Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Movie Time

I can`t remember when I last went to the cinema to watch a movie.  I do enjoy the ambiance of a cinema with the box of popcorn, bag of twizzlers, a way too big for my bladder cola... and nachos. 

I was discussing movies with an online friend the other day and she told me she was excited to go see Magic Mike.  Personally, I have no interest in seeing that movie but reading her excitement made me chuckle.  We were speaking of how long it`s been since we`ve been to see a film further than our livingroom couch and for the likes of me I couldn`t recall what the last film I saw at the cinema was! 

That`s distressing!

So we changed the suject and spoke of the films we enjoyed at the cinema.... Beverly Hills Cop was one I enjoyed at the cinema.  I went there with friends one Saturday while in high school.  That was fun! 

I recall one year while I was on vacation from work, well, more like a staycation, and it was so hot that the coolest place was the mall or the cinema so I took in a matinée every day... That was the year that Armageddon and Independance Day were released.  I recall seeing Armageddon one day and then Independance Day the next.   A few years before that I raced to see What`s Love Got To Do With It, I think that was the name of it... you now, the Tina Turner film. 

Usually when I see chick flicks at the cinema I have to go without Prince Charming.  He refused to see Sex And The City with me so I went one Friday while he was at work, but he dragged me kicking and screaming to Black Hawk Down. 

I think it`s time we take in a film!.... date night!  LOL

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