Monday, September 10, 2012

Phase Two

Surprisingly enough I didn't gain a pound while on R&R-Clear-My-Head-Staycation last week. 

Surprisingly enough I didn't lose a pound either! 

Today it's back to work...back to work on losing weight!

I'm starting a 3 day fast for starters.  After a week of eating fried eggs with hashbrowns, beans and fried bologna for breakfast my heart and digestive system will thank me for the break.  

I've got two months to lose fifteen pounds so divided that puts me at 7.5 pounds per month.  I want my hips to look like Tyra Banks in the pink dress over there because now I resemble her "before" photo which is nice.... IF you're Tyra Banks and I'm not.

I've already dropped ten in a real long time and thankfully have kept it off but I really want ... not need... but WANT to lose 15 more.  With the help of some personal weight loss blogs, magazines and Youtube videos I've stayed motivated but unfortunately haven't been able to do much jogging with my left hip paining me.  I think I may have done some damage that time I fell off the sidewalk when I wasn't watching what I was doing, you know, big head in lalaland again.   Anyway, getting focused on shedding the first 7.5 pounds is my goal and it will keep my mind off of other irrelevent things that have been cluttering my mind lately.   Come October I can focus on the last 7.5 pounds.

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