Saturday, September 8, 2012

Me, Brave Warrior!

So the whole joke... ok yes it's funny NOW but at the time not so much...  the whole joke began Thursday night when I was about to head off to bed.  I was just about to turn off the television when in the corner near the ceiling I spot a creepy spider making a little nest to lay it's million eggs.  I attacked it with a can of raid spider spray and had husband pick it up because I was just too creeped out.

Ten minutes later I walk into the bedroom and across the room on the wall near the ceiling was another spider.  I ran back to the kitchen got the can of spider spray and when I approached the small creepy insect it "jumped" off the wall causing me to run screaming from the room like the brave warrior I am.  I waited a few minutes then sprayed half the can of spider spray around that corner of the room... here's hoping I got it.

Stressed out and tired, I went to the bathroom to pee but instead, me, brave warrior, ran screaming from that room because there was a tarantula on the ceiling.  Ok so it may not have been a tarantula but I didn't have my glasses on at this point and if I seen it big in that distance it had to be near tarantula size. My superhero husband killed it while he grinned at me.  I was not amused.

About fifteen minutes ago a spider was on the bathroom ceiling and brave warrior had to seek superhero husband's rescue.  I really wish it would rain and wash all these spiders away because I have no idea how they're getting in but I'm really stressed. 

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