Monday, August 27, 2012

Take The Cake

I'm not exactly sure why I'm on this baking binge lately, especially since I'm trying to drop another 15 pounds.  Funny thing is, I'm not over eating all the baked goods I've been making! 

I know, I can't believe it either!!! 

The Red Velvet cake turned out fairly well and it is something I intend to bake again for the Christmas holidays however, I need to work on my icing skills.  Seriously folks, I suck at it!  And as it turns out, that's not the only thing I need to work on when it comes to baking cakes....

I need to work on layering. 

All this time, for some real stupid reason that in my mind just made sense, I figured, you bake two cakes, when they are done and cooled you just stack them atop one another and voila... a layer cake! 

Apparently that's not quite how it's done... I discovered this most recently.  

I purchased two packaged cake mixes - brand name irrelevant for this post - one was chocolate, the other vanilla.  I prepared them and sort of tried to be creative - and failed miserably - by mixing a bit of each in the other to make marble cakes and baked them.  They came out of the oven slightly puffy over the eight inch round pans.  I let them cool, then took some prepared icing and slapped it on the chocolate cake then put the vanilla cake on top and it kept sliding off because the chocolate cake wasn't flat on top.... that should have clued me in to begin with but it I ventured forward and continued to ice the cake.  It tasted awesome but looked pretty pitiful.  So ya, I guess I need to work on my icing skills.

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