and recipes and sometimes... only sometimes... draw mustaches on pictures of celebrities that shouldn't be in MY magazine! 

No matter how hard I try, I just can't get with a digital version of a magazine! 

Sad but true! 

I do have a few magazines in .pdf format on my pc read through Adobe Reader but I honestly don't enjoy reading them that way and won't bother to print them because I'd waste too much ink and paper on unnecessary advertising - I don't know why, but MY magazines always have advertising that don't really appeal to me, hmm, go figure! 

The digital magazine I get can be read through Zinio, a free online & downloadable application for your pc & portable device that saves your digital copy off line for later reading. Purchases of digital subscriptions can also be made through Zinio. 

Hey, that just sounded like a commercial for Zinio didn't it?! 

The "up side" to Zinio is the price of a magazine subscription or single copy magazine is ridiculously cheap!  Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't cheap prices a good thing?  I've browsed their library and drooled over all the holiday cookie & baking books on Zinio and am seriously considering making a few purchases though it won't be the same as a paper mag.  But hey, who can resist a savings in this economy right!  I guess the bottom line is if you want a magazine and can't get the magazine for free from a friend, then try Zinio. 

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