Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Apparently there's not such thing as a "reset" on the ipod touch.  I discovered this over the weekend when I had intended to risk losing everything on my pod just to reset the software back to the ORIGINAL factory settings.  However, resetting the pod doesn't bring it back to the ORIGINAL factory settings, it just re formats the drive then installs the LATEST SOFTWARE.... the latest annoying software instead of the nice friendly software that it came with.

For Christmas 2010 Prince Charming bought me an ipod touch 32gb because over the course of that summer, the little green square ipod nano 8gb that I had died when I fried the battery while listening to music and playing Klondike at the same time.  The little bugger over heated and made a funny zap noise then died in my hands. 

I was traumatized. 

For a couple of months I had to used Prince Charmings Sony Walkman mp3 player that sucked (it doesn't remember playback position so audio books are a waste of time).   Anyway, earlier this year after constantly being nagged by iTunes that a software update was available I figured why not...especially since the ereader I had on it stopped working after it got upgraded so I took the plunge and have since had a love-hate relationship with the 5.1 ipod software.  This weekend I had decided to forgo everything and just reset it back to the four point something software it originally came with until I read the fine print... the update will delete all data from the ipod touch and install the LATEST software. 

WHAT?!  Latest software??!!  *slaps hand against forehead*  

I ended up just upgrading the software and leaving everything as-is.

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