Friday, August 17, 2012


Hard work has paid off... ok so maybe it wasn't THAT hard, oh who am I kidding IT WAS THAT HARD!!!

I've reached the first goal of 10 pounds lost. 

NO that's not me, that's Jennifer Hudson.  I never took a "before & after" photo, nor am I using Weight Watchers.

Since March of 2012, I've been counting calories though not quite accurately but within a ball-park type of category using an app on my ipod touch.  I record my weight in the same app whenever I get the courage to step on the scale.  You see, I can't blame the scale any more now that it's a new one I purchased back when I got serious about dropping some pounds.  The app helps me record the food I consume.  As time passed I found I became more conscious of what I ate and whether or not I'd buy the big belly aching bag of gummy bears or the small single serving snack bag... that's right, when I crave something I allow myself to have it otherwise I'll eat down the house until I satisfy that craving!  I don't just want to lose weight, I want to eat healthier and make a lasting change.

In March I began to take losing weight seriously and since then I've begun jogging..
  • ... and froze my ears off in March when it was still cold out,
  • got stuck out in the middle of nowhere when the app I was using said the workout was completed,
  • got caught in a wicked thunder storm while jogging,
  • injured my right knee falling off the sidewalk while my head was in la-la-land,
  • started reading Runners World magazine,
  • purchased a new pair of jogging shoes as advised in Runners World magazine,
  • purchased a portable stair climber for the rainy days,
  • cramped up my belly doing pilates found on Youtube,
  • busted a gut laughing at myself while I danced off some calories,
  • bought a step counter for days I chose to walk and not jog,
  • ran to the bathroom every five minutes from all the lemon water I've been drinking,
  • bought cinnimon sticks to add to the apple water I've been drinking,
  • oh, and I fell off the wagon more times than I choose to admit
....but in the end, I'm down ten pounds. 

Now comes my reward... General Tao chicken with fried noodles and a couple of eggrolls I'm going to buy a ball of yarn!  Woo!  Did I mention I'm yarn obsessed?  Oh that's a whole 'nother blog!

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