Saturday, August 11, 2012

Something Old, Something New

You know, when I married Prince Charming, the one thing I didn't do was let superstition stand in the way. 

The morning of Saturday, August 11, 2007, I got dressed in my wedding gown with help from my Mom and prettied myself up to walk down the aisle.  Apparently it's some sort of tradition or ritual to go down the list of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  Mom had asked if I had everything but I recall telling her, I have my cross pinned to the inside of my gown - I wore pearls so removed the gold chain I usually wear but didn't want to go a day without my cross. 

All I needed for that day was the blessings from God, and after living with Prince Charming for eight years I have no doubt God was happy we were getting married.

The funny thing about that day was when we left the house and got into the car; the car wouldn't start!  My mom and I were seated in the back seat of an old Rolls Royce on a very hot August afternoon and it wouldn't start! 

The driver panicked. 

Mom got a bit angry saying this isn't was we paid for.

I remained calm and simply said hey if I have to take a cab to the church then so be it because nothing is going to spoil this day. 

Within minutes a replacement car arrived, and off we went.  I'm told that the driver of the limousine that picked up Prince Charming had called for the replacement car because he feared the one we had would stall since it had already stalled once when they were on their way to pick us up... smart fellow!

At the end of the day Prince Charming and I were married so if anything fell apart during the day it wasn't relevant to us because we said our vows before God and our family so even if nobody really got to taste the wedding cake because the caterer didn't slice it up and dish it out, so what.... at the end of the day... and til this day, he's still my Prince Charming and I'm still his Miserable Wife.

....I gave my brother the whole top layer of the wedding cake!

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