Friday, August 10, 2012

Red Velvet Results

The results of the Red Velvet Cake I baked the other day were quite positive!  For sure I'm going to be baking this again and next time I won't pour all the batter into two pans, but will use 3 or 4 pans like it actually calls for (I know NOW why).  I ended up with a single cake because the other one broke apart as it overflowed my pan so we just ate it plain from the pan all broken as-is. 

Lesson learned on that one! 

Moving it along....

I had used two eight inch pans when I should have used two nine inch or three eight inch but you know, for the first time out, it wasn't a waste because we ate that broken cake anyway!  It went down nicely with tea.

I was weary of the red food colouring getting all over the place during mixing because I'm far from a neat and tidy baker... soooo far from it!  Much to my surprise, I only ended up with red colouring on one or maybe two fingers from handling the bottle!  I used a glass bowl for mixing as I didn't want to mess up my favorite white plastic bowl - crazy but true. 

I had seen many recipes on line and blogged recently about which recipe I would use (the recipe from Baking Is My Zen), however, that WAS NOT the recipe I used though the photos on that blog look amazing and I added it to my favorites for future reference to other recipes and suggest you do the same, maybe next time I'll give it a whirl to taste the difference if any.  The actual recipe I used came from for the Waldorf Astoria Cake using shortening instead of butter among other changes.  I won't re post either of the recipes (lets give credit where credit is due) so just follow the links if you want them, I know it depends on a persons preference to bake with shortening or butter so take your pick. 

When it came to the butter icing which was kind enough to include at the bottom of the cake recipe, it made enough to cover a full three layer cake but since I only baked two cakes and one was eaten plain, you can imagine how much icing I had left!  I ate some of it by the spoonful and made myself sick in a nice happy sort of way LOL. 

Once I completed icing the cake, stood back to examine my handiwork... not so good I'm afraid I need to work on my icing skills but as you can see, I had fun using my icing tube with my shaky hands. 
Now for anyone who really REALLY likes baking and would like to see a comparison of Red Velvet Cakes.... I stumbled on a site that really goes into detail and also, if I'm not mistaken, posts links to all the recipes used (or at least it names them so a google search is made easy).  The Bake More blog displays photos and details of the cakes and also offers spreadsheet results! I added her blog to my favorites for future viewing!!

I've got three small pieces of a single layer cake left because the taste-testers had to give me their opinion... kids love cake so chances of them saying anything negative is slim to none (at least, not if they want more cake!). 

Now I guess it'd be as good a time as any to confess that this is the first cake I've ever baked from scratch (that is, if you don't count Christmas Fruitcake). 

That's my tiny slice, I'm trying to lose weight after all....

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